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American Idol 13 Auditions # 6

So this is the last installment of the auditions episodes. This one took place in Omaha, Nebraska.

The show opened with a montage of Golden Ticket winners from the other cities entering "The Chamber" before their auditions.  Then we have Ryan driving the "Idol Car Pool." The judges seem a little nervous, as well they should be. Keith asks Ryan if he can see over the steering wheel.

Quaid Edwards - 21 - student - Papillion, NE
Time for an idol connect:  Quaid's mom was the lead in the band Jolie and The Wanted, and they used to open for and play with Keith Urban for many years.  Keith didn't recognize Quaid, which is good.
"A Change Is Gonna Come" - He sounds ok overall, but seems a little strained on the upper notes. He tells us in the intro that he is not trained in music. I can believe that.
Jennifer tells him he was inconsistent but she like him. The others agree he has natural, raw talent.
YES X 3 and Jolie comes in to greet Keith after the Golden Ticket is presented.

Simon Hauck - 17 - student - Greenwood, NE
This is an odd young man. He sounds like he is running an auction; monotone.
Keith wasn't sold. Harry makes an auction reference.    NO
and this brings on a montage of NO's including a girl who is celebrating her birthday and wants the judges to sing Happy Birthday to her first.  Big NO from Harry.

Madisen Walker - 15 - student - Ankeny, IA
"Before He Cheats" by Carrie Underwood
This girl is too sweet to sing this song. Her heart has never been broken.
Keith says she has a great voice but the song was karaoke.
Harry says she is going somewhere, but not yet.
Jennifer and Keith decide to send her to Hollywood.
Harry says he wouldn't vote her through because the heartbreak she will endure isn't worth the moment of joy right now. Keith and Jennifer think it will be ok and good for her.

Alyssa Siebken - 20 - retail assistant manager - Fremont, NE         (with guitar)
Acoustic version of some awful Waca Flocka Flame song.
Harry is not impressed in the least. I agree.
Keith and Jennifer decide to send her to Hollywood. And she gets a victory selfie with Ryan.

Tyler Gurwicz - 25 - musician/songwriter - Burlington, VT
"Set Fire To The Rain"
He makes weird angry faces when he sings. Very distracting to look at.
Harry doesn't see him in the competition.
Keith agrees with me about the angry faces.
Jennifer says she wants to see him again, but Keith and Harry don't.  He asks Harry to give him a shot and Harry asks him to sing something else. He is still making angry faces, but Harry lets him through. So Yes x 2.

We see an array of weird personalities including a guy who can impersonate presidents while the judges talk about the difficulties of judging for American Idol.

Tyler Marshall - 23 - club promoter - Omaha, NE
"Proud Mary" - Not bad.
Happy says Tyler is a "Happy guy" because he is smiling.

C J Jones - 20 - unemployed - Lebanon, MO
"Stand By Me" and Harry comes to "stand by you."
Interesting voice that doesn't match his edgy look.

Dajontae Lenear - 16 - student - Minneapolis, MN
Decent voice - Cute kid

Dylan Becker - 17 - shoe caddy - St Louis, MO      (with guitar)
Nice voice

Paula Hunt - 20 - US Air Force singer - Bellevue, NE
She is a member of the Air Force Heartland America Band.
"All I Could Do Was Cry"- Etta James
She is Really Good.  Her mom had a record deal for gospel/R&B but was diagnosed with MS and can no longer sing. The judges loved her.

Andrina Brogden - 18 - show store employee - Fargo, ND
"Halo" - She is ok. Has a nice tone but seems to be avoiding the high notes.
Jennifer thinks she is holding back.
Keith thinks she is nervous.
Harry doesn't thing she can get through Hollywood.
Keith and Jennifer put her through to Hollywood.

Christian Scholl - 20 - square dance caller - Sioux Falls, SD     (with guitar)
"On The Road Again" Willie Nelson - The kid is definitely not Willie.

Time for the Idol Legacy Challenge on Twitter
Which Platinum selling recording artist started his Idol journey in Omaha?
Scotty McCreery or David Cook?
Of course, we all know it was The Archuleta's buddy, Cookie- David Cook.

Casey McQuillen - 21 - student - Andover, MA
Keith - Excellent
Jennifer - Angelic
Harry - You're smart. I really enjoyed that.

Tessa Kate - 25 - singer - Harrison, AR   (with guitar)
She performs in Branson, MO
"Folsom Prison"
She has a Dolly Parton kind of high, country voice.  Not bad.
Harry says she reminds him of the Barbara Mandrell show he use to watch as a kid. she is classic and timeless.
Jennifer makes a reference to the chipmunks, but says she enjoyed it.

And that is the end of the audition rounds.
The judges handed out 21 Golden Tickets in Omaha.
We have 212 Golden Tickets handed out overall.

Next week starts the Hollywood Week shows. (Which will air over more than one week, I am sure.)

Highlights tell us we will see everyone arrive at an airplane hanger and experience on the spot performances and eliminations.
(Jennifer and Marc Anthony had a one shot reality competition show, Q'Viva, in which they went to Latin American countries searching for the best singers, dancers, and musicians they could find and brought them to the US to compete. The first thing they did was an elimination in a hanger right after everyone arrived. Those eliminated were flown right back home. So cold.)

It looks like we will endure the group performance madness again. We see a clip of two women yelling at each other. That's always so fun. NOT

Well, Idol is rolling along. I'll try to post the names of all of the Golden Ticket winners as listed on Idol's web site before next Wednesday.

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