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American Idol 12: Top 20 - The Guys

Ryan tells us "they have survived countless cuts and the judges' sudden death, but after tonight, only half of them will stay alive. "  Sounds like "The Hunger Games" instead of American Idol. 

Oh look. Nicki is still dressed as a person instead of a circus clown. How interesting.

Elijah Liu- "Stay" - Rihanna
This guy (boy) thinks of himself as a "ladies man" and Nicki is disgusting, wanting to have his baby. He seems like he wants to be the next Bieber. Like we really need another one. I guess this is a decent performance, it's just not "my cup of tea." No big moments, but it's just that type of song.
Keith- I love the song. It suited your voice. You had good control.
Nicki- "I think I'd be willing to stay." I liked it. Very marketable.
Randy- I liked it more than I liked last week. The problem was it never left first gear. It was so-so for me.
Mariah- I liked it a lot. One of your better performances.

Cortez Shaw- "Locked Out of Heaven"- Bruno Mars.
Sorry Cortez, you're not Bruno. This performance is ok, but it just seems to be missing something. he just doesn't seem to have any depth to his voice. Maybe it's the wrong key for him. I want the Texas boy to do good, but he's making this difficult.
Keith- I love your voice, but I didn't love that song for your voice.
Nicki- You got your mojo back. You need to dress sexier. Get Elijah's stylist. (He styled himself.)
Randy- Sometimes you are straining on higher notes. You need that a half step lower.
Mariah- I've enjoyed the ballads you've done most. I too thought it should be lower.

Charlie Askew- "Mama" - Genesis.
Charlie is wearing a tank top, a long feather earring, and his hair in a ponytail. That's a different look for Idol, but then again, Charlie is different. He still seems awkward when he moves around on the stage. He sounds decent. I wouldn't have picked that song, but I bet he had a good reason to do it. Interesting performance. Not bad, just different.
Keith- You have a huge range. You could front a band, and that might be the best thing for you right now. I felt a bit disconnected on that performance.
Nicki- "Where's my little baby at? I feel like someone stole my kid." She then goes on to rant about his choice of clothing and his appearance. "In Hollywood, I told you not to change."  She is going off way too much on this kid about the clothes. (She didn't have a problem with the cross-dressing gay-guy's outfits.)
Randy- "I'm worried for you. HAHAHA. The front part was terrible. Then you screamed. I didn't get it."
Mariah- "You've already gotten an earful from everybody." It seems like you like classic rock and want to bring that to a younger audience. You add diversity to the group. It's up to America.
Poor Charlie has a meltdown on stage. Ryan is classy and saves the day, reassuring Charlie that he has friends there.  In my opinion, Nicki and Randy were totally out of line with their comments.

Nick Boddington- "Iris" - Goo Goo Dolls
Nick is back on the piano. His voice is soft, kind of ethereal, but passionate. Nice job.
Keith- Perfect song choice. You did seem nervous in spots.
Nicki- One of my favorite songs so I wanted you to keep more of the original melody.
Randy- That was not your best performance.
Mariah- Happy to see you at the piano. You really kicked in at the end.

Burnell Taylor- "I'm Here" - The Color Purple
This was his audition song that made Mariah cry. Burnell has done a 360 on the clothes tonight. Much more casual.  I like his voice. He has nice annunciation, which is important to me. I like to hear the words. Burnell seems like a real genuine guy.
Keith- And just in the nick of time. I believe you when you sing. Your voice is recognizable. I loved it.
Nicki- I love you. You are one of a kind.
Randy- I love you dawg. When you first start singing, you grab people's attention. Love you. That was great.
Mariah- You did it again. It was a tearful moment.

Paul Jolley- "Just A Fool" - Christina Aguilera
Nice . Not overdone. Not too theatrical. Toned down the movements.
Keith- What genre do you want to do?  Paul-"Pop Country. I want to be a guy version of Taylor Swift."
Maybe you could ease it a little bit more.
Nicki- I thought it was a solid performance.
Randy- The beginning was amazing. You change your tone when you get loud.
Mariah- I think the crowd enjoyed it.

Lazaro Arbos- "Feelin Good" - Michael Buble
He's wearing another pink shirt, but this time no bow tie. Instead he has a white jacket.
His Spanish accent is very noticeable. Nice job on a classic song. I like it. He is still a little stiff on his movements on stage but he is getting better as time goes on.
Keith- If the audience here is any indication, we'll be hearing more. The audience quickly connects to you.
Nicki- I love it. I love you. You put your own spin on it.
Randy- This guy is in it to win it. That was great.
Mariah- It impresses me how you throw yourself into the music. That might have been a little bit too low for you.

Curtis Finch Jr- "I Believe I Can Fly"- R. Kelley
Let me just say, I don't like this guy. Sorry. That is all I can say about his performance.
Keith- I believe you Can fly, Curtis. You have so much hope in you.
Nicki- (she rants on about a higher power and his calling to do good.)
Randy- Let's all just say "Praise God" to start this off (Really? You mocked Rachel when she said she prayed for confidence and now your all "Praise God for Curtis?) "the competition tonight just started right here.
Mariah- Thank you for that performance. The energy that you gave off was what I needed tonight.

Devin Velez- "Somos Novios" (It's Impossible) - Andrea Bocelli
He loves the live audience and singing in Spanish takes him back to his roots. Nice job. I like this classic song. Now part in Spanish. I like his voice much better in Spanish. I think he could have a career singing in Spanish. He sounds more believable to me.
Keith- The very beginning was a little shaky but then you found your zone.
Nicki- she compliments him in Spanish. Says he is very real and believable. "Spanish Ken Doll."
Randy- I love your tone and vibrato. I love this dude.
Mariah- I love your look this evening but that was secondary to the fact that your performance was incredible. Effortless. I think you have great potential for an international audience.

Vincent Powell- End of the Road- Boyz II Men
I like Vincent and I have to root for him since he's from Austin, but he was definitely off tonight. Maybe he can't hear the band very well. He does hit a insanely high note spot on. It was ok. Definitely not his best performance.
Keith- Nerves got the better of you tonight.
Nicki- "You wasn't sitting on it right tonight." (Just because he is black doesn't mean he gets into her crazy jive talk) Your voice didn't come alive.
Randy- Not your best performance but you're still one of the greatest singers here.
Mariah- I just want America to vote for you.

And there we have it folks. The top 20 have all performed and now we wait for the results on Thursday night. It should be interesting to see how "America" voted.

My picks to advance are Lazaro, Burnell, Nick, Devin, and either Paul or Vincent.  I like Charlie, but I think Idol might do more harm than good for this young man.  We will see if America agrees with me on that one.

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