Thursday, March 14, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 10 Results

Ryan gives us a cool intro with Phillip Phillips at the end of the line of Top 10 hopefuls. "Remember, anything can happen."

Tonight's guests: Bon Jovi and Phillip Phillips

What Jimmy says about last night:

Curtis- can't keep doing slow Urban/ Gospel music or he won't get past the Top 8.

Janelle- after last night, she won't be going anywhere.

Devin- a fan, but not last night.

Angie- She has real talent, but might not have been as good last night as the judges said.

Paul- He picked a pretty good song, but don't get the country pop thing.

Candice- She won the night.

Lazaro- He has potential but needs to be able to handle criticism.

Kree- She is one of the few that can pick songs. In top 3.

Burnell- He was by far the best guy last night.

Amber-  I'm a big fan.  Top 3.

For the first time ever, those in the Top 3 will be named tonight and other rankings also.

1st Results-
Devin- received 25 % of the vote in Puerto Rico.
Janelle- 1st place in Tennessee
Candice- received 42 % of vote in South Carolina
Candice is in the Top 3 and Safe

The Top 10 premier the song for Dreamworks new movie, The Croods.

Kree- Ryan asks where she grew up- Woodville, Texas. Well, we have the mayor of Woodville, Texas at the show to present her a key to the city. (A skeleton key will probably work just fine. It's a small town.)
And Kree is Safe and in the Top 3.

Bon Jovi sings "Because We Can" from their new album. (Let the plugs begin.)

It's time for the sing-off to see joins the gang on tour.
Charlie Askew- (TPTB get to torture him some more)
He sings an original song, "Sky Blue Diamond" accompanying himself on piano. Not bad. Very heartfelt.

Aubrey Cleland- "Here On My Own"
She sounds good.
Vote on line or through the Idol App
We get results next Wednesday.

 BACK HOME- Time for Phillip Phillips singing this years exit song from his album "Gone, Gone, Gone"
Randy presents him with his Quadruple platinum award for "Home."

Back to results:
 Angie- got 17 % of the votes in Florida
Lazaro- won Florida (and he apologizes to Angie)
Angie is in the Top 3 and Safe.

The rest of the results:
4th place- Lazaro
5th place- Amber
6th place- Janelle
7th place- Burnell
8th place- Paul

Nicki says if Curtis goes home, so will she.

9th place- Devin
10th place Curtis

Curtis sings for his life - "I Believe I Can Fly"

Ryan says it must be unanimous to save him.

Randy says it is not unanimous. Nicki is not happy with the amount of time they are given to decide.

Bye, Bye Curtis
(What are the chances Nicki will leave too. Probably not very good. Oh well. Maybe next time.)

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