Monday, March 11, 2013

Four Years Have Flown By

Tomorrow, March 12, 2009, will be the four year anniversary of the first time I saw David Archuleta perform live in concert.  Little did I know at the time, but his first solo tour stop in San Antonio, Texas would prove to be a pivotal point in my life. So many great and wonderful things would come about  because of that day. In fact, my discovery of my own ability to write is directly connected to David's appearance in San Antonio on that day.

My insane journey into the entirely unfamiliar world of following a celebrity had just begun the year before when David first appeared on my television set during the seventh season of American Idol. The night I watched David's audition I had no idea what was in store for me or how much being a fan of this young man would change my life.  Now, five years and hundreds of thousands of words later, here I sit, writing yet another entry about David and the concert that changed my life.

I started this blog all the way back in September 2009, but never really knew what I should write about until my third entry, March 11, 2010. That entry was when I finally felt comfortable enough to write about my adventures to San Antonio the previous year. It was amazing to finally be able to tell my story about what had transpired the year leading up to March 12, 2009 and how the entire concert experience had unfolded. What was even more amazing was learning that my story concerning David is not out of the ordinary. There are thousands of other fans out there with stories that are just as mind boggling as mine.

That day way back in 2009 now feels like a lifetime ago.  I am not the same person that begged her husband to let me buy two tickets to a concert by a kid from a singing competition being held in another town in the middle of the week when I didn't even have a clue who would be able to accompany me there.  Now I can confidently say, "David has a new album being released in March, so those odd charges on the card from iTunes and Amazon, those are mine." Oh, and by the way, when my novel goes up for sale later this year, that money is headed to my concert fund piggy bank, so I will be ready for where ever David's first concert is in 2014.

The Scout Bar, where the concert was held, is a tiny (I heard it was the smallest venue on the tour), standing-room-only place and it was packed with crazy fans, anxious to sing along with David. One female fan standing close to the stage said, "Sing something in Spanish." So after consulting Lupe, who had just joined him on the tour, a new beast was unleashed as David sang a snippet of "Como La Flor." I don't think he realized what was happening right then. I'm sure he wasn't expecting the audience to sing along. It was an unforgettable moment for sure. I'm glad my daughter captured this on video. It's included on my original post.

In honor of this anniversary, I'm posting a link to some newly edited photos from this concert  and the link to my original blog entry.  I hope you enjoy reliving this awesome day with me.  

You can find 34 images from this concert on my photobucket account .

My original blog entry here .

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