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American Idol 13: Hollywood or Home (Plus More)

Hollywood Week started out a little differently this season with eliminations happening at an airplane hanger before the contestants even made it to there hotels. Hollywood or Home? The judges called contestants out of the crowd one at a time to perform an impromptu solo. We see performances from:

Johnny Newcomb  - 17-  Maryville, TN  With his guitar, Johnny performs "Pumped Up Kicks"  Not stellar but ok.
Connor Zwetsch - 20 -Tampa, FL  With her guitar. I'm not sure of the song. Keith likes her artistry.
Ali Jane Henderson - 16 - Gaffney, SC  With her guitar, "Toxic"  I'm not blown away.
Caitlin Johnson - 16 - North Plains, OR  She is terribly nervous. Harry wonders what they saw in her.

Then a montage of unnamed contestants who all sound terrible today.

Adam Roth - 28 - sound healer from San Francisco   He's playing the keyboard today. Not a great key player but he has a nice voice. Harry is mad about the keys but Jennifer defends Adam's voice and says she can't play either.
Tristen Langley - 15 - Kennedale, TX  son of season 1 third place finisher Nikki McKibbon.
Playing his guitar. He really isn't ready for this competition. Mom rushed him in too soon.
Morgan Deplitch - 15 - Somerset, MA  She plays keys. Has a few pitch problems. Jennifer still like her.
Stephanie Petronelli  - 23 - Cheerleader - West Waterbridge, MA    She really struggles.
Rich Lafleur - 20 - Clarksville, MD  Struggling with pitch. An instrument would have helped him.
Eric Wood  - 28 - Oil field worker -Higgins, AR  With his guitar. Good job. Nice Southern rock/ country sound.
Alyssa Siebken - 20 - Fremont, NE     She's ok.
Neco Starr - 22 - Atlanta, GA   He is much improved over last season and the audition. Jennifer seems quite impressed.
Khristian d'avis - 23 - Chicago, IL  I don't like her style. Her very pronounced vibrato is distracting.

Jennifer dismisses the 160 who did not sing and the judges divide the remaining 52 contestants between two buses; one going to the airport and one the the hotel.
We aren't told all of the names but here are a few.
Bus #1 going Home:
Caleb Heartsfield
Rich Lafluer
Johnny Newcomb
Khristian D'avis
Caitlin Johnson
Tristen Langley

Bus #2 going to Hotel:
Connor Zwetsch
Eric Wood
Neco Starr
Morgan Deplitch
MK Nobelette
Alyssa Siebken
Adam Roth

The next day we have the solo line performances at the Dolby Theater.
Majesty York - 21 - Goldsboro, NC   She has her guitar and wows the judges. She is very sweet and has a nice voice.
Samantha Calmes - Hammond, LA   She spends too much time on her guitar. Voice is shaky.
John Fox - worship leader - Magnolia, TX  Nice powerful voice
Brandy Neelly - 18 - Louisville, KY   She has improved since last season.
Samantha head home. Majesty, John, and Brandy advance

Spencer Lloyd - worship leader - Bryant, AR  He is on keys with "Say Something" and he is AWESOME.
Keith says he looks like he knows who he is.  I think this kid has a good chance of winning.
Jennifer says "Spence Lloyd, you are here to stay.

Austin Wolfe - 17 - Park City, UT
"I'm the next American Idol because, more than anything, I want to perform in front of people who want to see me."  Austin is a confident young lady who works with David Archuleta's friend, singer/songwriter, Richard Parkinson. She performs Adele's "Take It All" and is she is really good.  I like her voice.
Bria Anai - 16 - Lithonia, GA  Not bad
Selena Moreno - twin - 22 - Sacramento, CA   Big mess up, misses big notes. Not her day.
Austin and Bria advance. Selena is headed home.

Lauren Ogburn is also headed home.

Sam Woolf - 17 - Bradenton, FL  (Grandpa is his manager)  With his guitar, Sam sings a nice version of Waiting On The World To Change.
Keri Lynn Roche - 24 - Detriot, MI   With guitar. OK
Ayla Stackhouse - 17 - Detroit, MI   Kind of shaky vocal.
CJ Harris - 22 - Jasper, AL   With guitar, "Trouble". Nice job.
CJ, Sam and Keri advance. Ayla headed home.

Alex Preston - 20 - Mont Vernon, NH  Alex is worried that he might have too different a style than what the judges are looking for.  (I don't know if they have a style this season. I think they just want to be blown away.)  Alex is very talented on his guitar. Keith really likes him.
Sydney Aterbridge - 15 -   She sounds a little nervous.
Jesse Roach - Austin audition - Sounds good from the small clip.
Brian Watt - Football player turned singer    He is struggling today.
Alex and Jesse advance. Sydney and Brian head home.

Twitter vote: Hollywood or Home
Madilyn Patterson - Hollywood

Kenzie Hall - 17 - Draper, UT  With her guitar, this girl is insanely good.
Quaid Edwards - 21- Papillion, NE  this is the guy whose mom sang and toured with Keith.  Not so great today. He needs a few lessons and to come back.
Kenzie advances, Quaid heads home.

Ben Briley - 24 - Gallatin, TN   With his guitar
Briston Maroney - 15 - Knoxville, TN   With his guitar, performs "Royals"
Dexter Roberts - 22 - Fayette, AR With his guitar, performs "Dead Man Walking"
Rachel Rolleri - 17 - Danville, CA  With her guitar
Maurice Townsend - 26 - Grand Rapids, MI
Casey Thrasher - 22 - Tuscaloosa, AL  With guitar, performs "He Stopped Loving Her Today"  Amazing!
George Lovett - 24 - Baltimore, MD  
Tiquila Wilson - 24 - Winston-Salem, NC
Emily Piriz - 17 - Orlando, FL
Malcolm Allen - 21 - Wrightsville, AR
All are advancing.

Munfarid Zaidi - 19 -Sugar Land, TX (this is the guy Harry held like a baby in the Austin Auditions)
Very different rendition of "Proud Mary"
Ethan Thompson - 23 - Whitefish, MT  With his guitar
Austin Percario - 18 - Warren , NJ (this is the guy who happily announced stage mom would not be in Hollywood)
All three advance.

Caleb Johnson - 22 - Ashville, NC   The rocker back from last season
Stephanie Hanvey - 16 - Howell, NJ  Sings "Girl on Fire"
Kristen O'Connor - 24 - Sebastian, FL  With her guitar
All three advance.

Emannuel Zidor - 24 - Miami, FL - works as airport ramp agent in Atlanta. Wants to be the next American Idol because he isn't good at the job he has now.
His voice is not my cup-of-tea, but everyone else seems to really like him.
Emmanuel advances.

Time for some Idol Knowledge Quiz of Twitter
What Hollywood Week song performed by Carrie Underwood shares the same name with a movie featuring Harry Connick Jr?  Independence Day of Memphis Belle?
Independence Day

Briana Oakley  - 17 - Antioch, CA
Jesse Cline - 19 - Ashland, KY  with guitar
Both advance.

Ryan tells us all good things must come to an end and we see a montage of unnamed contestants headed home.
Keith London - 21 - Hazelton, PA  With guitar.  He wants to stand out from he crowd so he decides to sing "If I Were A Boy" and the judges are totally distracted by this choice and his out of tune guitar. Harry asks him to sing something else with out the guitar and he is saves himself.
Keith advances.

Malaya Watson  -16 - South field, MI   Plays keys.
Jena Ascuitto - 17 - Farmingtom Hills, MI  Plays keys.
Savion Wright - 21 - Jasper, TX  (I really liked this guy in the Austin auditions)
He plays keys and dedicates the performance to his brother who passed away 2 1/2 wks before.  Very moving performance of an original song.
Malaya, Jena, and Savion are all advancing.

So 160 are cut to 104 during the line solo performances.

Next up - The Groups
Jennifer tells the contestants they will be looking for choreography, harmony and uniqueness.
They will be given a list of songs to choose from and are to put themselves into groups of 3 or 4 only.

Ben Briley, Casey Thrasher, and Dexter Roberts quickly form a group.
So do Savion Wright, Ryan Clark, John Fox, and Madilyn Patterson who all met when they auditioned in Austin. They are the first group to visit the vocal coaches.

Many contestants experience lots of drama finding a group and personalities soon clash, as usual.
When morning arrives, some are eager to get ready, others are asleep or missing, as usual.
Michael Orland (Idol musical director) looks worried as he rehearses with the contestants.

Next up - The Group Performances, where half of the contestants will be cut.

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