Friday, April 19, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 5 Results

Well, it's finally time for one of the girls to go home, unless the judges decide to use the save. Of course, it would probably have to be Candice that's on the chopping block before they actually use the save.

This week's Past Idol Finalists to perform are Season 3 winner - Fantasia and Season 2 runner up - Clay Akin.

This week's group performance is a medley of Donna Summer hits. It is not "Divalicious."

Ryan tells us the summer tour dates and stops are posted on Idol's website. I bet Austin, Texas is not included, as usual.

This week's Ford Fiesta Mission has the girls driving around LA on a Celebrity Scavenger Hunt. They follow the clues and find Matthew Morrison of Glee in a barber shop. Ryan gives him a plug for his new album coming out soon.

Results: (No, wait. These are the recaps and what Jimmy says.)

ANGIE: Jimmy liked the performance of "I'll Stand By You" but not "Halo." He says that technically she is great, but she wasn't believable on "Halo."

CANDICE: Jimmy was worried about Candice because last week's performance of "LoveSong" was so good. He was really worried after "Straight Up" because it didn't show off her vocals, but after "When You Believe" he believed all that she did.

Ryan interviews Randy about Paula Abdul's reaction to the performance but Randy says he couldn't get in touch with Paula.  Then Paula walks in to surprise Candice.

Ryan points out the band Fall Out Boy, with Pete Wentz doing the talking for them, is in the audience as well as Season 6 winner, Jordin Sparks and boyfriend, Jason Derulo. Jordin was the last female champion of American Idol. Ryan asks "when's the wedding?" Jordin points to Jason.

Time for Clay Akin. We have a very nice video package which concentrates on Clay's charity work on behalf of children. Clay reprises his finale performance of "Bridge Over Troubled Water." Sorry Clay, David Archuleta's version is so much better.


JANELLE- Jimmy says she opened with a very sleepy "When I Call Your Name" and really needed to hit it out of the park with "Dumb Blonde," but instead she struck out.  Dolly was the right Diva, but Janelle chose the wrong song.

Dolly sent Janelle a sweet message which was read by Ryan.

AMBER- Jimmy wonders why Amber sings brilliantly each week, but still remains in the bottom 2. He says this week she jumped out of a plane without a parachute and sang Mariah and Barbra, and she sang magnificently.

KREE- Jimmy says song chose can be the downfall of any of these talented girls. Kree made the wrong song choices this week.

We get a montage of the "3 Divas" from season 3- Fantasia, Jennifer Hudson, Latoya London. This was the week when all three were in the bottom 3 and Jennifer went home. The video package has an interview with Latoya London and what she has been doing since Idol.

Time for Fantasia to sing. Ryan says her new single is "Lose To Win."  Sorry, but I'm not listening to the performance. She sounds like nails on a chalkboard to me.

Finally, The actual RESULTS:
Candice - SAFE
Angie - SAFE
Amber - SAFE
Bottom 2- Kree and Janelle
Kree is SAFE.
Janelle sings for the save and is absolutely fantastic.

Randy and Nicki are talking.
Keith and Mariah are talking.
Mariah and Keith are standing for Janelle.
Nicki looks bored with it all.
Randy says its 2 for and 2 against, so...
They are not using the save.

Bye, Janelle.  You really don't deserve to leave yet, but you should be fine. Country music fans love you.  I'll buy your album for sure.

So we are down to 4. I wonder what next week's crazy themes will be. Probably country now that Janelle is gone.

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