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American Idol 12: Top 3 Results

Rumors have been flying all day concerning Idol. It seems that one media outlet is reporting all four judges will be replaced next season and the show format will be revamped. I agree with a change up to the theme nights. Maybe one oldies night but not every week listening to moldie oldies. Some of that stuff came out before these kids parents were born. Please. More original music might be nice. As for the judges, Nicki must go away. Keith can stay. I don't really care about Randy or Mariah. Randy hasn't had anything new to say in forever and Mariah usually gets cut-off before she gets to the point of her comment.

Late breaking news: Randy has announced he will be leaving Idol at the end of the season.  Bye, bye Dawg!!! YO!  GO!

Time for the show. There is a weird intro with Ryan and "the cast of the new movie EPIC."

We will have performances from season 10 runner-up Lauren Alaina and Alicia Keys as well as the premier of Mariah's new music video for "Beautiful."

Ryan alludes to the Randy leaving announcement when he stands behind Randy and says we will be learning who's leaving Idol.

The three finalists sing a current hit(?) "Who Says" --- (I did a little research and found out it's a Selena Gomez song.) The Idol production crew screws up the mics and we can't hear the girls at first. The whole performance never sounds right.

Ryan tells us to go to the Idol website and vote for which Ford car we want the two finalists to win next week.
This week for the Ford Fiesta Challenge the girls visit with a LA area high school choir.

Time to hear from Jimmy Iovine about the performances of the songs he picked for the girls.
Jimmy thought the whole night was fun because the girls didn't have a say in what they sang and that is just like in the real world. He picked difficult songs for the girls to see what they could do. He felt Angie mad a mistake not playing the piano, but she still won the round.

Jessica Sanchez is in the audience so Ryan can plug her appearance on Glee right after Idol.

Lauren Alaina has grown since her time on Idol. she is working on her second album. She is singing the first single from the new album, "Barefoot and Buckwild."  I think Idol still has the sound screwed up. Can't really understand the lyrics. I'll wait to pass judgement when I can hear a better mix of the song. Lauren is looking good. She is definitely all grown up now; 18 and graduating high school at the end of the month.

Nice commerical announcing next season's audition dates and places showing all of the past winners. OH, I see Idol is returning to my town, Austin again on August 7. Now, if they would just bring the Idol Tour here some day.

More from Jimmy.
Round 2 was the judges' choice and "Boy, did they love their choices!"  Although both Angie and Candice had very good songs, Kree's performance had the perfect combination of home story and song. Kree won the round.

Mariah took the girls to the studio for a class in Music Video 101.  We get to see her new video for "Beautiful" featuring Miguel.  Oh my. This is a disturbing video. It is way to sexual!!! What has Idol reduced themselves to?

Now we get a video package about Adam Lambert. He will be doing a performance with one of the Top 10 next week. Yuck!! Wonder who he will perform with? 

Alicia Keys "Tears Always Win"  Alicia, please save the sinking ship. Well, at least she has good sound since this performance was pre-recorded. You can tell because they purposely avoid showing the empty judges table.

We hear from Jimmy one more time.
Round three was Producer's choice.
Angie did well, but was not extraordinary. Kree gets a "A" for attitude. Candice had "that moment" that every Idol only dreams of having.  Candice won the round.

The first person in the finale is... Candice Glover.
Candice seems sincerely amazed.

The second person in the finale is ... Kree Harrison?????
Kree is totally stunned and so are the judges and everyone else in the building.

Ryan runs the "Gone, Gone, Gone" video package and Angie is a crying mess.
She has to sing her "swan song" and it's not a pretty thing considering all of the tears. Her family comes on stage and that makes her cry more.

Well, I have to say, I am surprised. And yet, I'm not surprised. Angie can do better if she is not the "winner" because she will be able to sign with a label more conducive to her style. I bet if she wants to go Christian, Colton Dixon can help her out there. Jimmy Iovine is not the only record producer in the world. Far from it.

So, we are now all set for the finale Idol has wanted for years. Two girls, one returning for the third time to try and make her mark in the Idol world, the other highly tauted from her first exposure with an emotionally sad back story. I like both girls. I think Candice was not nearly as good as Idol tried to say she was this week. They run the poor kids until they can't go any father. Kree is talented, but has faltered in recent weeks probably from sheer exhaustion too.

I went back to my original notes to see what I wrote about each of these girls the first couple of times we saw them and here is what I found.

Angela Miller- We first saw Angie on the 1st episode of the season on Jan 16 in the New York auditions. We were told that Angie has 40% hearing loss in her left ear and 20 % loss in her right ear. (I don't think this has ever been mentioned again on the show.) She sang "Mama Knows Best." Angie is shown a lot during Hollywood Week including her solo performance of her original song, "You Set Me Free."

Candice Glover- We saw a quick glimpse of Candice on the Charlotte, North Carolina auditions which aired on Jan 23. I don't even know what she sang. I just wrote that I remembered her from last year and she got three "Yes's" because Keith had to leave before her audition. For her Hollywood week solo, Candice performed "This Girl Is On Fire."

Kree Harrison- The first time we see Kree is Hollywood week 3, the first group rounds for the girls. She is part of a dysfunctional group with major personality clashing going on. All three of the other girls - Britney Kellogue, Brandy Neeley, and Halie Davis- are very vocal and obnoxious. One of these girls was the first to write the lyrics to the song on her arm. For her solo performance during Hollywood week, Kree sang "Stars" by Grace Potter and Keith got goose bumps.

TPTB might be tickled pink to have two girls in the finale, but it just seems so weird to me as an Idol viewer.

I guess we will see how it all plays out next week.

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