Friday, March 22, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 9 Results

Well, it's time for some results this week.  We have performances by Season 11 runner-up Jessica Sanchez premiering her new song with Ne-Yo and a performance by Season 10 alum Casey Abrams.

First we hear from Jimmy.
He thinks Kree is great, but she tends to over sing at times. He really likes Burnell's tone, but he was shocked Burnell didn't know his song. He must be better prepared. He says Lazaro was the worst of the night. Jimmy doesn't care if he made Lazaro nervous; he needs to get through it and sing the song. Jimmy believes Amber nailed her song. She is in his top 3.  He believes Candice is a natural, but that Paul is not ready for prime time and will be in the bottom 3 this week. Jimmy thinks Angie is too dramatic and he needs to see how to fix that because she is very talented. Devin needs to work on his delivery and consistency. Jimmy thinks Janelle made a great song choice this week and is his darkhorse in the competition.

First Results: Amber- we watch a video of her rehearsal and find out that she had problems with the fog machine engulfing her and she struggled to remember the lyrics.  False alarm- no results yet.  Got to wait.

The guys perform "Got To Get You Into My Life." They look and sound so much better than they did for their own performances. Security in numbers, I guess.

Paul is called to center stage and told that the city of Dresden, TN had proclaimed last Saturday as "Paul Jolley Day." Ryan presents him with a framed proclamation and then he is told he is in the bottom 3 this week.

Casey Abrams is in the house and performs the Beatles "I Saw Her Standing There." Jazzy Casey, complete with his upright bass, is better than ever.

The Idol girls perform "Here, There, and Everywhere."  They are all seated and seem kind of uncomfortable with the performance. Maybe it's because the performance is so restrained, and most of these girls are "belters."

Devin- He tells us he has learned he needs to block out stuff that can affect his performance so that he connects better with the audience. BOTTOM 3.
Lazaro- He tells us he has learned he needs to sing songs he loves so he better connects with them. SAFE.

Jessica Sanchez and Ne-Yo perform her new song, "Tonight." I was never a big fan of Jessica but this is alright , for a dance track kind of thing.

Kree- SAFE
Candice- SAFE
Angie- SAFE
Janelle- SAFE
Burnell- SAFE

Bottom 3- Amber, Paul, Devin
Ryan asks if America got it right. Randy says he's really shocked Amber is in the bottom 3.

Least Number of votes and singing for the save- Paul.

I predict they won't save him, no matter how well he sings this time. You can see it in his face; he knows they won't save him.  You can see the other contestants talking, and they know it too. At least he is leaving on a good note with a nice performance and a smile on his face.

OK, it's official.  Randy says they are not saving Paul.

Well, there you have it. I predicted it. I liked Paul, but I knew he wouldn't go too far. I think this "save" thing is dumb. Just let it be "America's" decision. (Or TPTB, which is more likely.)  Anyway, as my husband always says these days, "It is what it is."

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