Tuesday, January 14, 2014


It's January 14, 2014?  Where has time gone? How can it already be 2014? Days are just flying by. I mean, in less than three months David Archuleta should be back from his two year's of church service in Chile and TOMORROW American Idol XIII starts airing. Looks like it is time for me to get back to some serious blogging. 

American Idol. I can't believe this crazy show is in its 13th season. I caught episodes here and there over the first 5 seasons. I didn't start really watching until over half way through season 6. Season 7 was the only season I really cared about which contestant won. (And we all know it should have been Archuleta, not Cook, receiving the confetti shower.) Season 8 was ok. Season 9 was blander than bland. Season 10, Scotty was the only possible winner. Season 11, TPTB tried there hardest to keep P2 from winning and the judges were crazed. Season 12 could have easily been the demise of the show after many of the few remaining faithful viewers were disgusted with the judging panel. Somehow the show survived and actually produced a decent singer as the winner, even though it was determined that a woman would win before anyone auditioned and the men weren't even given a fair chance. Not what a singing competition should be about.

Now it's time to see if TPTB (the powers that be- the acronym given to the producers and executives in charge of running all things Idol) have found the right formula to keep this show alive. Can they save a sinking ship? Did they locate the defibrillator just in the nick of time to jump-start the heart of the beast? Is the chemistry just right? Will she live?

I am hopeful the newly created judging panel will have just the right amount of star power and music knowledge to equally entertain the audiences and, at the same time, critique the contestants. Keith Urban is the only judge returning from last season. I liked Keith's judging style last year, so I am happy to see him return. Jennifer Lopez took off a year, and I'm pretty sure she was very wise to do so. The Mariah and Nicki cat fights from last year were enough to run off even the most die-hard Idol fans. Jen should be a decent judge now that Steven Tyler isn't sitting next to her. I am the most excited about the newest addition to the judging panel, Harry Connick Jr. Harry knows music. Harry has a pleasant personality. I saw him on Jimmy Kimmel last night and Harry said he is going to tell the contestants the truth. He isn't mean about it like Simon was, but he tells it like it is. Yes. Tell them if they can't sing, but don't bully them about it. Good plan. 

Well, just over 24 hours from now Idol will be playing on my TV again. I'm excited. The sooner the show gets going, the sooner David Archuleta returns. Maybe if we are lucky, TPTB will ask David to perform on the show this season. Finger crossed.    

Watch for my blog updates about Idol here each Thursday and Friday following the Wednesday and Thursday Idol shows. 

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