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American Idol 12: The Top 4, Part 2

So here we are again. I will just tell you now, I have been sick all week and really don't have the energy for a long post and lots of typing so... this will be shorter than normal.

The top 4 were all saved last week because the judges didn't used the season's save and Idol had to do something. I am going to assume it was the overly hyped Amber scheduled to leave last week. This week someone has to go home. No matter what TPTB think.

This week's themes: Songs from 2013 and Standards.  Our mentor is Harry Connick, Jr.

First up are the songs of 2013.
Angie- Diamonds- Rhianna
Harry and Angie act silly but he gives her great advice too.
Angie performs seated at the piano.  I like this version of the song. Simple.
Keith commends her for her change-up, but says it doesn't go anywhere.
Nicki says it was bland and lackluster.
Randy agrees with Keith
Mariah said it was an interesting choice.
Nicki stats arguing with Mariah about their opinions.

Amber- Pink- Just Give Me A Reason
She doesn't know the lyrics when she meets with Harry.
I don't know the song and I doubt if I will look it up after this. Blah. Flat, screechy
Nicki likes her jeans but not her performance.
Randy says it was not stellar.
Mariah says that is a difficult song to learn quickly.
Keith says she did fantastic under the circumstances.

Candice- Bruno Mars- When I was Your Man
Harry wonders why she chose this song. He wouldn't do a females song without changing it up.
The vocals sound fine, but I agree with Harry on the gender thing.
Randy says if you can sing, you can sing anything. That was amazing.  (OK, now we know who had the lowest votes last week. Like the pimping begin.)
Mariah loved it.
Keith thinks she could sing about being a giraffe and it wouldn't matter.
Nicki says that deserved a standing ovation and has everyone stand at that point. (Yep! She had the lowest votes last week.)

Kree- Carrie Underwood- See You Again
Harry loves her take on the song, but tells her not to do the "ooooooo" stuff.
Kree is seated next to an acoustic with just a slide guitar on the stage with them. Nice beginning. Oops, now we have the hidden band join in. She should have gotten up when the power changed.
Mariah says she felt Kree connected to the song.
Keith says he felt disconnected because of the dichotomy between the simple stage and the power ballad when the full band joined in.
Nicki Loved her Kreedom performance.
Randy says she's in it to win it.
Harry comes out to say he loved the performance.

Round Two- The Standards (Harry's speciality)

Angie- Someone To Watch Over Me
Angie's mom used to sing this a lot.
Harry says not to sing notes not in the chords (Leave out the runs.)
The beginning is very pretty. Too much music going on in the middle to properly hear Angie. Arrangement problem.
Keith says it was beautiful, but questions why "then" has to be so "Then."
Nicki says Angie reminds her of a Disney Princess and feels she could do that kind of music or Broadway. (I don't think she meant that in a nice way.)
Randy loved the beginning but not the arrangement of the middle. He gave Angie credit for holding him attention throughout the confusing middle part.
Mariah loves that Angie's mom sang this song because her mom did also. Mariah disagrees with Nicki's comment and an argument ensues. Nicki pulls out a Q-Tip for Mariah to clean out her ears. Ouch.

Amber- My Funny Valentine
The girl is striking out with Harry, she doesn't have a clue what the song is about. He tells she has to know what it about to sing it properly. He also says to leave out the runs.
Well, she puts in lots of runs and high notes. Doesn't look like she listened much to Harry.
She gets a Standing O from the judges. (WHY?)
Nicki says that was so beautiful.
Randy says she made a lot of believers with that performance.
Mariah says she went back to the spirit she had when she first snag that song.
Keith realizes that the audience has no energy and that is effecting everyone's performances.
Ryan talks to Harry who says he told all four not to do runs in standards and Amber shouldn't have put in the high notes at the end of her performance. It didn't make sense.

Candice- Billie Holiday's You've Changed
Harry says it is more important to sing the lyrics and mean them to try and make the song something it is not.
Candice seems to have lost some of her better techniques. That "aaaeeeee" sound at the end of the song was yucky.
Randy says Candice is in it to win it.
Mariah says there is no critiquing.
Keith says it was a great performance,
Nicki says she has nothing to add.

Kree- Stormy Weather
Harry says sing simply. You don't need runs. Listen to the original version from Lena Horn.
Well, Kree didn't listen to Harry either. Runs all over the place. So much for an awesome mentor.
Mariah thought she should have chosen a more bluesy song.
Keith agreed with Harry about the lyrics and thinks she should have chosen another song.
Nicki wishes she would have focused on the song choice this week.
Randy tells her to stick to who she is and believes she did a good job.
Ryan asks Harry for his opinion and Keith brings him up to the judges table to debate with Randy.

Group performance- Wings- Little Mix
Too much with all the backup singing and dancing girls marching around and flashpots. Ugh.

Well, I don't think any of them were stellar this week. No one really listened to all Harry said.
I'll rate them from top to bottom: Angie, Candice, Kree, Amber. And believe me, I really hate putting my two Texas girls at the bottom of the pile.

Looks like the results will have highs and lows. Performing this week: (low), David Cook (hopefully high), and Harry Connick Jr (a definite highlight).

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