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American Idol 12: Top 6 Perform

Sorry I'm so slow today. No excuse, just slow.

We started the week's performance show with a rehashing of last week's elimination of Burnell and what happened behind the scenes after we left them. Lots of crying and telling him he will be fine.
this week the girls are working hard at rehearsals and Lazaro is confident he will be in the top 5.(Sorry, but I hope not.)

This week the kids are singing two songs, one from the Burt Bacarach/Hal David catalogue (so we will be hearing lots of old songs) and one that they wish they had written.

For round one we get a video clip with each contestant telling us "something people don't know about them."

Angie- people don't know that she and her best friend make embarrassing YouTube videos and that she loves "hardcore" music.
"Anyone Who Had A Heart" I like this performance. The vocals are good.
Keith says she sounds great but he is missing the passionate connection, the humanity in it.
Nicki felt the performance was old-fashioned and she was missing the passion too.
Randy tells her to read the lyrics and understand what they mean to have more passion in her singing.
Mariah thinks she stresses the proper pronunciation of the words and that detracts from the emotional connection to the song.

Ryan tells us that American Idol was inducted into the National Association of Broadcasters Hall of Fame earlier this week.

Amber- people don't know that she eats frozen, cooked shrimp straight out of the package. Shrimp-sickles. Now that's weird.
"I Say A Little Prayer" - Wow, sorry girl but this song is really bland. She is off pitch on some of the runs. She seems to be struggling to stay with the beat of the band.
Nicki overly praises Amber's performance. "You are unbelievable. You are everything. You have just become my favorite girl in the competition. It didn't sound old-fashioned at all."
Randy "the competition just started tonight. Amber is trying to win! Amber has arrived!
Mariah loved the transition on the bridge. "Amber is in it to win it."
Keith loved that she never over sings.

Ryan shows us that Sir Anthony Hopkins is in the house.

Lazaro- people don't know that he loves to drive 4-wheelers and hunt. They call him "the Spanish Redneck Guy."
"Close To You" I loved the Carpenters and especially this song. the key is too low for him. Don't the vocal coaches or music director ever help him on this. Lazaro knows the words this time around, so that helps but he doesn't make the key change the band does, so down the drain we go again. The only judge attempting to clap is Mariah.
Randy "Yo. Wow. I'm speechless. You know I love you the person, but all I can say is NO, NO, NO. that was horrible. Worst performance you've had on the show."
Mariah says she has been accused of being too nice on her  critiques and TPTB have reprimanded her. He shouldn't have missed the key change unless he couldn't hear it. That change was a big deal.
Keith is worried about him not choosing the right key to sing in and then not making the key change when it would have been so much better to sing .
Nicki just tells Ryan to go on and pretend she did her comments because we would be there all day.

Kree- her brother is there for the first time all season. People don't know that she loves rodeos and first sang at one when she was 6 or 7.
"What The World Needs Now" One of my favorite songs from back in the day. Kree does a nice job on it.
Mariah says Kree knows who she is. Mariah loved the arrangement and the a Capella beginning.
Keith says that after the clip about Kree being like everyone's mother, he realized that everyone can feel her genuine compassion when she sings too.
Nicki says the song was sweet and endearing, but Kree also stated that she isn't going anywhere.
Randy "This is singing. That girl can sing. America, that's what it is about."

Janelle- people don't know that when she was in 8th grade she played a boy in a school play.
"I'll Never Fall In Love Again"  Janelle looks pretty, but she seems kind of awkward moving around on the empty stage. Everyone else has had fog or a band or people on the stage. She is all alone.
Keith says that was good. We see a different side of you each week.
Nicki says Janelle will be a huge commercial success, but that performance was really boring.
Randy says it was a little lackluster.
Mariah says the song was not her style and some parts were better than others.

Ryan asks Janelle if she is alright since she is allergic to feathers and is wearing a feather necklace. Silly girl.

Candice- people don't know that she speaks a different dialect called "geechee."
"Don't Make Me Over" I don't know this song, but she sounds good. Nice balance of soft and powerful moments.
Nicki says that didn't sound old-fashioned. It sounded like a new R and B song.
Randy "This is what this show is all about . This girl is in it to win it. This is the best vocal of the night
Mariah says she took a classic, made it current and made it her own.
Keith says that performance put her in his top 3 for the night.

Time for round 2: A song they wish they had written.

Angie- "Love Came Down" by Kari Jobe. Angie says most people won't know this song, But Hey I sing this at church. I love this song choice for her.
Angie sounds great and passionate. They have great graphics behind her as well. Awesome job. Standing O from Keith and Randy.
Randy "I loved that because that is who you are. You tapped into the emotion. Unbelievable, so good.
Mariah "That piano and you; you never loose It's so organic. Perfect.
Keith tells her that after she starts touring and playing the piano she will become more comfortable to get up and sing. I will become more natural.
Nicki "This was Angie. Don't stray from it because you are doing something the other girls can't do."

Ryan questions Amber about her relationship with Burnell. She says they are friends and getting to know each other. (She should have said it's no one else's business.)

Amber- "Love On Top" by Beyonce. Ugh. Don't like the song. Can't understand what she is singing.
Mariah "Yes, Amber, America loves you. That was not my favorite vocal of yours only because you are so good.
Keith says it was beautiful and a great song choice.
Nicki "Beyonce, look out. Baby girl, you have arrived."
Randy "Yes, Yes, Yes! This girl is in it to win it. Way to arrive."

Lazaro- "Angels" by Robbie Williams. This will be a problem for me because this song is now owned by David Archuleta and should never be sung by anyone else.
Lazaro has his normal pitch problems but it is better than the last song. I still think the key is too low.
Keith loves the song, but not the performance. "Now we can see who is in a talent quest and who are true artists."
Nicki once again has no comments "OK. What he said."
Randy says it was slightly better than the last performance. The girls are crazy good
Mariah says the range was better and he redeemed himself some.

Ryan tells us that Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreary will be on the results show this week.

Kree- "Help Me Make It Through The Night" by Kris Kristofferson
this is the perfect song choice for Kree's twang. Just the steel slide and acoustic guitars and a violin is beautiful. Really nice job.
Nicki gives a shout out to the musicians and the beautiful job they did. "Kree, you can do a song I've never heard of and make me believe it."
Randy "You are a natural singer. You sell the story."
Mariah "That's how the song should be sung; simple and beautiful."
Keith "That was a buckle polisher right there. Beautiful. I predict you will become a member of the Grand Ol' Opry in the future. You're everything pure about country."

Janelle- "The Dance" by Garth Brooks
This sounds pretty good.She might have taken it up a half step.
Randy says this is a great song and she did a good job, but not her best.
Mariah hadn't heard the song before. She loved the simple beginning and felt that she didn't really need to stand for the second verse.
Keith thought it was good but would have been a great song for just Janelle and her guitar.
Nicki thought it was a sweet song and Janelle was better than for the first song but it still wasn't enough to put her ahead of the other girls.

Candice- "Love Song" by The Cure and redone by Adele.
This is the perfect song for Candice and an awesome arrangement. She is very passionate about what she is singing. The judges are going crazy. Everyone is on there feet. Keith is bowing down to her. Mariah goes up on stage and throws glitter on Candice.
Randy-"On behalf of all of my judges up here, that was one of the greatest performances in the history of 12 years of American Idol."
Keith "It was one of those moments when all of the stars line up."
Randy "One of the greatest performances on any talent show ever."
Mariah "It brought tears to my eyes."

Well, that was an interesting show: the good, the bad and the what the heck.

My top 3: Candice, Angie, Kree
My bottom 2: Lazaro, Amber.
It is time for Lazaro to go home, but I bet it doesn't happen again, unless TPTB take the matter into their own hands and fix the votes.
The judges will use their save if Amber is in the hot seat. If it's Janelle that has the low votes, they might just throw her under the bus. I've heard that if they don't use the save, there will be an extra week in the show layout. I guess we will just have to watch the results show and find out.

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