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American Idol 13: Rush Week - Top 15 Girls

Last week, we left neck Starr and Ben Briley in limbo, waiting to see which guy America wants in the top 15 guys. We will find out later in the show the results.

We have another new feature for this season, Rush Week, where each contestant gets help from Randy Jackson and others.

Ryan tells us that the Top 15 girls have prepared a song for us, but only 10 will be chosen to sing for America. Five will be going home without performing. (That doesn't seem right to me. I hope TPTB know what they're doing.)

Ryan introduces Randy as "Our Dawg-father."
Randy says his workshop is intended to give the contestants the best advantage they've ever had. The contestants will have help from: vocal coaches, Rickey Minor (recently departed from the Tonight Show) is back as the musical director, Stylists for clothing, hair and make-up, Movement coaches, and even a couple who are "non-denominational Spiritual Advisors." Helping mentor are former Idol standouts - Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert.

All of the girls are sitting back in a separate room and will be called to the stage to sing. They have to hurry down a hallway filled with audience members cheering for them.  (Is this a football game, or Idol?)

1st - Jennifer calls - "Majesty Rose" York
Randy interview - She grew up in church but "gospel" wasn't her thing so she "broke free at 19."
The hair stylist wants to see how big her hair can get.
"Happy" by Pharrell
Adam Lambert tells her she rushing the song but it is a good choice to sing.
Performance - Weak beginning and hard to understand in parts.
The judges loved her song choice and the performance gets a lot of praise from Jennifer.

2nd - Harry calls - Kristen O'Connor
Randy interview - "Turning Tables" by Adele - Randy reminds her she needs to emote from within and not just sing.
Daughtry gives her help with lyrics and movement.
Performance - She looks so awkward singing on the stage. She is not emoting as Randy said.
Harry says nice job.
Keith says she showed lots of nerves the first half of the song.
Jennifer notes the timing with the band was off at the beginning.

3rd - Keith calls - Briana Oakley
Randy interview - He remembers her from past season. She thinks her need for perfection gets in her way. Randy says she can definitely lighten up.
"Warrior" by Demi Lovato
Coaches tell her she needs to come out of her shell and convey the song through facial expressions as well as lyrics.
Performance -  She has a good voice, but I don't like the song performance. Definitely not following the coaches suggestions.
Keith says she didn't settle into the song until the very last quarter of it.
Jennifer says she looked scared and he performance didn't match her voice.
Harry compares the "High notes" to the triple axel in skating and says the notes are just another tool and are not needed to get the applause of the audience.

4th - Jennifer calls - "Jena Irene" Ascuitto
Randy interview - She says she needs help working with the camera.
Daughtry says she needs to work on eye contact with the audience and confidence.
"Paint It Black" by The Rolling Stones
Performance - She seems very flat to me. She needs to correct the weird mouth positions - very distracting.
Jennifer thought it was a sultry performance.
Harry questioned if she knew what the song is about, and she didn't.
Keith likes her poise.

5th - Harry calls - "Bria Anai" Johnson
Randy interview - The lipstick thing sets her apart from others. Part of her style
Adam works on the arm flailing during performance.
"Wrong Side Of A Love Song"
I think she missed the beginning lyrics. I know she is screaming at me.
Harry says it felt very shouted and the audience "boo's" him. Welcome to Idol Harry.
Keith says she "overshot the runway."
Jennifer says she has star written all over her.

6th - Keith calls - Marrialle Sellars
Randy interview - He compares her hair to his old style back in the day. "You like to stand out."
"Roar" by Katy Perry
Adam - She starts to play on her guitar and Adam tells her to slow down and stick with what she knows.
Performance - This is the wrong song for her. Intonation is off on low notes for sure and at other times too. Performance is way off. She fell out of her heels too.
Keith says it was not the right song for her to shine on. Karaoke
Jennifer says this was not the song to showcase who she is.
Harry says to watch her intonation and he didn't like the production of the song.

Ryan tells us that Wednesday the guys perform and Thursday we will learn the Top 10 voted by America and the judges will pick 3 wild cards.

7th - Jennifer calls - Jessica Meuse
Randy interview - He questions her song choice
"Drink A Beer" by Luke Bryan
Daughtry tries to convince her to lose the guitar. He says the voice is much better than the guitar playing.
Performance - She didn't listen to Chris. This is a dumb song choice, and I like country music and Jessica.
Jennifer says she loves Jessica but she was nervous.
Harry tells her to watch her intonation and he couldn't feel the song.
Keith says he loves that song but her facial expressions didn't match the lyrics.

8th - Harry calls - Emily Piriz
Randy interview -  "Paris, Oh La La" by Grace Potter
Randy tells her the judges don't like this song for the younger contestants and advises her against singing it.
Adam tells her to start the song more aggressive and then back off on the LaLa part to make it different.
Emily says she will be practicing in the mirror for hours "to bring out her rock star."
Performance - Both Harry and Keith look very uncomfortable when she is singing. Jennifer is rocking along.
Harry questions how old she is. She just turned 18. He still questions if these lyrics are the image she wants to portray.
Keith says there should not be any reason to practice in the mirror to bring out her rock star.

9th - Keith calls - MK Nobilette
Randy interview -  Asks where she is from. San Francisco, where you can be whoever you are.
"All Of Me" by John Legend
Performance - Her performance is good, but when she stands up, her pants are being pulled down by the mic pack and looks yucky.
Keith says it was the perfect song and her performance was beautiful.
Jennifer says no bells and whistles were necessary for this performance.
Harry says she is an elegant and articulate singer. She belongs on Idol.

Finally the outcome of last weal's vote between Neco Starr and Ben Briley.
Ben is in the Top 15 guys.

10th - Jennifer calls - Malaya Watson
Randy interview - You love being a little different.
"Hard Times" by Ray Charles
Daughtry tells Malaya here voice is stupid, and she hopes that is good.
Performance - She is very passionate and hyped up.
Jennifer says she is one of the powerhouse singers.
Harry says this was "to the wall" energy, but that is understandable under the circumstances.
Keith says Malaya makes glasses and braces "cool." She has confidence.

So there we have it. The Top 10 girls for America to vote for. I'm really sad to say two of my favorites, Austin Wolfe and Kensie Hall weren't included in the mix.  Andrina Brogden, Jillian Jenson, and Brandy Neelly were also cut. I don't think I like this new style of choosing the Top 13.

Another new thing this year is the voting and voting limits.
There are now 4 ways to vote:
Text - which is now available to any carrier
Idol's web site
Idol app
All are limited to 50 votes per contestant per devise.

Well, the girls were a total disappointment to me. I hope the guys are better.

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