Thursday, February 21, 2013

American Idol 12: Semi-finals- Vegas Girls #1

So, I forgot to set my DVR and missed the first 4 minutes of the show but my brain clicked on just in time to see the introduction of the first 10 girls to perform.
Fortunately I have done my research and know that the show was recorded before a live audience and that we will hear from 10 of the top 20 girls on this episode. They will be cut to 5 by the judges at the end of this show. if there is a tie, Jimmy Iovine is on hand to be the tie-breaker. Thursday we will see half of the guys perform and next week we will repeat the process with the other half of the girls and guys.

Jenny Beth Willis- 17- Jr in high school- Holcomb, Arkansas- This is our first intro of this girl. Just saw clips in group before. Jenny is very country. Looks like she is trying to pull off the Lauren Alaina look with a black and pink prom dress and black western boots. The boots are ugly- they look way too big on her tiny legs.  Poor girl looks nervous.  Song: "Heaven, Heartbreak, and the Power of Love" Not a terrible performance, just not great. Keith - Not the best song for you. Randy- You never quite got in sync with the band.

Tenna Torres- She's 28. This is her last shot at Idol. Song: "Soulmate" I'm not familiar with the song. It's kind of soft to start. Tenna has a weird posture and arm movements. It's very distracting to me. I guess it was ok.
Keith- showed control. Nicki- Nice tone. Loose the hair, it makes you look old.

Adriana Latonio- 17- Anchorage, Alaska- First time we've seen this girl. Tiny girl in a bright red dress. Song: Aretha Franklin's "Ain't No Way"  She seems very confident. She has a very expressive face. Nice job. I like her. I think she's Filipino. Keith- Now the night has started. So good. Nicki- Little tiny thing but commands the stage from the second she walks out.  And yes she is Filipino. Randy- this girl is born to do that. Mariah- A+.

Brandy Hotard- Song: "Anymore" Not the right song for her. Too slow, too simple. She doesn't seem to connect to the song. It's only ok. Keith- emotional connection inconsistency. Nicki- Why are you smiling when singing "my tears"?

Shubha Vedula- Starting out at the piano. Kind of a mysterious intro. No wait it's a Gaga song. Song: "Born This Way" She leaves the piano and tries to rock the song. The child is so darn skinny. Her movements are very jerky. Sounds like she is throwing is Chants from India. I like her but I don't like this song performance at all. She should have stayed at the piano.  Keith- You crammed in a lot. Made it confusing, but I still like your voice. Randy- You're 17 with unbelievable talent but you put in too many runs. Mariah- I would have preferred you stayed at the piano.

Kamaria Ousley- Oakland, CA- sang back up for Ditty Dirty Money and some others. Song: "Mr Know It All"  OUCH. She is not on key with the band at all. Obviously she can't hear herself and the band. Total disaster. And a bad song choice too. Randy- You're worst performance of the competition. I didn't like anything about it. Double OUCH.

Kree Harrison- demo singer in Nashville. Her mom listened to Otis Redding and her dad listened to Stevie Ray Vaughn. (Very good taste) Kree is dressed very simply in jeans and an oversized button down shirt. Song: Up To The Mountain  The judges are loving it. This is beautiful. Nothing flashy, just awesome vocals. Keith- You are such a natural born singer, you don't over try. Nicki- I would be very afraid if I were any of these other girls here tonight. when you sing, you make love to the song. Randy- another natural born singer. Mariah- When you sing, you are lost in the song. You're not trying to be any where. You sang the hell out of that song.

Angela Miller- She looks beautiful, not flashy. "Nobody's Perfect" is a good choice for her. She's very comfortable on the stage. This is the girl with major hearing loss, yet you can't tell at all. She sounds perfect.
Keith- You have a big gift. We'll have more time to find adjectives to describe you. Nicki- I love you Angie! Randy- You are one of my favorites in the competition and I think America is witnessing the building of a superstar. Mariah- Your potential is limitless.

Isabelle-  She looks beautiful. We are reminded she had weight problems as a teen. Song: "God Bless The Child". She has a very nice voice but the song sounds old fashioned. I think she has a "show tunes" kind of vibe. It do well on Broadway. Nicki- You look beautiful. Randy- It was a bit old fashioned to me. You have a big voice but the arrangement was old. Mariah- A simple arrangement would have been better.  And standing next to Ryan, she is at least 6 inches taller than him.

Amber Holcomb- 18- Houston, TX- she was cut in Vegas last year. She says she was shy last year. She looks classy Song: "My Funny Valentine" It;s an old song but doesn't sound "Big Band" so that is good. Nice job. Nice run at the end. Keith- Amber, why do you make it so hard on everybody else. So great to watch. Nicki- That vocal was A+++. Randy- You have to believe in yourself. Mariah- I love your interpretation of that song.

OK. While the judges decide, here's what I think will happen:
Moving on: Adriana, Kree, Angela, Amber, Isabelle (or Tenna)
Going home: Jenny, Brandy, Kamaria, Shubha, Tenna (or Isabelle)

Jenny- Home
Brandy- Home
Tenna- Going on
Kree- Going on
Isabelle- Home
Angela- Going on
Kamaria- Home
Amber- Going on
Shubha- Home
Adriana- Going on

Sorry Shubha, I really liked you, but not on this Gaga song. Word to the wise; Colton Dixon went home on a Gaga song last season too. Don't do Gaga on Idol.

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