Friday, May 3, 2013

American Idol 12: Top 4 Results Again

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Sorry I'm so late posting, I'm still sick and I dropped a full mug of  hot tea on the keyboard this AM. Not working too well.

The results show started out with a video montage of previous seasons Top 3 Hometown Visits and the girls all talking about hoping to make Top 3 this season.

Nice, Cookie is in the house. David Cook, that is.

The top 4 give us a performance of "Crazy In Love" from the movie, The Great Gatsby.

For this week's Ford Fiesta Challenge the girls are working with a graphic artist to design wraps for a couple of Ford Fiestas using their favorite types of music as the themes.

Jimmy has an opinion on the performances.
Angie could have wrapped up the win but didn't. she won't be going home.
Amber sounded karaoke on the contemporary song but magnificent on the standard.
Candice was magnificent on both songs.
Kree hasn't lived up to her full potential the last couple of weeks. She was good on both songs, but not great on either one.

David Cook is back to perform his new single, "Lay Me Low." Awww, Mariah remembers which one of her songs he sang the week she mentored in Season 7.

We get a pre-recorded performance by Will.I.Am of "Bang, Bang" form his upcoming album and featured on The Great Gatsby. I didn't know Will could tap. The song is very annoying. Hopefully it fits better in the movie.

It's Throw Back Thursday. We watch a video package telling us what Season 4 contestant Constantine Maroulis has been up to. Broadway!

Harry Connick Jr hits the stage to perform the title track from his upcoming album, "Every Man Should Know." I like it. It's not like the stuff we normally hear on Idol.  I hope the rumors are true and Harry will be joining the judges panel. Ditch Randy and Nicki and keep Keith and Mariah. that would be a great group.

Time for the results:
The three who are safe and going on their Hometown Visits are,
Angie (My first place choice)
Candice (My second place choice)
Kree (My third place choice)

Amber is out of the competition.
After watching her journey package, she tries to sing, but starts to fall apart. Ryan brings dad on stage to comfort her.

I really think Amber might have gone farther in the competition if Nicki and Randy had stopped with the young Whitney Houston comments.

Well, we'll see how next week unfolds. Any predictions on the winner?

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