Thursday, March 14, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 10 Perform

So at the time I am writing this it is Wednesday morning. Tonight we get the performances of the Top 10 and a sing-off between the #6 girl and #6 guy for a spot on the summer tour. (That is unless TPTB decide to throw that person back into the competition. We'll just have to wait and see about that.) 

I've decided to go out on a limb and rank the Top 10 in the order of my preference as of right now.  I'm really hoping that some of these contestants step up their game a little or this will really be one boring season.

#10 Curtis-  Sorry bud. I don't like you or your singing style.

#9 Janelle- I like her, but I don't think she is strong enough to go much farther. Country voters are fierce though so she might be around for a while.

#8 Paul- He's ok, but I'm not sure he's strong enough either

#7 Amber- I like Amber and want her to go farther. It will depend on song choice. More current would help.

#6 Lazaro- I don't think he should be ranked this high, but I think he will have a lot of votes from the young girls.

#5 Burnell- I like Burnell, but I don't think the normal Idol voting public will send him higher up the chart.

#4 Devin- He needs to be careful with the Spanish singing. Some is good, but it could backfire on him. He needs to sing current songs as well.

#3 Candice- She has a great voice. If she chooses more current songs, she might go farther.

#2 Kree- She could win, but her image needs to soften a little. That started last week with the shot of her boyfriend in the audience. She must loose the "Nicki's wife" moniker she was hit with last week.

#1 Angie- This will happen unless she picks the wrong song like Colton did last season. Christian voters are not fond of Gaga. Since she knows Colton, I'm sure she has been advised.

Well, now we wait for the show to begin.

So, I am running very short on time today and want to get this up, so I won't be giving indepth judges comments right now or talk about Jimmy Iovines comments either. I might add those later.

First, Nicki is MIA for the start of the show. She is stuck in traffic? I know LA has terrible traffic, but her only job for the day should have been to arrive on time for the show. I say dock her pay, as any other job would do.

This week's theme: Songs of the American Idol Winners

Curtis- "I Believe" as sung by Fantasia
Ok, the stylist got a little too carried away on this guy. The red paisley jacket is UGLY. Curtis is off the mark on this one. He sounds like he's singing in a different key. Oops.  Oh, look. the judges don't like it either. They have now thrown their boy under the tour bus.

Nicki has arrived. She is dressed in a black hoodie and is wearing really big, ugly shades. Dock her wardrobe expense account too.

Janelle- "Gone" as sung by Scotty McCreary
This is a good country song but she seems a little weak on it. Needs more attitude.  Nice outfit though. Judges are mixed on this song.

Devin- "Temporary Home" as sung by Carrie Underwood
I like his styling; modern yet classy look for him.  This is a very different song choice. It seems like he needed to sing something with a little more power. Not terrible, just lacking.  Started out sitting on the stairs, reminiscent of David Archuleta on "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me".

Angie- "I Surrender" as sung by Kelley Clarkson
I like this song for her. It has tender parts and power parts. Nice job Angie. Not my favorite outfit of the night, but young and in style.

Paul- "Amazed" as sung by Scotty McCreary
I love this song. Paul does a nice job with it. Not overly theatrical as in other performances. The judges are excited that he has taken their advise.

Candice- "I Who Have Nothing" as sung by Jordin Sparks
Really nice job. she nails it and looks really classy too.

Lazaro- "Breakaway" Kelley Clarkson
The beginning of the song is too low for him.The rest of the song is shaky too. I like Lazaro but not this performance. Definitely the wrong song for him.

Kree- "Crying" as sung by Carrie Underwood
Definitely the right song for Kree.  Sounds wonderful.  Really nice styling too. Glad they didn't convince her to change her look.

Burnell- "Flying Without Wings" as sung by Reuben Stoddard
Very nice styling for Burnell. The tacky backwards baseball cap is gone and so is the bow tie. No huge glasses either. He sounds ok for the most part, but a little awkward on the low notes. Not the best song choice.

Amber- "A Moment Like This" as sung by Kelly Clarkson
She looks very pretty. Long flowing dress, not the overly exposed stuff they normally put on the girls her age.  Nice job on the song.

My choices for best of the night: Angie, Kree, Candice, Amber, Paul.
Going home: Curtis or Janelle. Lazaro did worse, but a think he has too many followers to be voted out this soon.

Well, I feel like I'm leaving out so much, but real life is busy today. It will be interesting to see who is out after tonight. Oh and we get the "sing-off" for the other slot for tour. Plus Bon Jovi and Phillip Phillips.

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