Friday, January 24, 2014

American Idol 13 Auditions #4

This round of auditions finds us in Ryan Seacrest's home town, Atlanta, Georgia.

Idol begins with a montage of "wake up" videos highlighted with Ryan's mom, Connie waking Ryan up for the day.

Majesty Rose - 21 - preschool teacher - Goldsboro, NC         (guitar)
"Violet Hill"  Coldplay
She is really good, both singing and guitar. Performance seems effortless.
The judges totally love her.  YES X 3

Jesse Cline - 19 - gas station attendant - Ashland, KY  (guitar)
"Washed By the Water" by Needtobreathe
Harry whispers to the other judges, "The ultimate Cinderella."
Keith says he knew his answer in nanoseconds.    YES X 3

Alyson Ragona - 19 - sales associate - Eldridge, IA
She has pink hair and is playing Bohemian Rhapsody on the ukulele.    NO

Chris Medina - 23 - Army National Guard - Jacksonville, FL   (guitar)
Brought his dog to the auditions.  Has a guitar, but not playing it.
Nice voice.   YES X 3

Kristen O'Connor - 24 - nurse tech - Sebastian, FL
Not sure of the song, but she sounds ok.   YES X 3

Emily Piriz - 17 - student - Orlando, FL
Not sure what the song is, R&B I think. YES X 3

Ben Briley - 24 - server - Gallatin, TN     (guitar)
Amos Lee "Arms of a Woman"
Keith- I just loved the sound of your voice.
Harry- gumbo comes to mind because of the great mix of influences.

Nica Nashae - 24 - student - Milledgeville, GA
"Natural Woman"
The guys love it and are drumming along on the desk.
YES X 3  in 30 seconds or less

Jordan Brisbane - 15 - student - Savannah, GA
"When I Was Your Man" Bruno Mars
Nice voice, but putting in too many runs.
Harry- Be careful when you sing runs.
Jennifer- Cut back on the runs.
Keith- Raw talent.

Time for an Idol alum reminder. In season 11 the auditions were in Savannah and Idol found the eventual winner, Phillip Phillips.  Now we get a comparison:
Sam Burchfield - 21 - student - Athens, GA
Comparing Sam to Phillip's audition: both have on plaid shirts, jeans, flip flops, and are carrying guitars.
Sam sings "I Want To Be Like You" from Jungle Book. he has an interesting voice. Not like Phillips, but interesting.
Harry didn't like his voice. Jennifer and Keith send him through to Hollywood.  Yes

Jessica Meuse - 22 - student - Slapout, AL   (guitar)
She has black and pink hair.
"Blue Eyed Lie" an original song.  Very Good
Harry thinks she has a Stevie Nicks vibe.

Twitter vote time: Hollywood or Home.
I vote home, and quick before he destroys our eardrums
Thank you judges.
Jared Cotton is headed home.

Time for a montage of bad singers lead by:
Travis Hunter- Brown - 26 - barista - St Petersburg, FL
Playing the ukulele ans singing terribly.

Lauren Ogburn - 19 - receptionist - Lake City, FL
"Fancy" by Reba
The girl is decked out in too much "red, white and blue" but she is a pretty good singer.

Time for some repeat competitors:
Caleb Johnson - 22 - musician - Ashville, NC
Auditioned in season 11 and made it to Top 40
He's a rocker and gets Yes X 3
Neco Starr - 22 - personal assistant - Atlanta, GA
Auditioned in season 11 and also made it to Top 40.
"Someone Like You"  Adele.  I'm still not blown away with this guy.
Keith says No, but Jennifer and Harry put him through.  Yes

Bria Anai - 15 - student - Lithonia, GA
Mom is her "momager."
"One And Only" Adele. this girl's got some lungs.
Keith says he loves the way she sings.
Jennifer says Amazing.

And that's it for the Atlanta auditions. Although it was only an hour show we saw 14 Golden Tickets handed out.

Ryan tells us that 44 Golden Tickets were handed out in Atlanta
Combined with the 119 previous tickets
So far we have 163 contestants headed to Hollywood.

Next week we will see the Salt Lake City auditions, "Where the mountains are high, and the talent is elevated."

Harry: "There's a lot of talented people in this world, and they all come to American Idol."

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