Friday, February 7, 2014

American Idol 13: Hollywood Group Round, The Hits and The Misses

After all of the drama involved in forming groups and rehearsing, it's time for the groups to perform.

David Oliver Willis, Sarina Joi Crow, and Tony Foster, Jr- Group name: Three Mo' Days
"Too Close" by Alex Clare
All three of these contestants are returning for another season. Hopefully they know what to do to make it through the group craziness.
They sound good, but Tony is looking down at the ground most of the time. No eye contact with the judges. Harry calls Tony out on the eye contact issue and he is cut.

Casey Thrasher, Ben Briley, and Dexter Roberts  - Group name: Backstreet Cowboys
"I Want It That Way" by Backstreet Boys
These guys are smart and really good. The performance is fun and really cohesive. The judges love them.
All three move on in the competition.

Neco Starr, George Lovett, Sandra Lee and ?
"Treasure" by Bruno Mars
Neco and George are STAYING . Not sure on the other two.

Paula Hunt, Andrina Brogden, ?, and ?
"Done" by The Band Perry
Paula and Andrina are STAYING.

Also STAYING are Brandy Neelly, Emily Piriz, Kenzie Hall, MK Nobilette, and Briana Oakley.

Spencer Lloyd, Megan Miller and Alyssa Siebken
"Best I Ever Had" by Gavin DeGraw
Idol tells us that Spencer already knew the song and didn't want to practice very much with the girls.
Megan forgets the lyrics, Alyssa looks lost the whole time. Spencer muddles through the song and the group gets a lecture from the judges on covering for each other. Alyssa is cut and she is mad.

Also cut from the competition: Madison Walker, Keith London, Austin Percario, Stephanie Petronelli, and Adam Roth.

Tiquila Wilson decides to drop out of the competition saying that Idol just isn't the right platform for her Gospel music aspirations.

Matthew Hamel. Caleb Johnson, CJ Harris and Tyler Ahlgren
"Too Close" by Alex Clare
Matthew had a lot of drama finding a group. He is a young kid and isn't handling the stress well. Caleb found him crying and brought him into this group.
Tyler starts the group off by singing that he can't remember the lyrics. Not good. Matthew is next. He knows the lyrics but is boring. Caleb obviously chose the song because he is rocking it. CJ looks so uncomfortable with the song but still sounds ok. Caleb and CJ advance. Tyler and Matthew are cut and Matthew is carrying on like the kid he is, cussing and dissing the judges.

Time for the Twitter Hollywood or Home vote.
Collision- Trio with Austin Alvarez from Austin in it.
The audience agrees with the judges and they are advancing.

Munfarid Zaidi, Jena Ascuitto, Allie Odom, Sikenya Thompson - Clarity
"Too close" by Alex Clare
There has been plenty of drama for this group. Sikenya is sick and hasn't practiced much. they manage to pull it together somewhat and only Allie is cut.

Savion Wright, John Fox, Madelyn Patterson, and Ryan Clark - (the Austin's auditions friends)
"Royals" by Lorde
Not bad but we only hear from Savion and John.  Harry tells John that he looks very uncomfortable singing that and I doesn't see how he can be comfortable with the song choices as the show goes on. John is cut from the competition.  Savion is crushed by the decision. John had become his best friend there. (I don't agree with the judges call here. I think John should have been allowed to continue. We've heard others much less qualified advance.)

Jessica Meuse, Nica Nashae, Stephanie Hanvey, Cara Watson
"Single Ladies" by Beyonce
Jessica had a lot of group drama with Matthew Hamel and with Stephanie's stage mom. She admits she is still struggling with the lyrics to this song.
The group doesn't sound that great together. Nica is strong and Cara is ok. Jessica is struggling but also strong at times. Stephanie looks so out of place with these girls. Stage mom is spazzing but she and Stephanie are cut.

Carmen Delgina, Terrica Curry and Emmanuel Zidor  - Love's Angels  (NOT)
"Say My Name" by Destiny's Child
MK Nobilette was originally a part of the group and walked out. Terrica didn't want to practice and just went back to her room, so Emmanuel and Carmen were left to practice alone. Terrica finally decided to sing right before the performance.
Terrica has no emotions when singing. Carmen looks so bored with the whole thing.
Harry is disappointed with their song choice and tells them only one person has any part of the "Package" they are looking for and that is Emmanuel. The girls are both cut.

Mayala Watson, Queen Bulls, Christina Collins, and Olivia Diamond - Loud and Fierce
"I Want You Back" by Jackson 5
They have overcome the drama of rehearsals and are not too bad.
All 4 advance.

Ryan tells us that the 77 remaining contestants will be singing solos next week.

I'll try to find a list of the remaining contestants. I know there are several contestants who received a lot of promotion in auditions who we have not seen again. Idol must be saving some of them for solo time.

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