Thursday, April 4, 2013

American Idol Top 7: Idol Rocks Out, Maybe

This Week's theme on Idol is Classic Rock, no ballads. I wonder how that will work out.

We have a very nice intro paying homage to the great of Rock and Roll who will be covered on the show tonight. The video montage features Rush's "Limelight." How apropos.  Orianthi is in the house to lend her rocking guitar abilities to the kids' songs. Hope she doesn't drown them out. Or maybe that would be a good thing.

This week TPTB have found yet another way to drag out the show. We will get a video package of the kids describing their fellow contestants. YIKES!

First video package, Burnell.  We are told that he has an accent (duh), sings with his hands (duh), and scream-laughs.

Burnell- "You Give Love A Bad Name" Bon Jovi
Well, I wouldn't want to sing this if I were him. Oops, he missed the opening note and consequentially, some of the lyrics. Or they forgot to turn on his mic. He has the words but the performance just looks so uncomfortable and not believable. He is so awkward moving on the stage. Even worse, he ends with a jump kick. Glad that's over.
Keith is laughing. "I'm gonna assume Rock and Roll is not your thing. I've never seen you look so uncomfortable in a song." Always be you.
Nicki says he reminded her of a Teddy Ruxpin Bear and she wanted to cuddle him, eat him, and squeeze him. Keith is right, no matter the music, always give us Burnell.
Randy says "if you do an uptempo song, ride the beat harder. You were so behind the beat."
Mariah felt he had fun with the song, but she agreed with the others also.

Duo- Angie/ Lazaro- Queen "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" (this could be painful to watch)
Lazaro seems to be doing better this week. Wait, I spoke too soon. He forgot the lyrics again. Angie sounds reasonably good though. The whole thing is just kind of weird.
Nicki- "Hello Ken and Barbie" "That was nice. I had fun watching you. Lazaro, you seemed to be comfortable up to the point where you forgot the lyrics again. Angie, that was a great key for you.
Randy- Angie, you sounded good. Lazaro, you started a little rough, but got better towards the end.
Mariah- That song is difficult because it was not intended to be a duet. It's tough when you forget the lyrics but Angie did a great job supporting you.
Keith- It was a bit variety showish to me. Lazaro, I like the way you look this week. this is much better than the "Candy Man" vibe you've had the last few weeks.

Kree's video package tells us that she is like their mom, evens irons their clothes for them, she knows everyone and their names, and she gives the most hugs.

Kree- "Piece of My Heart" Janis Joplin
She sounds good, as usual, but she looks a little off her game tonight. She's not moving around easily on stage.
Randy says he feels like the show has finally started now. "This girl can sing. She's in it to win it."
Mariah compliments her on her ability to pick the right songs and says this shows she is a true artist. Possibly her favorite performance.
Keith says he can't critique a woman who irons everyone's shirts. He asks if her shoes are a problem because she looked like she was struggling to move around. Kree explains she has a pinched nerve and can't raise her arm.
Nicki- "That was magnificent, Miss Lady."
Ryan says he heard Kree has a Janis connection. "We were born in the same hospital and my grandma went to school with her."

Candice/ Burnell duo- "The Letter" The Box Tops
Burnell still looks uncomfortable top me. Candice is totally rocking the song. Burnell is a little better at the end.
Mariah says they both have proven they can sing anything. (Really?)
Keith says he liked it. Burnell was more himself. "Burnell, you were a shining star and then Candice started singing and the whole galaxy showed up."
Nicki says Candice's voice is clearly superior. Burnell was more himself.
Randy says Burnell was much better. He is falling all over himself to compliment Candice. Props to both of them.

In her video package, we learn that Janelle is a "country girl," with an accent, who talks with so much passion that it feels like she's in a soap opera.

Janelle- "You May Be Right" Billy Joel
Sounds good. I can definitely hear country in there but that's not a bad thing. She is wearing a metallic fringed vest and some really rhinestoned out boots.
Keith- "I love those boots, Janelle." She answers, "I though they'd fit the whole rock thing because they're stoned." Keith says he loves how she works the stage.
Nicki asks to borrow the boots. She says the performance was exceptional but the best thing about it is Janelle totally relates to America. She feels like every girl's best friend and that is why middle America is voting for her.
Randy says she is "Authenticity at it's best. He felt he was at a Janelle concert. "The Great Contender."  And he wants her vest.
Mariah says she really loved the key she was singing in. It was perfect for her voice.

Back from commercial, Nicki is wearing Janelle's boots and Randy has the vest draped over his shoulders.

Lazaro's video package tells us he wears brighter colors than all the girls, was an ice cream scooper so they wonder if he drove an ice cream truck with the bright colors, he is Ricky Ricardo, and he loves to end songs with dramatic poses.

Lazaro- "We Are The Champions" Queen -  (Oh, boy!)
Hey, he sounds so much better on this song. I can still hear a really heavy Spanish accent. Nice, he didn't forget the lyrics. Wow, what an abrupt ending. This kid is really funny in his mannerisms on stage. Much more theatrical than Paul or Angie.
Nicki- "Hola Lazaro. That was giving me some Hispanic T's. It was crack juice. (Huh?) I loved it.
Randy says he was worried but he did a good job.
Mariah says she was concerned also, but she felt he did a good job on a song that is an anthem.
Keith says that was a very good song choice, it played to his dramatic side in a good way. "Even the matador 'I'm done with this song' at the end was fantastic."
Nicki adds that it had Ricky Martin sexiness.

Kree/ Amber/ Janelle trio on Billy Joel's "It's Still Rock and Roll To Me"
This song is weird as a trio. Too scattered for me. I really hate Amber's outfit. They are making her into a Rhiana doll or something. The jeans are terrible with the big holes.
Randy says that was unbelievable. That was so good (Really?)
Mariah says very nice blending.
Keith says they were great together and should do more.
Nicki says the song choice put her to sleep and was cheesy, but absolutely loves Amber's new look.
Ryan asks how long they had to learn the song. "Last night."

Ryan has a short interview with Candice before her package and we learn that on Burnell's coaxing, they tried to pull an April Fool's joke on Lazaro that the house was on fire, but he didn't fall for it, and she broke her toe. Ouch.

Candice's video package tells us that she and Burnell have a brother /sister, love/hate relationship going on, and she is the only one with her own room.

Candice- "I Can't Get No Satisfaction" The Rolling Stones
She sounds good, but she can't move around much and that is hurting her performance some.
Mariah tells her she is evolving.
Keith asks how much her toe hurts, because he can feel her pain from his seat. Her voice still has an "otherworldilness."
Nicki still likes her voice but she fell asleep with that song.
Keith gives a shout out to Orianthi.
Randy says it wasn't the best song for her.

Ryan has a quick "thank you" interview with Orianthi. She had to learn 10 songs in 24 hours. Nice job.

Amber's video package is weird. Everyone thinks she is beautiful (especially Burnell, who is totally crushing on her), she is always taking pics of herself with her phone and she talks to herself.

Amber- "What About Love" Heart
Ugh. Sounds like Whitney sings Heart. Not a great idea. She holds the notes out too long. Definitely not my favorite performance of hers.
Keith says that was a great song choice. She has great shoes, that Randy will want.
Nicki thinks the performance was striking and she looks striking. It was her favorite performance of the night.
Randy says she looks amazing, she sounds amazing and she didn't loose herself this time. "I could still hear the 'Whitneyisms' in there."
Mariah says she was amazing. She took it to rock, but kept her natural inflections. Her star quality is growing.
Ryan acknowledges Amber's sister is in the audience. She is in the Army and stationed in Georgia.

Ryan talks to Joshua Ledet and Hollie Cavanaugh (season 10 alums) who are in the audience. Ryan takes Hollie to meet Mariah.

Angie's video package tells us that she gets excited about everything and does this insane speed clapping thing. She also knows how to work the camera.

Angie- "Bring Me To Life" Evanescence
She starts out on the piano with a very haunting sound. Very nice. She really rocks the song. I could have done with less wind machine. She had to hold her clothes down. Nice job overall.
Nicki says "I love you in all black, covering your legs, and toned down. Your voice sounded amazing. Kudos, Congrats.
Randy says that was a great choice for her and she did an amazing job. The note at the end was stellar. He loved the tender moments at the piano.
Mariah felt this song was a perfect match for her.
Keith loved her voice , but wants her to feel the song more and not have to worry about other stuff like the wind machine blowing her clothes.

Well, that's finally it for this show. 

In my opinion, top 3 were Angie, Janelle, Kree
My bottom 3 were Amber, Burnell, Lazaro. If any of the girls are in jeopardy, they will used the save. They won't save a boy. I think Burnell might go home. He's is not the worst, but could go home.

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