Thursday, February 28, 2013

American Idol 12: Vegas Sudden Death #3 Girls

This show we see the final 10 girls fight for 5 spots.  A couple of these girls have had really limited air time so far. Can't wait to hear them for more than 5 seconds.

Melinda Ademi- 19- She is a music major at Hunter College in NYC. She is back from Season 10. We learn that her family were refugees from Kosovo.   "Nobody's Perfect"  is the song choice. We have heard others sing this already this season. I'm not blown away by her performance.  Keith- You have so much raw talent.  Nicki- I liked it, but I didn't love it.  Randy- It was ok, but you didn't have enough big moments. You might be in trouble tonight. Mariah- In this venue, your nerves got to you.

Candice Glover- 23- She's back from Season 11, where she was cut in Vegas. "Natural Woman" is the song.  Nice job, but nothing out of the ordinary.  Keith- Baby that was beautiful. Great song choice. Sings "You're a natural singer."   Nicki- You were definitely born to do this. Your confidence is worth a billion words. Randy- You're one of my favorites in this whole competition.  Mariah- Very nice.

Juliana Chahayed- 15- high school sophomore. Dad sings in Arabic. five siblings all talented too.
She is a very tiny girl and she is playing a very large guitar. "Skyscrapper" is the song. It's been slowed down a lot. Maybe too slow. She is struggling to hold those high notes for so long. Not a great song choice
Keith- That guitar is so big it looks like a cello. Nerves were there. I like your purity though.  Nicki- You are one of the few people here with a signature sound to your voice. You seem timid and that may not work here.  Randy- I love the honesty of your delivery. I thought it was a good performance.  Mariah- there was an angelic quality to your performance.

Jett Hermano- 25- Family is watching in the Philipines. She gave up a full academic scholarship to persue music. "Only Girl In The World" is the song. Jett is playing the piano. Much slower version of the song. Jett stays at the piano. She has a nice voice, but the song goes no where. Keith- I love the unique arrangement and your musicianship. Nicki- I liked the arrangement but I never felt a climax in the song. Randy- The first part was beautiful, but the middle needed more. Mariah- I enjoyed the first part of the song.

Cristabel Clack- 29- San Antonio, She is a worship leader. She toured with the award winning Gospel group Israel and New Breed for two years. She is married with three kids.  "No One" is the song. Yikes, she cracked several of the notes. She sounds a little tired to me.  Keith- I love your voice. I think you have great potential.  Nicki- I love that song for you but your rasp seemed to be a little out of control.  Randy- I think you were on point. Mariah wants to see her do more gospel type music.

Aubrey Cleland- 19- from Oregon. Wanted to be a vet because of grandparents farm.
"Sweet Dreams" is the song. I don't know this song. This girl has got some long legs accented by the short dress. She sounds a little flat on a couple of the notes but overall she's good. Keith- What I love about you is your balance of poise and fire. You have such a fire in your voice. I loved it.  Nicki- I am obsessed with you. For the first time someone came out here looking and feeling like a current artist.  Randy- I'm a great fan of you too. You are a great commercial artist. I would sign you right now.  Mariah- I think you're limitless.

Rachel Hale- 22- Arkansas but attending Belmont College in Nashville studying music composition.
"Nothing But The Water" Grace Potter- Interesting song. I haven't heard it before. It might be a little low in some parts. She kind of fades here and there.  Keith- I haven't seen that side of you before. The song got on top of you in parts.  Nicki- Where did this burst of crazy confidence come from? (Rachel says she has been praying for confidence. Randy and Nicki mock her "Prayers") Randy- I was happy you chose an up tempo song. Mariah- I may have heard "you" more on other songs.

Breanna Steer- 18- From LaPlace, Louisiana- Family lost everything in Hurricane Isaac.
"Bust Your Windows" is the song. I have never heard it before. It has a bit of a Latin Beat to it. She is definitely believable singing this song. Nice voice.  Keith- I dated a girl like that many years ago.  I don't know that song, but I love it. You sang it right.  Nicki- You and Aubrey are the most current and could have record deals right now. Randy- You're the other one I said I'd sign right now. You brought us drama. Mariah- I love that song and your presentation. Amazing job.

Janelle Arthur- 23- From Tennessee and a country girl.  This is her third shot at Idol.
"Just A Kiss" by Lady Antebellum. She seems to be missing something tonight. Not the best song for her.
Keith- I love that song with the three voices but it has a limiting melody in the chorus. Not the best choice to show what you can do.  Nicki- A lot of that felt a little flat tonight. You seemed disconnected. 
Randy- You are my favorite country singer in the competition. I love that song, but it wasn't right for you. Mariah- There's not an ounce of pretentiousness about you. That was not quite the right song for you.

Zoanette Johnson- 20- Lives in Tulsa, OK but originally from Liberia. Her family fled from there when she was 2 to escape the civil war. Tonight Zoanette is sporting out of control blond afro hair.
"Circle of Life" from Lion King. Interesting choice now knowing where she is from. The vocals aren't perfect, but you know that she means every single word she is singing.  Nicki and Randy are "feeling it." A very theatrical performance. Standing O from Keith, Nicki and Randy. (I don't think Mariah can get out of the chair without help.) Keith- Good Lord! I love that I have no idea what you are gonna do, and I sometimes wonder if you do. Forget the king of the jungle, Kudos to the Queen of the Jungle.  Nicki- I an so proud of you. Your unforgettable. That song was such a smart choice. It matches who you are and where you're about to be. Randy- this is the reason she's here. That spirit is what it's all about. 
Mariah- Your spirit is too big to be contained.

And that's all of the girls.
My picks to continue on: Breanna, Aubrey, Candice, ????? Rachel was just ok, Zoanette was ok. I'm really disappointed in several of these girls.

The Results:  The judges did not need Jimmy's help tonight. (Guess we hear from him with the guys again)
Zoanette- Moving on
Melinda- Home
Juliana- Home
Aubrey- Moving on
Cristabel- Home
Candice- Moving on
Jett- Home
Breanna- Moving on
Rachel- Home
Janelle- Moving on

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