Wednesday, May 15, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 2 Performances

Somehow it is already the end of Season 12 of American Idol. We get to hear three more performances each from Candice and Kree and then America must vote for their favorite. I have to admit, I was really expecting to see Angie in the finale with Candice, but I guess TPTB didn't like the odds on that combo. LOL

The songs choices for the evening are: Simon Fuller's Choice, the potential winner's single, and the contestants reprisal of a favorite song.

Round 1: Simon Fuller's Choice
Kree- "Angel"- Sarah McLachlan
Simple accompaniment with acoustic and slide guitars only- This is very country. She sounds a little tired to me. She does a nice job, but it isn't stellar. One big problem; she is dressed very "formal" but in a pale color that really doesn't help her pale skin. Not the best look for TV.
Candice- "Chasing Pavements" - Adele
Candice sounds much stronger than Kree. She puts in some nice changes. I like her outfit too: red top and black pants.

Mariah is proud to have been part of this season. Randy says he would not have chosen the sleepy songs Simon Fuller chose for the girls. Randy says Candice was the winner of the round.

Time for Carley Rae Jepson and the Coca Cola Perfect Harmony song. YUCK.

Round 2: Potential Winner's Single
Kree- "All Cried Out"
This song is totally country, but not totally awesome. Not a song people will remember tomorrow much less be humming. Sorry Kree, this is not a winning song.
Candice- "I Am Beautiful"
This song is better, but still not anywhere as catchy as Phillip's song last season. It will appeal to the girls and sell though. Candice does a lovely job on it. You can tell she believes what she is singing about.

Nicki loved Kree's composure and how she reached deep to get her inner feelings for this song.
Keith says the competition is soul vs soul, not country vs soul. Candice's song fit her "like a Glover." Keith says Kree won, Nicki says Candice won.

Round 3: Reprise
Kree- "Up To The Mountain"
She is wearing a red dress now. Better choice, because she would be lost in the fog in the previous white dress. The Idol gospel choir is with her now. Nice job. She stills sounds a little strained to me.
Keith says "That was beautiful."
Nicki says that was so uplifting with the choir.
Randy says "That was a winning performance."
Mariah says she looks beautiful in red and she showed diversity with the songs.
Candice- "I Who Have Nothing"
Beautiful a Capella beginning. No music necessary for that. The whole performance was awesome. that's the kind of music this girl needs to be singing.
Keith says she is such a powerhouse singer.
Nicki says she's a superstar who commands the stage. (And she comments that we are seeing Candice's legs for the first time too.)
Randy "That girl can plumb, flat-out sing.
Mariah says she has an undeniable talent.

And that is the show. Four hours to vote tonight. Really Ryan. I don't need that long.

I like Kree just fine. She will be a country star, eventually, but my votes go to Candice. I just hope Jimmy doesn't railroad her into a genre she doesn't feel comfortable with.

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