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American Idol 12: Top 3 Performances

We are down to three contestants and any Idol fan knows what that means; the emotional Hometown visits were this past weekend. We get a little montage of the visits to set the scene for this weeks show.
Ryan tells us "the race to the finale officially begins" tonight.

This week, each contestant will be singing three songs, none of which they have chosen for themselves. We have picks from Jimmy, the Judges, and the Producers.

First we hear Jimmy's choices.
Kree- "Perfect" by Pink  (Odd choice.)
She sounds ok, but looks uncomfortable walking around on stage. Maybe it's the horrible shoes they have her wearing.
Keith says the song proves she's a country girl.
Nicki says she went back to her easy-going feel. She tells Kree to forget the stylists and wear flatter heeled country boots, so she can move around easier.
Randy says he didn't love the song for her. It felt flat.
Mariah thinks it was an interesting song choice by Jimmy. She liked the message but felt Kree could have done more.
Ryan says he asked Jimmy why that song and Jimmy said he wanted Kree to do a pop song.

Candice- "One" by U2
This song has a better energy than Kree's song, but I hear a few pitch problems.
Nicki says Candice did a great job coming close to Mary J Blige's version of the song.
Randy thinks that was a great song choice for her. It may not have been perfect, but the emotion was there. "That girl's in it to win it"
Mariah can't believe Candice was a travel agent before Idol and says she will realize her dreams.
Keith says that was a great song choice and she has such power in her voice.
Ryan tells everyone that Candice hadn't heard that song before this week.

Angie- "Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word" by Elton John.
Very nice. She didn't add in a lot of unnecessary stuff.
Randy says she did a great job holding back. He really liked it.
Mariah says this was one of the best performances I've seen you do. I enjoyed it.
Keith says she could have held back even more. You can break people's hearts singing gently too. Your voice is spectacular.
Nicki says stellar vocals. "Your bringing it."

Jimmy says Angie won that round.

Judges' song choices after each hometown visit.
Candice- St Helena Island, South Carolina
"Next To Me" Emeli Sande (never heard of Emeli or the song)
It's ok. her vocals sound fine, but the song doesn't do anything for me.
Mariah says it was A+Mazing. "You got reenergized by going home."
Keith says the opening lyrics drew him in like a conversation. At the ending, she was in the zone of melodical riffs and it was so good.
Nicki says "You've come out swinging and I'm so proud of you."
Randy says that was amazing vocally.
Nicki adds that she is proud of Candice because she is so confident on stage now. She can inspire all women.

Angie- Beverly, Massachusetts (Beverly is a suburb of Boston)
"Try" by Pink
She looks so much more comfortable moving around on stage this week.
Keith says he loves that she didn't play piano on this song or the first. "you never looked more comfortable up there.
Nicki says "You've never looked this comfortable doing an up tempo song.
Randy thinks the song fit her like a glove. "She's in it to win it."
Mariah says Angie performed like never before. "You've found your place, and it's on stage."

Kree- Woodville, Texas (I live in Texas and had no idea where this place is so I did a little research. It's a little town, even by Texas small town standards, in the middle of nowhere in East Texas.)
"Here comes Goodbye" by Rascal Flatts
They gave the "country girl" a country song. She looks comfortable with it. I can't tell if my ears have been affected by my on-going sinus infection or if Kree is a little flat on some of the notes. It might be because of the emotional connection to the song.
Nicki says never to underestimate the power of an emotional trigger. she is proud of Kree and thinks that was one of her best performances to date because she felt every word.
Randy says "We love all of you. This is one of the best Top 3's we've ever had on Idol. You sang your heart out. That was brilliant."
Mariah agrees that the performance was brilliant and adds that there is something so real about Kree.
Keith (who is crying) says that was the perfect song for Kree. "You had me from the beginning."

Jimmy says the judges did a great job picking songs for Angie and Kree. That round went to Kree.

Ryan points out that the rest of the Top 10 are back and in the audience tonight. (I see Paul made it back even though he broke his finger last week and had to have surgery on it. I'm still following him on FB.)

We're down to the last round this week: Idol Productions picks. Now we get to see who TPTB want to win this thing and who they are throwing under the bus this week.

Angie- "Maybe" Emeli Sande
Angie is at the piano. Nice performance of a song I don't know.
Randy says "You sang your heart out. I loved all your performances. Tonight you became a complete performer.
Mariah agreed with Randy, adding that isn't an easy song to sing. "You did an amazing job.
Keith "Your finding your groove."
Nicki "Your growth has surpassed my expectations.

Kree- "Better Dig Two" by The Band Perry
This is a weird choice. Not really a song for one voice.
Mariah says we are getting to see the "rocker" side of Kree but she prefers the "sorrowful" side more.
Keith says he likes the song but it wasn't right for Kree.
Nicki says the song is not in Kree's comfort zone. "Whoever picked that song for you should be stoned."
When you leave the show, I'm buying your album. (And that was "the kiss of death" for Kree. Each week she has said something to a contestant about when they exit the show, that has been the week they are eliminated.)
Randy says the song was too ordinary for Kree. but she did her best with it.

Candice- "Somewhere" from WESTSIDE STORY
(Well, now we know for sure who TPTB want to win this thing.)
This is a big song and it gives Candice a chance to belt it out. I still keep hearing some pitch problems. Maybe its all in my head, because the judges are giving her a Standing O.
Keith "Oh my goodness! What was that? How do you do that? If you want to vote for Candice, call the number on your screen. If you don't want to vote for Candice, Call your doctor, you probably don't have a pulse." (Thanks Keith- saw my doctor yesterday. cough, cough, sneeze, sneeze.)
Nicki "Four words- See you next week!
Randy says Candice is such a pro. Another one of the greatest vocals in Idol history.
Mariah says she's proud of Candice. She has shown everybody she can sing any kind of song.

Jimmy says "Candice didn't just win the round, she won the night."

I say we will see Angie and Candice in the finale next week.

Performances for this week will be from Alicia Keys and Lauren Alaina.

Since Idol chose two different songs from an artist I had never heard of, I had to find out something about her.
Emeli Sande is a Scottish singer and winner of two Brit Awards this past year.
As reported by The Daily Star, Emeli is quoted saying this about Simon
Cowells' X-Factor. “I find it quite depressing. I find it sad that four people are judging these people and really knocking their confidence.

“I don’t think I would have considered appearing on 'The X Factor'... The kids who need music in their lives should just focus on their craft.
“I’d say don’t be in a rush. The pressure they put on kids is for it to happen right now, but your talent will always be there.”

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