Thursday, February 13, 2014

American Idol 13: The Final Judgement - Top 30 Revealed

Idol has packed a lot of stuff into this week's shows: Recaps, Hollywood Solos,  and the Final Judgements revealing the Top 15 guys and the Top 15 girls.

Looks like Harry decided he has had enough of the whining and told the kids before the solos that he didn't want to hear if they are sick. "Just suck it up and sing."

The Final Judgement (the Green Mile as it has been called in past seasons) has contestants riding the elevator up one at a time to the ballroom where the judges wait to speak with them.

Emily Piriz - recap of increasingly better performances - solo, "Stars" by Grace Potter - accompanying herself on keys - Powerful.  Top 30

Spencer Lloyd - recap shows Jennifer loving him from the start - solo, original song - accompanying himself on guitar - Judges are not blown away with this performance.  Top 30

Jillian Jensen - We haven't seen Jillian since the auditions - solo, original song - accompanying herself on guitar - Top 30

Madelyn Patterson - recap includes audition in Austin - solo, "Up On The Mountain" - kind of screechy - Home

Michael Simeon - Home
Lebryant Crew - Home
Sabina Latini - Home

George Lovett - his performance of "I Won't Give Up" has been playing during the last three contestants who were sent home - solo, "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz - Top 30

Shelby Ann Marie Miller - solo, "Wide Open Spaces" - Home
Connor Zwetsch - solo, original song - Home

Ryan tells us that most contestants who sang original songs did not impress the judges.

Sam Woolf - Sam tells us that he will sing a song he wrote when his mom moved away - solo, original song, "I Try" - accompanying himself on the guitar - nice job by the 17 yr old with pain in his soul - Top 30

Keri Lynn Roche - solo, "I'd Rather Be Blind" by Etta James - Home

Malaya Watson - recap of group round craziness she survived - solo, "I Believe" by Fantasia - Harry says he doesn't know the song, but it doesn't sound right. He stops he and asks her to get with the band to make sure they are in the same key. - Top 30

Maurice Townsend - solo, "Wrecking Ball" - Top 30

Randy Jackson, The Dawg, drops by the solo rounds and Harry and Keith take to the stage to be judged by Randy. Harry sings some weird Louisiana Marde Gras song and Keith drags him off the stage.

Bria Anai Johnson - solo, "This Is A Man's World" - Top 30

Judges are changing it up and call Jessica Meuse and Jesse Roach up together.
Jessica Meuse - recap of the crazy stage mom issue from groups - solo, original song "I'm Done" - accompanying herself on guitar - dark, but good
Jesse Roach - solo, "Wide Open Spaces" - sounds good, but misses some lyrics
Judges want an on-the-spot sing-off between the two.
Jessica - "Simple Man"
Jesse - "Do Ya'"
Jessica, Top 30 
Jesse, Home to Texas

Dexter Roberts - solo, something pure country - accompanying himself on guitar - he sounds really good, I just wish I knew what the song is - Top 30

Emanuel Zidor - recap of terrible group round - solo, "I'm Going Down" - this guy is a crying mess again when he meets up with judges - Top 30

MK Nobilette - recap of how different she is - solo, "A-Team" by Ed Sheeran - judges are very impressed - she discusses with the judges that she is obviously gay and might not fit the typical Idol mold - Top 30

Kristine O'Connor - solo, "Unconditionally" by Katy Perry - she sounds ok -
Twitter vote time - #IdolTop30  or #IdolHome
Top30 it is

Jordan Brisbane - recap reminds us that at the audition he said he wants to shut Idol down - solo, "Halo" by Beyonce - he has a big voice for a kid, but he looks so young - It's his 16th birthday and the judges give him a present - Top 30

Casey McQuillen - solo, "Glitter In The Air" - Home
Nica Nashae - solo, "I'd Rather Be Blind" - Home

Judges call two up again.
Leah Guerrero - solo, "I'd Rather Be Blind" - not feeling it
Andrina Brogden - solo, "Burn" by Ellie Goulding - easy
Andrina - Top 30
Leah - Home

Ryan tells us that at 5:25 pm on Final Judgement Day 26 contestants remain for only 16 spots.

Marcus Allen - solo, "I'm Going Down" - Harry says he doesn't really stand out, but Jennifer says she remembers him each time - Top 30

Alex Preston - recap of his unconventional song choices - solo, original song - accompanying himself on guitar - different once again - we see a clip of Alex from home playing guitar, banjo, violin, steel
guitar, and drums - Keith discusses with him how different he is - Top 30

Judges all up two of my favorites together, CJ Harris and Casey Thrasher.
CJ Harris - solo, "Bring It On Home To Me" by Sam Cooke
Casey Thrasher - solo,  "Amazed" by Lonestar (One of my favorite songs)
Idol reminds us of how alike these two guys are (besides the obvious difference, one is white and one is black) These guys live about 40 miles apart in Alabama, they auditioned at the same Idol Tour Bus stop and saw the judges in Salt Lake City, both are dads, and both sing country but can do other stuff too.
For the sing-off CJ sings "Whipping Post"  and Casey sings "Don't Ya'"
The judges have a quick discussion and ......

They leave us hanging until the next show.

So far we have 8 guys and 8 girls for the Top 30.

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