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American Idol 13: Auditions #2

Ready for the second installment of AI 13?  Today we have more auditions from Austin and some from San Francisco. I wonder if San Fran can be weirder than Austin? Yeah, probably.

We start with:

Sept. 25, 2013
Austin, Texas
"One more life is about to change."

We get a glimpse of a WGWG (the infamous white guy with guitar) saying he is from Magnolia, Texas singing Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love"  and he is pretty darn good.

While a montage of contestants hold signs listing their home towns, Ryan tells us:
"It doesn't matter where you start.
It doesn't matter who you are.
It makes a nation to make an Idol."

Part 2 of the Austin , Texas auditions:

Jesse Roach - 27 - musician - Cypress, TX   (WGirlWG-  the neighbor lady heard her and signed her up for Idol audition, even paying her way. Nice neighbor.)
"Do You" KT Oslin
Jesse has a sort of Janis Joplin sound to her
Jennifer- I love you, what you're wearing, the black guitar, and more than that, I love your voice.
Keith- You have a lot of soul and a story older than you are that I hear in your voice.
Harry- An example of a voice with a rasp that I wasn't distracted by.
YES x3 and she's going to Hollywood

A montage of YES:
Steven Curd - 18 - clerk - San Antonio, TX   WGWG folk sound
Anna Melvin - 22 - waitress - Memphis, TN  singing "Wrecking Ball"  Yikes!
Ryan Clark - 22 - bartender - San Marcos, TX

Friends both audition:
Jamiah Malik - 15 - student - San Antonio  Sings original song- He seems really young.
Quiandra Boston-Pearsall - 17 - Adkins, TX  Much more mature.
NO to Jamiah, YES to Quiandra

Megan Miller - 23 - media consultant - Ethel, LA
"Last Night" Carrie Underwood    Too many growls and yells for me.
Harry is worried that if she keeps yelling, she might hurt her voice.
Keith wonders if the rasp and yells might be too much for an audience.
Megan explains she performs 4 or 5 times a week and her voice is fine.
YES x3

Grace Anne Field - 27 - restaurant pianist - Austin, TX
Professional training in college for music and piano.  Someone forgot to tell her she can't sing. Keith looks scared.
Harry- Not sure this is right for you. You were all over the place.
Jennifer- Vibrato was out of control. (Harry thinks that is her normal vibrato.)
Keith- It's not there yet,
NO x3

Ryan questions What Are The Judges Looking For?
We get a montage of memorable contestants going to Hollywood including:
Austin Alvarez - 26 - makeup artist - Austin, TX   Wearing eye liner and a black tee with pink spikes on shoulders.
Eric Wood - 28 - oil field worker - Higginson, AR  With a raspy, soulful voice.

Spencer Lloyd - 19 - Worship Leader - Bryant, AR  (WGWG)  Very good looking kid and Jennifer makes it known to all. "You're a pretty guy."  Guess they missed the worship leader part.
Sings a Colton Dixon song. Not perfect, but pretty good.
Harry- Your an OK singer but the looks and sweetness complete the package.
Keith- There are so many ways to entertain and you engaged me.
Jennifer- Good singer and good looks.
YES x3

Marlon Lindsey - 27 - student - Beaumont, TX
Just spent 6 yrs in the Army.
"A Change Is Gonna Come"  He does a good job. Nice sound.

Rick Rowling - 28 - "actor" - Austin, TX
Wearing out-offs, no shirt and suspenders he tells Ryan he has a plan to advance his acting career. He tells bad jokes no one laughs at and sings terribly.
Harry- "You've disrespected the process. People wait their whole lives to be here."
He is asked to leave.

TK Hash - 28 - service manager - Charlotte, NC
He reminds Harry of Pres. Obama, so he does a great Obama impersonation.
"My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark" Fall Out Boy
Keith loved it. he was singing along.
Jennifer- Some people can change the energy in a room and you did that.
Harry- Not the greatest singer, but you're so likable.
YES x3

Time for the Twitter poll of the night. Hollywood or Home
MacKenna Dennis -   Hollywood

Time for some Idol history in the making.
Season one third place finisher, Nikki McKibbin, accompanies her son to the audition

Tristen Langley - 15- student - Kennedale, TX   (WGWG)
Singing Sublime song.
He's a good looking kid, but his vocals aren't great. He needs to grow more.
Harry- If Mom wasn't here and the story wasn't here, it wouldn't work for me.
Jennifer- Totally disagree. Not perfect, but a good voice.
Keith- Great voice, but when you choke it like that, you can do that once or twice for effect, but more than that and you will lose your voice.
Harry- NO. Jennifer and Keith give him a shot.  Looks like Nikki gets to go to Hollywood and a be stage mom this time.

Montague of YES and NO without names ending with:
Taylor Stearns - 21 - student - Round Rock, TX  YES

LJ Hernandez - 23 - farmer - Goliad, TX
Fast talking Latino with a Texas twang and a weird attitude.
Worst rendition of "I'll Be" I have ever heard.   NO NO NO

Time for the guy featured at the beginning of the show.
John Fox- 20 - worship leader - Magnolia, TX    (WGWG)
"To Make You Feel My Love" is a really great song for him. Shows he can do more than Christian worship music. Nice dynamics and tone too.
Keith- Nice voice.
Jennifer- Great song choice.
Harry- It's cool to imagine what someone will sound like and then be totally surprised. I did not expect that.
YES x3

Thanks Idol. You showed talent in Austin, not just freaks. Good job contestants. Make Austin proud.

Time for San Francisco auditions.

Rachel Rolleri - 17 - student - Danville, CA   WGWG   Mom wants her to go to Hollywood so she can meet Keith.
"Stay" by Sugarland.   Rachel makes weird eye and face gestures when she makes a mistake.
Keith- What was that look?  Great voice, mature for 17 and play guitar well too.
Harry- Understated confidence. Bad habit to make a face if you make a mistake.
Jennifer-  Don't show us mistakes, we might not hear them.
Keith - "There's no wrong notes, just the look on your face."
YES x3

Montage of YES:
Athena Williford - 20 - student - Stockton. CA
Sings Whitney Houston and does a nice job
Remi Wolf - 17 - student - Palo Alto, CA
Jr Olympic ski racer turned singer. Raw
MK Nobilette - 20 - student - San Francisco   WGirlWG
Definitely doesn't sound like she looks.

Emmanuel Zidor - 24 - airline ramp agent - Miami, FL
Crawls into room singing. Scares Jennifer.
Decent sound. Looks like he will be crying all the time in Hollywood.
Tells judges people have always told him he can't sing.
YES x3

Caitlin Johnson - 15 - student - North Plains, OR     Parents own horse farm
Harry tells her she is 32, not 15.
"Something's Got A Hold On Me" Etta James
Not bad, but song doesn't seem right for her.
Harry- Not ready. Need to work on who you are.  NO
Jennifer- Talented, but not perfect. Not sure
Keith-  I like your voice- Extraordinary.
YES x2

Ronald Reed -    WGWG
Plans to end all the world's problems with his music.
"For You"  This guy can't sing or play guitar.
Keith and Harry are freaking out.
Keith tells Ronald his vocals aren't where his personality is. NO
Ronald has a meltdown.

David Luning - 26 - musician - Forestville, CA    WGWG      (Did I mention Idol encouraged singers to bring their guitars this year?)
Original song- very dark, in contrast to his Mraz looks.
Jennifer- Super cool and moody sound, but different for Idol.
Keith- You're a storyteller guy, but I'm split if its for Idol.
Harry- Not sure if its Idol material.
He get a ticket. Not sure who said yes besides Jennifer.

Twins- Selena and Sierra Moreno - 22 - Scaramento, CA
Selena- "Try" Janis Joplin- pretty good and at ease singing.
Sierra- "One plus One" - Uncomfortable singing to judges.
Selena- YES, Sierra- NO.

Brianna Oakley - 17 - student - Antioch, CA
Made it to Hollywood last season.
"Stay" Sarah Barielles
Brianna has grown as an artist. I like her sound and power on this song.
Keith- Beautiful
Jennifer- Reminds me of Jordin Sparks (Season 6 winner)
Harry- Nice to see someone open their mouth to sing. confidence.
YES x3

Rico Perkins - 24 -unemployed - Little rock, AR
Original song about a golden ticket     YES

Aranesa Turner - 20 - student - Sacramento, CA
Willie Wonka song            YES

Gaddy Basil Foster - 26 - server - Columbia, SC
Dressed in workout attire with a beret- very friendly
TERRIBLE singer.
Keith- "You're a very sweet guy, but singing is not your thing.   NO x3

Adam Roth - 28 - sound healer - Sacramento. CA
Chakra system technique.
"Hallelujah" Not a bad voice, but odd rendition of the song.
Jennifer- Very pretty.
Keith- Nice voice , but schizophrenic usage. Baffled
Harry - NO
Jennifer and Keith YES and he is headed to Hollywood.  He will either soar or crash and burn the first day.

And so we come to the end of another interesting day with American Idol auditions.  Some really good and some disastrous.

Ryan tells us:
Today, 19 Golden Tickets from San Francisco (we saw 12 of those) and 14 more tickets from Austin (HUM, I count 15. Maybe the "twitter post" one wasn't counted.) giving us 33 new Golden Ticket holders, plus the 46 from last night and we have 79 Golden Ticket winners so far. (35 from Austin total. WOW)
Next week we visit MoTown, Detroit.

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