Friday, April 26, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 4 Results

We start the show off with a video package showing what the girls have been up to since Janelle was cut last week; basically rehearsals, red carpets, hospital visits, and Brit Week activities at a mansion.

Ryan teases us with "the shocking news that will affect the judges and turn the competition upside down."
Of course, we all know it will involve the judges' save.

We see more from the girls' visit to the LA Children's Hospital where Idol's musical director, Michael Orland introduced the girls as "The Fabulous Four."

The Top 4 perform Alicia Keys' "Girl On Fire." It's ok, but they weren't "on fire."

This week the Ford Fiesta Mission says the girls will each spend the day with Ryan Seacrest. Each girl is given a different place to go and meet Ryan but he has always just left that place. (Because he is such a busy man.) When they finally catch up with Ryan, there are 4 of him instead of 1. LOL

[You know, I really miss the old Ford videos that the finalists made back in Season 7. That season the Top 4 performed Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire" while dressed in Matador outfits. David Archuleta and Jason Castro were definitely "On Fire" in that video. Syesha and Cookie, not so much. LOL]

Oh, goodie. Now we get a video of "Something we don't know about the girls.' Each girl has to come up with 5 things in 20 seconds. Only Amber can do that. It isn't that funny or interesting.

Time for some results: Not

Jimmy's opinion of the performances.
Amber-- She did a great job on "Power of Love" but the choice of "MacArthur Park" was wrong. No one knows what that song is about so how could she interpret the lyrics.

Kree-- She needed to redeem herself after the first song. I agree with Keith, she did not.

Our first guest performance is a pleasant surprise. Stefano Langone from Season 10 is back with his single "Yes To Love." He sounds and looks great. I had heard this song at Valentine's but this live performance is even better. Unfortunately, there is not a post performance interview.

Back to Jimmy's opinions.
Candice-- She has a big voice and big voices are difficult to maintain. In the real world you don't sing 7 days a week, 3 times a day. She needs to protect her voice, speak less, just focus on the contest. The song choices this week were safe.
Ryan tells Candice that Drake has left her a voice message. Of course, after a few the stage doors open and Drake is there in person. Candice freaks out. This girl has a major crush on him for sure.

As we go to commercial, Ryan says Season 9 winner, Lee Dewyze is up next. That has to be the first time Lee has returned to Idol since he won. He was shunned from the Season 10 finale and was really hurt by that. Nice to see him back on Idol. He might not be the most charismatic winner Idol ever had, but I happened to like him back in the day. That whole season was wonky.

Lee's video package is nice. It shows how things didn't go as expected, but have worked out for him. He met his now wife on the scene of his first video shoot. Lee seems to be very happy and positive. He is singing the first single off his new album "Silver Lining." Now that has to be a positive song. Wow, it sounds like Mumford and Sons or The Lumineers. I like it. He has a stage full of singers and musicians with him. Safety in numbers is always good when returning to Idol. Darn, we don't get a post-performance interview with Lee either.

Ok, Jimmy says one more time.
Angie-- Angie won the night hands down. Why, she had two great songs and two great performances. I prefer her on the piano. She looks more natural there. When she stands up, she is a little more in her head, thinking about performing. If she wants to win this thing, I'd stay where she's most natural.
Ryan tells Angie that Jessie J tweeted about the performance.

Ryan divides them into two groups, Amber / Candice and Angie/  Kree.

Candice and Amber are the bottom two.
Kree and Angie are safe.

"The person who could be leaving tonight is ........ NO ONE!  Surprise!  Not!!!

Ryan explains that since the judges did not use the save, for the first time since it was implemented, there is an extra week, so this week all are safe. This week's 36 million votes will be added to next week's vote and someone will be eliminated then.

So there you have it. No one is cut this week, just as I thought. Next week's theme is "Now and Then." So something current-ish and something old again. Another chance for Amber to sing Whitney or Celine. Wonderful. Not.

At least I can look forward to a performance from Season 7 winner, David Cook. I wonder if anyone will mention that David Archuleta is in the middle of his two year mission for the LDS church. Probably not.

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