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American Idol 13 Auditions #3

First of all, before I get into last night's show, I need to apologize for misspelling  Carrie Underwood's name in my two previous postings. I'll just blame it on the meds for my cedar allergies and leave it at that. Sorry.

Last night we experienced the Detroit auditions. I say experienced because the entire show seemed to be a love fest with MoTown. I can''t say I agreed with all of the Golden Tickets handed out in Detroit, but the judges were definitely feeling something I wasn't.

First we get a montage of contestants and "The Chamber."  One girl says "Waiting in that box is the longest two minutes of your life."  And they all say "I'm doing it for Detroit."

Keri Lynn Roche - 24 - waitress - Detroit, MI    (WGirlWG)
"Radioactive" with guitar and "I'd Rather Go Blind" without.   Nice audition
The judges all love her.   YES X 3

Julian Miller - 18 - shoe salesman - Detroit, MI   (BGWG)
Keith says he looks and sounds like an artist that's going somewhere.  YES X 3

Montage of "on the fence" singers:
Samatha Furtwengler - 18 - student - Cincinnati, OH   -NO YES NO
Olivia Diamond - 22 - student - Detroit, MI    Yes YES Yes
Paris Primeau - 16 - student - Macomb, MI  YES

Malaya Watson - 15 - student - Southfield, MI
Plays tuba in high school marching band
Jennifer tells Malaya she is blessed. "God gave you something so special and pure."     YES X 3

Bryan Watt - 29 - non-profit director - Thomasville, GA   (Cool, my father-in-law's family was from there)
Another WGWG playing Carrie Underwood, this time "So Small". He's not bad. He isn't going to win, but he's ok.
Jennifer "AWWWWW"
Harry- "That was confident and easy. You're Superman, aren't you? You look like a superhero."

Khristian d'avis - 22 - server - Chicago - she has a band
Starts off with an Italian accent, saying her father is Sicilian. Oddly, she loses the accent during the audition.
Keith says she was inconsistent.
Jennifer says she didn't connect to the song and gives her lots of advise.
Harry tells her she needs to figure out herself and how to connect.
Jennifer and Harry give her a YES, Keith a No but she is going to Hollywood.
Keith is upset because the girl didn't bother to listen to the advise Jennifer was giving her about the performance.

Jena Ascuitto - 17 - student - Farmington Hills, MI
She was in a band from 12 to 16
"Rolling In The Deep"   Not bad, but her sound is not to my liking.
Harry says she is doing something weird with her tongue that's changing her sound.
Keith says she is shaping some words differently with her mouth.

We get a little montage of joke auditions including one from "The Singing Manicurist"

Melani Porras - 19 - administrative assistant - Kennesaw, GA   (WGirlWG)
Dad taught her how to play guitar
"Fever" with guitar and "Wanted Dead or Alive" without guitar.
Harry- "You have the seeds. You're on your way."

Liam Newberry - 18 - student - Chagrin Falls, OH  - musical theater student
Raised on Harry Connick's chats.
Jennifer and Keith say the song is missing its swag and sexiness.
Harry tells him to forget what he has been instructed in musical theater.
NO, Idol is not for him

Jade Lathan - 20 -student - Monroe, MI
Sings an Amy Winehouse song.
Harry - "you are absolutely adorable."

Idol gives us a clip of a guy receiving his Golden Ticket, then handing his guitar to Keith, who accompanies his for "Waiting On The World To Change." This guy is really good, but they never tell us his name.

Ryan asks us to vote on Twitter if we think Idol alum Jennifer Hudson won an Oscar for the movie Dreamgirls or 8 Mile. DUH  Dreamgirls, of course.

Sarah Scherb - 19 - student - Birmingham, MI
Keith and Jennifer say nice voice and she has YES X 3

Sydney Arterbridge - 15 - student - Columbus, OH
"Loving You"
Harry says his wife tries to sing that song and can't
Keith is jamming along to the song. That's always a good sign.

Maurice Townsend - 26 - music minister - Grand Rapids, MI
Father of four. Sings John Legend.
Harry tells Jennifer and Keith Maurice should have recorded this song originally.
Harry has Maurice bring in whole family and then has son present dad with Golden ticket. "Dad, you're going to Hollywood."
This guy is definitely one of my favorites so far.

Jennifer is late for Day 2 of auditions.

David Oliver Willis - 22 - coffee shop owner - Mount Dora, FL  -  BGWG
David was cut in Vegas last season.  Now, gone are the sweater and bow tie attire of last season. David is dressed in a much more casual looking t-shirt. Keith remembers him from last season.
"Too Close"  Good job, but he will never win the whole thing.  YES X3 from the judges.

Karlita and Rakita Gulledge - 19 - students - Detroit, MI - Identical Twins
Sing a Beyonce song. Neither one can sing. NO NO NO

Ryan asks us to vote of Twitter is the next contestant is going to Hollywood or Home.  I vote home.
Amanda Gott - 19 - cosmotology student    The judges say Home.

Blake Soles - 22 - warehouse supervisor - Columbus, OH
Keith tells him "as a singer/songwriter, it needs more work, but keep writing songs because you will find the right one that will work for you."

Brandy Neelly - 18 - fitness center receptionist - Louisville, KY
She was cut in Hollywood in both seasons 11 and 12.
"Wanted" by Hunter Hayes    I didn't like it. If I remember correctly, she was whinny in the previous appearances.

Ethan Harris - 20 - copy center cashier - Garrattsville, NY   (WGWG)
Keith is his idol. He first asks Keith to sign an amazing sketch of Keith he had drawn.
Of course, he sings a Keith song.  I am not blown away by it.
The judges seem to like him and his voice, which is just like his speaking voice.
YES X 3 -although I don't agree

We get a montage of contestants who think they can both dance and sing.
Leah Guerrero - 21 - file clerk - Clinton Township, MI
Zach Day - 19 - tram driver - Stearns, KY  (WGWG)
Symphony Howlett - 24 - hostess - Miami, FL
All three receive YES but all need a lot of work, in my opinion.

Ayla Stackhouse - 17 - student - Detroit, MI
From Detroit, but lives in LA with aunt so she can perform
"Momma Told Me"
The judges think she has star potential and is a natural singer.

Eric Gordan - 27 - lab tech - Richmond, KS
He sings a John Mayer song
Harry says he is rocking several different influences including James Dean hair and a Member's Only jacket.

Montage of can't sing and NO:
Xavier Calvillo - 25 - machine operator - Dearborn Heights, MI
Tony Delbarrio - 29 - construction worker - Grand Rapids, MI

Ryan Nisbett - 24 - art student - Deckerville, MI
Two years ago he weighed over 300 lbs but now he is quite slim and hipster looking.
"Angel"  It's a different sound. Not bad, but I wouldn't want to sit through a whole concert of this sound.
Harry says his sound is incredibly unique.
YES X 3.   Doesn't want to shake hands with the judges because he has a cold. It's nice he didn't mention it until after the golden ticket was his.

Last one from Detroit, the girl whose audition was shown at the very beginning of the first audition show last week.
Marrialle Sellars - 17 -student - Indianapolis, IN   (BGirlWG)
She is auditioning to make her dad proud. He taught her everything about music but has since passed away.
She is good, but I'm not as sure as Harry is that she can be the next American Idol.  We will see.

Ryan tells us there were 40 Golden Tickets handed out in Detroit.  (I think the judges got carried away.)
The Golden Ticket count so far, 119.

The next audition show is from Ryan's home town, Atlanta, GA.

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