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American Idol 12: Vegas Sudden Death #4 The Guys

So this is the last "Sudden Death" episode from Vegas. At the end of the show we will have these last 10 guys cut to 5 and we will have the Top 20 ready to head to LA.

Mathenee Treco- 26- Originally from the Bahamas now living in Colorado. He is a dancer and choreographer. He is back from his Vegas cut in Season 11.
"A Little Less Conversation" is the song.  It's hard to understand some of what he is singing. Audience is on their feet though. I'm just not blown away.  Elvis is a hard choice to tackle.
Keith- I love that you want to entertain but sometimes that entertaining gets so big you lose the voice.
Nicki- It didn't feel current. it was cheesy and karaoke. 
Randy- The song choice was wrong for you.
Mariah- I felt a disconnect between you and what I expected from you.

Gurpreet Singh Sarin- 22- His parents are from India, he was born in the states. Nice explanation of turban. He wanted to be on Idol to "change people's perceptions... instead of judging a book by it's cover, they can judge me by who I am; an American who likes to sing." No guitar this time, but he is wearing a yellow turban to match his yellow pants.
"Nothing Ever Hurt Like You" is the song.  This is different than his other performances. Much faster tempo song. Not bad, but a few pith problems here and there.
Keith- There's something about your voice with the acoustic guitar that I like better. Not the best song choice.
Nicki- Honey child-  Hell No!
Randy- Honestly, that was terrible.
Mariah- I was disappointed I didn't hear your softer voice.

Vincent Powell- 29- From Austin (YEAH) Worship leader and voice teacher. Returning from Season 11.
"Cause I Love You" is the song. I don't know this song but I like it. Starts off soft and hits power in the middle. Huge note at the end. Standing O from Keith, Randy, and Mariah.
Keith- That was crazy. I loved it.
Nicki- I'm very surprised. Normally your old-fashioned but today you were a good old-fashioned and sexy.
Randy- He's in it to win it!
Mariah- Finally!

Nick Boddington- 27- Grew up in Memphis. He's also back from Season 11.
"Say Something Now" is the song. It has a nice smooth sound. Not too bad.
Keith- There's a timbre in your voice I just love.
Nicki- I love the warmth in your voice. Not a 10 but not bad.
Randy- Not the correct song for you. Never had a moment.
Mariah- I find you very consistant. I needed to feel you connect to the song more.

Josh Holiday- 24- Originally from rural Texas but now lives in Nashville
Singing an original song "I'm Better With You." Starts seated at the piano with a nice soft intro. Up from the piano and seems a little disconnected now. I think he wrote it too high.
Keith- Sometimes I want you to cut loose. It doesn't have to be so technically correct to feel your heart.
Nicki- I think you should have stayed at the piano. You lost me when you got up. (Oh no. I agree.)
Randy- Big risk. I like the song ok. I just wasn't wowed.
Mariah- I think you should have stayed at the piano.

David Willis- 22- Florida- Worship leader (We have never heard from him before this)
"Fever" Playing the acoustic guitar. Nice jazzy version of the song. Definitely more modern sound. I like it.
Keith- That wasn't the right song to showcase your voice, but I liked it.
Nicki- (She asks if he is married and he is. She's not happy about that.) It felt like you were singing at home on Christmas morning. Not a current artist vibe.
Mariah- I've heard you do more vocally.

Bryant Tadeo- 23- Hawaii- I read that he was cut in Season 11 also but I don't remember him.
"New York State of Mind" Weird song for a guy who just talked about Hawaii in his intro package.
He has an ok voice. Not feeling a connection to this song. The audience seems to like it though.
Keith- That was a really good song for you.
Nicki- I liked the last riff, but nothing else.
Randy- I was waiting for it to go somewhere.
Mariah- A couple of moments you got a little lost.

Burnell Taylor- 19- New Orleans- He has lost 40 lbs since the audition.
"This Time" is the song. I don't know the song but I really like it. He does need to get rid of the overly dramatic hand gestures. Nice job.
Keith- I liked that performance. So strikingly original.
Nicki- Right now today I would pay to hear you sing.
Randy- Captivating. Unique.
Mariah- This was fantastic.

Lazaro Arbos- 21- "Whatever you're going through right now, don't give up."
"Tonight I Want To Cry" by Keith Urban. He sounds like he is struggling to keep up in a few parts. The chorus sounds great.
Keith- I don't think it was a great song for you because it kept getting away from you.
Nicki- What I love is that you always give us Lazaro, you don't change.
Randy- Every time you hit the chorus, that was like no one else.
Mariah- I felt that you started to tear up at the beginning. This is not easy and I'm so proud of you.

Cortez Shaw- 22- Dallas- Returning from Season 11 also. He makes 8 guys in the top 20 guys who were back this season from last year.
"Titanium" is the song. He's slowed it down and is struggling with a few pitch problems. he seems passionate about what he is singing about.
Keith- That was crazy high. That was a bold move.
Nicki- I liked you a lot tonight. Good song choice. (She is majorly flirting with him)
Randy- You surprised me today. Hit those high notes. I'm a fan.
Mariah- I loved the arrangement. Of course, nothing is perfect when performing like this.

And that's all the guys.
My choices: Burnell, Lazaro, Vincent, Josh, David

The Results:
David- Home :(
Bryant- Home
Vincent- Going on :)
Mathenee- Home
Lazaro- Going on :)
Cortez - Going on ?
Josh- Home :(
Burnell- Going on :)
Gurpreet- Home
Nick- Going on

So next week, the kids head to LA and America gets to start voting. Don't forget, Tuesday the girls sing, Wednesday the guys sing, Thursday we get the results.

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