Thursday, April 11, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 6 Results

Tonight we have performances from the Original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson and Season 10 winner, Scotty McCreery.
Oh, and we see that Kevin Bacon is in the house as the camera lands on him in the audience.

First, we have a Bacharach and David medley from the top 6. Not bad, except when Lazaro was doing his solo part. Poor guy. I like him but something went terribly wrong along the way.

This week's Ford Fiesta Mission is for the kids to relax while playing a game of soccer with a couple of Fiestas. Silly.

Highlights and comments from Jimmy:
Kree- Jimmy says her vocals were good, but we need to see more personality from her.
Angie- Jimmy says she did a competent job, but it wasn't enough to win the night.
Lazaro- Jimmy says he is doing incredibly well for someone without any experience. Last night was boring. If the band changes keys, you better change the key, too.  On Angels, he could have redeemed himself , but didn't. Jimmy says he has been wrong every week. this week if he had to chart him, Lazaro would be 10th (Someone says their are only 6 singers.) "Yeah, I know."

Results: Ryan is forming groups this week.
Angie to the far side of the stage.
Lazaro in the middle.
Kree on the near side of the stage.

Scotty McCreery is back this week. Very nice video package about his journey on Idol and after. Scotty is now recording his 2nd album, on his own headlining tour, and attending college where he is playing baseball. His life isn't boring.
New single, "See You Tonight." I really miss this boy being on the show. He is awesome.

Idol asked fans for ideas for themes for the show, and now we get to vote on them on the shows web site. Top suggestions: Break-up songs, One-hit wonders, Dedicated to someone special, Guilty pleasures, Unplugged.

Highlights and Jimmy's comments:
Janelle- Jimmy says before she took songs and made them her own. This time she did literal interpretations of the songs and that didn't work. She needs to make them her own.
Janelle joins Angie.

Candice- Jimmy says Candice is leading this thing and scores her first song a 10 out of 10. She has a great idea of what works for her. If he was making an album with her, he would just keep sending her songs until she said the album's done. (Make him live up to those words girl. You will be making an album with him.)
Candice joins Kree.

Amber- Jimmy says she looked like the entire package. He doesn't know what America is looking for from her.

Time to hear from the Original American Idol, Kelly Clarkson. She is singing "People Like Us" from her album Greatest Hits Chapter 1. Kelly and all on stage are dressed in glow in the dark decorated outfits and the band has glow in the dark instruments. This is so neat looking. The audience has glow sticks too. This is a really great performance. In her interview with Ryan we learn that Kelly was nervous to perform in front of Mariah.  Even the greats get nervous sometimes.

Kree/ Candice-- Top 2
Angie/ Janelle -- Middle
Lazaro/ Amber -- Bottom 2

After 34 million votes, Amber is safe and Lazaro must sing for the save. Like there is any chance Randy will save him. I don't think so.  Amber is in tears as he sings.

Well, looks like TPTB finally got (or fulfilled) their wish. Randy says they are not saving Lazaro.

And so, TPTB have their wish. All of the guys are eliminated and a girl will have to win this season. It's funny how the last guy standing had the least chance of winning of any of the top 10.

Well, that's it for this week. I wonder what next week will bring us.

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