Friday, April 5, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 7 Results

This season is flying by. After this show we're down to 6 contestants. Ryan tells us that 25 million votes came in this week. That sounds good unless you consider that in past seasons we didn't have the power vote thingy to cast 50 votes on line.

This week's special guest are Season 9 finalist Casey James and the incredible Carrie Underwood. (Does anyone else find it odd that for rock week Idol found two country singers as the special guests? I would have called David Cook and James Durbin to see if one of them could represent Idol Rockers. I guess they don't care. Last week for MoTown week they had Colton Dixon- Christian Rock, Keith Urban- Country, and One Republic/Katharine McPhee.)

This week the Top 7 pay tribute (we hope) to rock with their rendition of Queen's "Somebody To Love."  Shock and surprise. This actually sounds good. Nice harmonizing. Stellar like solo run their by Candice.

This week's Ford Fiesta Mission (video) has the kids playing dress-up for a photo shoot. They are to create looks inspired by their own musical Idols. Of course, their photo shoot was with a Ford Fiesta.
I couldn't figure out who Burnell said his Idol was but the others are as follows: Janelle- Dolly Parton, Lazaro- Josh Groban, Candice- Mary J Blige, Amber- Whitney Houston, Kree- Patsy Cline, Angie- Jessie J.

So, as usual Jimmy has something to say about the kids' performances. This ought to be good.
Jimmy says he's baffled. The singers are mostly R&B or country, yet they couldn't sing rock which is from R&B and country. Most of the kids picked the wrong song.
Burnell- He got it all wrong. "He gave rock a bad name." He was so behind the beat that it sounded like the band was playing in East coast time and he was singing in West coast time. He will at least be in the bottom 2.
Lazaro/ Angie duet- I felt like I was at a wedding, but if they were singing, I would have cancelled the wedding. they missed the point of the song.
Kree- Kree picked the right song. Even with a pinched nerve, she did great. She sings with dignity.
Candice/Burnell duet- Burnell has a right sing and is singing great until Candice comes in. she was incredible and Burnell fell through the trap door.
Janelle-She did a competent job. she picked a good song, but not a great one. He puts in 4th place.
Lazaro- Surprise. Jimmy didn't like his performance as much as the judges did. He did a reasonable job, but he's in the bottom 2 or out. Probably out.
Kree, Janelle and Amber trio- this wasn't great. they took 3 good soul singers and made it sound like an out take from "Grease." The only good thing was Amber's jeans.
Candice- 'I Can't Get No Satisfaction" is a classic rock song but doesn't have the melody Candice needs to really shine. She is in the top 3, but this wasn't one of her top 3 performances.
Amber- Amber is improving each week. She was in the top 3 this week. there are not three better singers in the competition right now.
Angie- Jimmy was really pleased with Angie's performance. It was beautiful and confident. She sang magnificent, although, at times, he thought the producers were trying to knock her off the podium by having the wind machine on tornado setting. She needs to go more with her gut. Sing from her heart not her head.
Jimmy's top 3: Amber, Angie, Kree
Going home: Lazaro

First special guest this week: Casey James , finalist Season 9.  ( I liked him much better than Lee DeWyze.)
The video clip says Casey is doing well in Nashville. His debut album made it to #2 on the Billboard Country chart. Casey sings his new single, "The Good Life." This is a nice country song. Casey is looking pretty good. Awww, he brought gifts for the contestants. What a nice guy.

Ryan gives up the judges Top 3.
Keith- Kree, Angie, Amber
Nicki- Angie, Amber, Kree
Randy- Amber, Kree, Angie
Mariah- Kree, Amber, Candice

Results: America's Top 3, in no particular order:
Kree, Angie, Lazaro (And the look on Randy's face - What the ****?)

Time for a little Carrie Underwood. she looks beautiful, as always. Singing her new single "See You Again." I don't like it as much as "Blown Away," but its good. 

Back to the results.
Candice- SAFE
Amber- SAFE
Janelle and Burnell in the Bottom 2.

Janelle is SAFE and Burnell gets to sing.
Sorry Burnell, but you know they aren't going to save you. Lazaro is still in the mix. They'll need to save a girl next week. Oh, Burnell is singing the last line "I'm ready for love" directly to Amber. I hope she actually feels the same way. Hate to see his heart broken before tour even gets here. Lots of tears from Mariah, Candice, and Amber.

And there you have it. Randy says "sorry" and Burnell is out of the running.

Rumor has it, next week the kids sing two songs each: "Bacharach and David," and "A Song I Wish I Had Written."

See Y'all Next Week.

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