Friday, February 14, 2014

American Idol 13: The Final, Final Judgement

On the last Idol show, we left Casey Thrasher and CJ Harris in limbo, anxiously waiting to see which one of them went home and which one made the Top 30.  Well, in true Idol style, both Casey and CJ are in the Top 30

Ryan tells us there are only 7 spots left for girls and calls:

Marrialle Sellars - recap shows she is doing this for her dad whom she lost when she was younger -
solo, Wrecking Ball - oddly, with her hair cut and dyed the way it is, Marrialle looks like Miley Cyrus, and that isn't a good thing in my opinion - Top 30

The remaining girls are freaking out:

Jena Ascuitto - recap focuses on the correct pronunciation of her first name. (Long e) - solo, original song - accompanying herself on keys - Top 30 - Harry says she is "The Sleeper", the one to watch

Caleb Johnson - recap shows him as returning contestant from season 11 and how he wants to make his presence known - solo, "Radioactive" - very hard rock version - Caleb 's look is very retro rock and the judges wonder if he is relevant today -
Caleb gets the Twitter vote of the night - #IdolTop30 or #IdolHome
America has #IdolHome by 81% to 19% -
Oops, the judges put him in the Top 30 

Kensie Hall - she is crying a lot - solo, "Your Song" by Elton John - judges tell her that wasn't her best performance - recap of much better performances including one where she rapped and sang - The judges really like her - Top 30

Savion Wright - enters into judgement room playing ukelele - recap tells us he knew he had to impress, but he also knew he had to be himself - solo, original song - Harry wasn't as impressed this time - Keith liked that Savion did original music - WHAT? The judges are sending him Home - I am not pleased with this decision.

Ryan tells us that from the 48 who started the Final Judgement only 4 remain: two guys and two girls for the two remaining spots, one of each.

Austin Wolfe and Sandie Lee (whom we have not actually heard from before) are called up first.

Sandie Lee - solo, "Bring It On Home" by Sam Cooke
Austin Wolfe - recap of audition with "Radioactive" leads into - solo, "Radioactive" with the band
The judges tell them they are both extraordinary but...
Sandie - Home
Austin - Top 30

Last but not least, well maybe...
Ben Briley and Neco Starr are accompanied to the judgement room by Ryan.

Ben Briley - recap shows his wife made him audition - solo, "Stars" - passionate performance
Neco Starr - recap shows he had to sing at the hanger and he became sick in Hollywood - solo, "Halo" - sounds like he is sick
Keith says they are both great and the judges have a real conundrum. They can't decide so ... American will decide on American Idol . com or text or call. We will get the results next week on Tuesday.

Speaking of next week, it's a new addition to the show on Tuesday when Randy Jackson, Adam Lambert, and Chris Daughtry mentor the Top 30 in a boot camp style event.

And more contestants get cu before America gets to vote.

I'm not sure how they will fit it all in, but the girls perform on Tuesday for America's vote,
the guys perform on Wednesday for America's vote, and we have eliminations on Thursday. I'm guessing Lambert and /or Daughtry perform on Thursday's show also. Maybe Randy too.

So now we have the Top 30 / 31. I don't agree on all of the contestants, but that's normal. They always put through some that will be early eliminations. There are plenty really good contestants and we know most of those won't make it to the end. That's just the way Idol goes.

My favorites so far (and this might change as we see more of each contestant):
Casey Thrasher
Spencer Lloyd
Sam Woolf
Austin Wolfe
Jessica Meuse
Emily Piriz

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