Friday, March 29, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 8 Results

There was a lot of hype for this results show. Unfortunately it wasn't for the contestants, but instead for the guest performances of the night: One Republic featuring Katharine McPhee, Colton Dixon, and Keith Urban.

This is the 450th episode of American Idol and we start off on a very sour note with a performance by the Top 8 of Bob Seger's "Old Time Rock and Roll." The three guys start it off and they sound horrid. The girls are better, but my cocker spaniel would sound better than the guys did. This is a terrible, scary performance. I bet I could go pick 8 random people off the street here in Austin and, without an practice whatsoever, they could do a better job than these kids did on this classic song. What has Idol become?

Time for the Ford video. Oh No. It's been tampered with also. The Ford Fiesta Challenge has the Idol mentoring kids at a school (we assume in LA) and teaching the 8 little kids the lyrics to Phillip Phillips' "Home." Well, most of the singing is from the little kids, so our eardrums are safe for now.

Time to see what Jimmy thought about the performances last night.
Candice: "Every contestant will benefit from watching Candice's performance. She was natural, and had feeling. She's not trying to be anyone except who she is."
Janelle/ Kree duet: Kree was a pro and Janelle looked like an amateur.
Lazaro: He did much better than last week. He needs to listen to someone or at least the melody.
Janelle: she really redeemed herself. She murdered it. If she does an album, I would put this cover on that album.
Devin: he did a very good job, but compared to everyone else, he came up short.
Angie/ Candice/ Amber trio: I loved this trio. It was really, really, really good. The girls together were a 10 out of 10. I would make a record with these three tomorrow.
Burnell: I was really impressed with Burnell, especially with his transformation since the audition rounds.
Angie: If song choice is important to these kids, Angie got it wrong. The presentation was wrong. The feel was wrong. The whole package was wrong. She needs help right now to be the performer we all know and love.
Amber: Amber did what Smokey and I asked her to do; just be great. She was. She will not be in the bottom three this week.
Devin/ Burnell/ Lazaro: "We have a new boy band in town and this one's called 'Wrong Direction.' this was terrible. We learned the difference between the women and the boys."
Kree: She has a very unique gift in her top register and it will take her far, maybe even to the finale.
Jimmy says the boys are in the bottom three and Lazaro is going home.  (We will see if that is true.)

Smokey told Kree that he was going to call Aretha Franklin and tell her to watch, and now we hear a taped message from Aretha congratulating Kree on her performance.

Time for the first guest performance of the evening: Colton Dixon.
First we get a really nice video package about Colton's time on season 11 of Idol and what he has been up to since. Colton's 1st album, "A Messenger" was released in January and debuted at #1 on both the Christian and Gospel Billboard charts, making him the highest selling new Christian artist in Soundscan history. He is currently touring with Grammy winners, Third Day.
We get the premier of his latest single, "Love Has Come For Me."  This is so good; a major, rocking Christian song. Colton is confident and comfortable on that stage. Welcome back Colton. We miss your talent and heart.

Next we get a performance form One Republic featuring Katharine McPhee. They are performing O.R.'s latest single, "If I Loose Myself." Ryan Tedder is fine as a songwriter, but his voice is majorly annoying to me and he sounds even worse with McPhee's voice mixed in. Ouch.

Well, it's 40 minutes into the show and we don't have any of the results yet.
Time for Keith Urban to hit the stage. He is singing "Long, Hot Summer" to promote his upcoming tour. Thanks Keith. Oh how cute. Mariah is holding a sign that reads "#1 Fan."

With 10 minutes left in the show we FINALLY get to the results.
Kree- Safe (Of course)
Candice- Safe (No brainer)
Janelle- Safe (She better be)
Angie- Safe (Her fan base isn't as fickle as Colton's was last season)
Amber- Safe (Maybe she's growing on people)

That leaves the three guys, Devin, Burnell, and Lazaro, in the bottom 3.  (Wow, L's fans are getting bored, I guess.)
Burnell is safe and poor Devin is singing for the "not-going-to-happen" save.

Devin sings a really nice rendition of "It's Impossible" complete with the English/Spanish combination he used to put into the performances before Jimmy made him stop. (And you know it was Jimmy's fault he stopped.)
Mariah is crying. She knows they aren't going to save him.
Keith, Randy and Mariah give Devin a standing "O," but Nicki just sits there and looks annoyed.  The audience is on their feet, cheering for a save, but we all know what's coming. Lazaro is still in the competition so they need to reserve the save for another week, in case one of the girls is the bottom. Got to have a girl win this year.
Randy is asked what will they do. He says it is not unanimous, so sorry, but bye,bye Devin. Ryan looks truly shocked that they won't use the save on him.
Devin will be ok.  He addresses the audience saying "You guys are the real people and as long as I leave with you guys and God, I'm good." 
Yes, he will be fine, because he is a classy young man.

Well, I got two of the three right for the bottom 3. I'm surprised Angie didn't fall lower this week and I guess Lazaro's fans aren't as strong as everyone thought. I'm glad to see Angie continuing on. I hope Colton had a talk with her last night after the show. He just might be the one to reinforce the "stick with your genre and don't change for anyone" concept.

I predict next week will be a disaster unless there is a last minute change of themes. Idol has announced the theme as "classic rock."  Now that is definitey in these kids' wheelhouse. NOT!!!

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