Thursday, February 27, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 13 Results

Opening group number: "Counting Stars" and" Radioactive."

Recap of last night after Idol:
All the girls are hassling Sam about the girls in the audience crying and screaming about him.
The group all went out to dinner together.
Jessica was excited that Zach Myers from Shinedown tweeted her.
Majesty was excited that Janelle Monae tweeted her.
The kids are all "Friends Forever."

Results: Malaya, Jena, Ben and Alex called to the stage.   Malaya in the bottom three.

Keith Urban - 5 things in 20 seconds:
1- Named after a famous New Zealand horse race caller, Keith Hobbs.
2- Favorite Beatle, Brian Epstein
3- Favorite Harry Connick song, "Jenny From The Block"
Out of time.  Keith is very funny,

Performance from reigning Idol, Candice Glover.
Medley of "Cried" and "Same Kinda Man"

Harry - 5 things in 20 seconds:
1- Always wanted to be a football player
2- Loves to fish, especially for tuna
3- Used to box. Won one amateur fight, but then retired because he wanted to have a winning record
4- Has never seen Keith Urban naked.
5- Would like to Keith naked

MK, Sam, Majesty, and Dexter called to stage.   MK in the bottom three.

Keith: Introducing Jake Bugg. "Me and You" (Hey, I'm ahead of the game. I heard about Jake Bugg last year when he appeared at the Austin City Limits Music Fest.)

Jennifer - 5 things:
1- her  kids are her life
2- eats a chocolate chip cookie almost every day
3- loves giving people make-overs
4- workaholic

Ryan - 5 things: live
1- first pet was a goldfish named Sheila
2- loves to eat at the food court at the mall
3- played recorder in school
4- Never seen Keith naked either
Out of time

CJ, Kristen, Caleb, Jessica, and Emily called to the stage.  Kristen in the bottom three.

Bottom three: Kristen, MK, and Malaya. Kristen in jeopardy of going home.
Kristen sings "Turning Tables" for the judges save. Idol plays a montage of pics of Facebook supporters in the background.
Not anonymous.
Kristen O'Connor is headed home. ( Just as I predicted.)

Next week's theme: HOME

And I hear rumor Phillip Phillips will be there to sing his new single. P2 for the win.

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