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American Idol 12: Top 5 Perform

It's been 6 years since a girl won AI, but that changes this season. For the first time, the Top 5  are the same sex, all girls. TPTB got their wish (or made it happen).

This week the girls perform songs from "the year of their birth" and "Divas."

Candice- November 22, 1989- she was a chubby baby and a bossy kid.
"Straight Up" by Paula Abdul.
I like Candice's version better than Paula's. This has a much more bluesy vibe. Only problem- No power parts to the song so I'm sure some people will be disappointed.
Keith says that was a great version of the song. She set the bar high for the other girls.
Nicki likes that she put her own spin on the song.
Randy loved the arrangement and feels that she was relaxed and in her zone.
Mariah says the performance was smart, unpredictable, genius, and A-mazing.
Jimmy says the song has a narrow vocal range and Candice needed a bigger song to show off her vocals.

Janelle- December 12, 1989- When she was little she liked to make people laugh. She could sing before she could talk.
"When I Call Your Name" by Vince Gill
Janelle performs with her guitar. She sounds sweet, but there aren't any powerful parts to the song.
Nicki likes that she has her guitar and thinks her vocals sounded sweet and angelic. She loved the key.
Randy thinks she did a really great job. she was comfortable and that's what people love.
Mariah says she believed Janelle and that she was singing with her whole heart.
Keith didn't like the performance. He thought it lacked passion. Would have liked her without the guitar.
Jimmy agreed with Keith. her performance wasn't strong enough.

Kree- May 17, 1990- Was called "Snow White" when she was a baby. First sang at church when she was 3, and remembers feeling very at home in the spotlight.
"She Talks To Angels" by Black Crowes
I like the simple acoustic with just an acoustic accompaniment but the performance as a whole is kind of non-exciting.
Randy loves her and her voice. He feels she has a natural blues connection in her voice.
Mariah believes Kree can sing anything but this performance was more "performing" and less organic.
Keith agreed with Mariah.
Nicki thought the performance was perfection and the best of the night so far. (Of course she is only the third performance.)
Jimmy thought it was very kumbaya. The song wasn't strong enough for Kree's voice.

Angie- February 17, 1994- She was really chubby as a baby. As a kid she was loud and obnoxious.
"I'll Stand By You" by The Pretenders
As she begins, Angie dedicates the performance to her hometown of Boston. (In response to the bombing at the Boston Marathon at the beginning of the week.)Angie is at the piano and stays there for the entire song. Very powerful and passionate. She receives a "standing o" from Keith, Randy, and Mariah.
Mariah says it was the perfect song with a beautiful dedication.
Keith loved her at the piano. The performance was beautiful and something in the tone of her voice makes him want to cry every time.
Nicki loved seeing her at the piano. "Smart choice. Great performance."
Randy agrees. Great song choice. Great performance.
Jimmy says Angie took a subtle song and turned it into a power balled. Fabulous job.

Amber- March 17, 1994- She learned to sing with her older sister.
"Without You" by Mariah Carey
The key is too low. She is fading out on those bottom notes and kind of screechy on the upper notes.
For some reason, she receives a "standing o" from Keith, Randy and Mariah.
Keith says it was a beautiful song choice. He loved it.
Nicki says she sounded nervous and restricted and that the lower notes weren' t there. She didn't like it.
Randy says it wasn't perfect, but he gives her mad props for performing it in front of Mariah.
Mariah says she wasn't too sure about the song choice because Amber's register is up and the song is lower, she she made some changes that Mariah loved.
Jimmy says Amber gets an A for bravery, but the lower register wasn't emotive enough. she was second best in this round.

Round 2- Any song from a female power-house.
Candice- "When You Believe" by Maraih Carey and Whitney Houston
I know I'm going to have a problem with this before she even starts. This song belongs to David Archuleta, season 7.  It's OK, but it isn't stellar. Kind of a let down after last week's performances.
She receives a "standing o' from all the judges and Randy is bowing.
Nicki says "And that is how you do a Mariah/Whitney song. Yes ma'am Diva."
Randy says that's the best vocal of the night. Amazing.
Mariah says Amber can sing anything in front of anybody, anywhere.
Keith says it was beautiful to watch Mariah watching her sing that. "Your voice stops me in my tracks."

Janelle- "Dumb Blonde" by Dolly Parton
This is a weird song for a "Diva" performance. Dolly has a lot of really stellar songs. It's OK but just doesn't show off her vocal capabilities.
Randy says he loves Dolly and this was a fun song, but it didn't show us anything different vocally.
Mariah says for her it was "pow" because she was connected to what she was singing.
Keith says "out of all of the incredible songs on Dolly's song list, I wouldn't place 'Dumb Blonde' up high. Your voice was good, but I didn't feel this song made you shine."
Nicki says "You are great, but I feel you are in jeopardy of going home tomorrow."

Kree- "Have You Ever Been In Love" by Celine Dion
This is probably the least favorite song Kree has performed. It just didn't work for me.
But she gets a "standing o" from all four judges.
Mariah thinks this was a very smart choice. It showed her versatility.
Keith says it was a beautiful song choice and she was in control the whole time.
Nicki says "You're not country, you're worldly."
Randy says Kree can sing anything and do anything she decides to do.

Angie- "Halo" by Beyonce
Good use of her "theatrical" tendencies. I like this performance.
She gets a "standing o" form all 4 judges.
Keith "Definitely Top 3."
Nicki "Now my Angie Miller is back. You did that song justice."
Randy "Angie's in it to win it."
Mariah "Yes, Diva. Very difficult to do a Beyonce song because she has a specific way of doing it. I loved your clarity."

Amber- "What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life" by Barbra Streisand
Its a nice job but she isn't Barbra. Its a decent performance, but I'm not bowled over.
She gets a "standing o" from the judges.
Nicki says it was "simply perfection."
Randy says "that was the most difficult song for any of you to sing, and you sang the I don't know what out of it."
Mariah says "Classic, Elegant, Beautiful"
Keith says it was such a difficult song. "Elegant. Beautiful."

Well, that's it for this show. I don't have a clue as to how America will vote.

For me: Angie and Candice are the Top 2.

Its a toss up on the order on the other three. Unfortunately, Janelle my be going home, but I don't think Amber really help herself tonight. I don't think she relates to American Idol's demographics. I guess we'll see what happens in a few hours. 

Results show guests are Fantasia and Clay Akin. (two of my least favorite Idol contestants) this might be a ho-hum night. 

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