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American Idol 13 Audition # 5

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Episode 5 of the auditions began with a young father holding his baby girl.
Casey Thrasher of Tuscaloosa, Alabama is heading to try out for American Idol.
We see him enter "The Chamber" and then have a montage of contestants preparing to exit "The Chamber" and audition in front of the judges.

Idol auditions are from Salt Lake City, Utah this time.  Of course, we all know David Archuleta is from Murray, Utah, just outside of SLC.

Austin Wolf - 16 - student - Park City, UT  (Don't be fooled by the name, Austin is a very pretty young lady.)  "RadioActive"
Jennifer says Austin has the whole package. Harry says Austin reminds him of Haley Williams of Paramore.

Kylee Adamson - 18 - lumberjack - Salem, UT

Keith Sanders - 26 - bartender - Oxford, MS  (with guitar)

Micheal Simeon - 19 - student - Lumberton, MS  (with guitar)

Tessa Norman - 19 - student - Lindon, UT

Ryan reminds us "When you cast your net as wide as we do. you're bound to catch some strange fish."
Montage of "No's including:
Samantha Townsend - 22 - nurse assistant - Layton, UT      YUCK

Keith tells us he wants to be honest with the contestants but not humiliate them.
Harry says he wants to be nice, but he isn't always sure what language some contestants are singing in.

Alex Preston - 20 - student - Mont Vernon, NH   (with guitar)
Original song- He is a self-proclaimed "Band Geek"    And he is very good.

Samantha Calmes - 25 - musical educator - Hammond, LA   (with guitar)
Sings and odd original song.
Keith - "I applaud your originality."

We get a montage of unusually named contestants: Ellie Duke, Phaya, Edwin Sharp, and Julie "Awful" (pronounced like this but not sure how it is actually spelled.)
Julie was an Idol Tour Bus audition winner, and now we see a montage of tour bus winners all sent to SLC to audition before the judges.
Lebryant Crew - 24 - minister and real estate appraiser - El Dorado, AK   YES X 3
Laurel Wright - 18 - student - Maryville, TN (with guitar)  YES X 3
D J Bradley - 20 - unemployed - Maryville, TN (with guitar) YES X 3

Julie "Awful" turns out to be our Twitter "Hollywood or Home" vote for the night.
I say Hollywood and so does America. So do Jennifer and Harry so she is off to Hollywood

Kenzie Hall - 16 - student - Draper, UT  (with guitar)
sings John Mayer and gets YES X 3

Paisley Van Patten - 25 - waitress - SLC, UT
She had a record deal at 15, but lost it all to alcohol. Trying to bring her dream back to life through Idol.

Haydn Olsen - 15 - student - South Jordan, UT
No, although Jennifer wanted to take a chance with her.

Chase Boyle - 23 - student - St. George, UT (with guitar)        No
Julia "Missy Cyclops" Flores - unemployed - San Antonio, TX  (with guitar)  No
Jocelyn Baker - 18 - student - Salem, UT  (with guitar)   YES
Blake Branscom - 16 - student - Middlesboro, KY   YES

C J Harris - 22 - guitar teacher - Jasper, AL   (with guitar)
"Soul Shine" Allman Brothers
Keith- "I believed it and I felt it."

Tequila Wilson - 24 - church and funeral home singer - Winston-Salem. NC
"SomeOne Like You"  Loud and over the top
Harry asks what her church will think of her singing secular music and she says she doesn't care.  Hum??
YES X 3    And she is a screamer. And I don't agree with the judges.

Chase Thornton - 20 - busboy and model - Clearfield, UT
Butchers a Bruno Mars song
Keith quickly stops him and suggests taking lessons.   NO
Poor boy; I don't think anyone had ever told him no before then. Nice job Keith.

Time for a new feature this year:  the Idol Legacy Challenge on Twitter.
"Which Idol alum and Teen Choice Award winner calls Utah home?
Kris Allen or David Archuleta?
#IdolKris or #IdolDavid
If you read my blog and get this wrong, you should destroy your Archie Fan Club card.

*** On a side note,  David's manager Kari tweeted this:
David Archuleta @DavidArchie  
Another WWTT for David thanks to @AmericanIdol for the Idol Legacy Challenge question on-air tonight! ‪#‎IdolDavid (KS)
So #IdolDavid was a world wide trending topic on Twitter.

Time for another montage of NO's:  "It takes more than just a voice to make it in the music industry."
Ending with:
Jessica Bassett  - 22 - student - Orem, UT  (with guitar)
Only Jennifer says yes.  I think she should have gone to Hollywood.

Idol tells us a little about how the judges started out.
Keith sang on an Aussie talent show when he was 16 yrs old.  One of the judges told him to get lessons. Keith says "the judges are just giving their opinions. Take some, throw others away."
Jennifer started as a "Fly Girl" on In Living Color. Jennifer says she probably wouldn't have auditioned for American Idol.
Harry is glad Idol didn't exist when he started because he wouldn't have won. He's not a good at auditions. he was a piano prodigy.  "Now we need American Idol because it is the way new music gets heard."

Emily Rottler - 17 - student - SLC, UT   (with guitar)
"Valerie" by Amy Winehouse

Dexter Roberts  - 22- dog trainer/ farm hand - Fayette, AL  (with guitar)
"I Like To Drive" by Casey James    He is a definite country boy.  Like like it.
Keith- "I like the mix in your voice, blues, bluegrass."

Ally Roundy - 18 - student - Sandy, UT
"At Last"
Harry - "Diamond in the rough, but there was too much rough. You need a little more time."
NO, but come back.

Bristen Maroney - 15 - student - Knoxville, TN  (with guitar)
Great grandfather was a recording artist in Nashville. Bristen is playing his guitar and feels it's history when he plays.
"Can't Always Get What You Want"
Jennifer- "Such a unique voice."

Carson Henline - 16 - student - Gunnison, UT
voted in 8th grade most likely to be on American Idol
OK but not today.

Sabrina Lentini - 15 - student - Tustin, CA
Yes, Jennifer and Keith   No, Harry

Leia "Fish" Lotuletei - 19 - student - Des Moines, WA

Johnny Newcomb - 16 - student - Maryville, TN   (with guitar)
"Last Kiss" Pearl Jam
Harry says he sounds too much like impersonating Eddie Vedder
Jennifer asks for another song.
Jennifer and Keith send him on to Hollywood.

Kimberly Tosti - 25 - marketing coordinator - Park City, UT
Trained in opera  (Usually proves to be a train wreck on Idol)
"Barracuda" -   Definitely not for Idol.   NO

Carmen Delgina - 24 - resale clerk - Las Vegas
Dad was "Wonder Mike" from Sugar Hill Gang  (Let me proclaim my ignorance here. WHO? What?)
Harry says she's a talented young woman, but he's not sure her vocals are strong enough to get through to the end.
Jennifer says she was inconsistent.
BUT celebrity dad card gets her through to Hollywood.  Just like Nikki McKibbon's son.

Kassandra Castaneda - 16 - student - Eastville, CA
First thing she does is give JLo a note from her uncle with his phone number. CREEPY.
"Chasing Pavements"
Harry says not ready.  Jennifer and Keith put her through to Hollywood.
Harry is going to call her Uncle J.

Kenneth "Woodie" Gaddie - 28 - substitute teacher - Maumelle, AR
"Swing Low Sweet Chariot"  

And we close the night the way we started:
Casey Thrasher - 22 - musician - Tuscaloosa, AL  (with guitar)
He has two small children and wants to do this for his kids.
"Believe" Brooks and Dunn
Not the best vocals of the show, but he definitely has heart
Keith - "You have the hunger and the desire.  

30 Golden Tickets were handed out in Salt Lake City auditions, we saw 27 of them on this show.
193 so far are going to Hollywood.

Next stop, Omaha and our final Golden Tickets.

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