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American Idol 13: Top 11 Perform

This week's theme: Songs From The Cinema

The stylists must have gotten a hold of the kids this week because they are all looking pretty classy tonight.

Harry says the new catch phrase that he came up with for this week is "in it to win it." Of course wee all know that's what Randy use to say all the time.

Before each contestant performs, we will be shown their "audition tape." This is a collection of clips of the other contestants making fun of something that person says or does. It's dumb and I won't be commenting on it.

Sam - "Come Together" - Across The Universe - The Beatles
Sam starts out seated on a stack of crates. He sounds good. He gets a little shaky as he walks around on stage. He needs a little more edge to his performance.
Keith - Great to hear that side of you. You're getting looser.
Jennifer - You're a baby rock star, but you're getting looser.
Harry - You're on the way to where you need to be. You need more vibe. Pretty good performance.

Jessica - with her guitar - "Sound of Silence" - The Graduate - Simon and Garfunkel
Jessica looks beautiful. Might have hair extensions.
This is a great song choice for her voice. Very haunting again. Band messed up their part but Jessica held her part. Good job.
Jennifer - The perfect song for you, but you never got your groove on. The band was off or something.
Harry - The band was off, but you kept your focus. Nice job.
Keith - I love the way you look tonight. Work on your dynamics with the mic here on our stage. It's different than the clubs you are used to singing in.

CJ - with his guitar - "Can't You See" - Blow - Marshall Tucker Band
Playing a new guitar tonight. He saved up for it.
Wow. This is a great song for CJ. I love it.
Standing 'O' from Jennifer and Keith.
Harry - You just picked and sang your way back to the forefront of this competition. That was very, very strong.
Keith - That was killer man! You completely nailed it.
Jennifer - I was celebrating the whole time. You're a front runner baby.

Dexter - with his guitar -  "Sweet Home Alabama" - Forest Gump and Sweet Home Alabama
New hair cut and no ball cap tonight. Nice look.
This song is perfect for him. I like how he added in "Roll Tide, Roll" in the song.
Keith - Loving the hair cut. You're starting to feel the groove and more more. Now you just need to make it more your own.
Jennifer - It looks like you are starting to believe you can win. Good performance.
Harry - I think you are really smart picking songs everyone knows, but I think you need to bring something new to it. It was solid.

Ben - seated at the piano - "Benny and The Jets" - 27 Dresses - Elton John
He has a different look tonight too. No ball cap and very dressed up.
He is too reserved on this song. Needs more "pow" to it. Left the piano and now he looks very awkward bopping around the stage. His runs sound weird.
Jennifer - I'm so confused. Last week you were so country and now Elton John.
Harry - That seemed kind of lackadaisical to me. Elton pounds the piano.
Keith - I'm confused too. I know we said to show diversity, but you didn't seem authentic as an artist.

At the halfway point - real-time voting divided by male and female voters:
Males in order from 1 to 5: CJ, Jessica, Dexter, Sam, Ben
Females: CJ, Dexter, Jessica, Sam, Ben

Majesty - "Let It Go" - Frozen
I am so tired of this song already.
It's hard to hear her at the beginning. No support in the lower or higher notes. Very mediocre performance.
Harry - To me, you are a mystery. Janelle Monae, Coldplay, Disney. You are spreading yourself stylistically thin. Tonight was a strong performance.
Keith - That's a big song to sing. Most of it was good.
Jennifer - You can do anything, be anything you want to be.

Caleb - "Sky Fall" - Sky Fall - Adele
Odd song choice for a rocker. Kind of tame for Caleb. Finally some power kicks in. Ok, I guess.
Keith - That was not predictable at all. Amazing choice of that song.
Jennifer - Perfect song choice. It was great.
Harry - That was fantastic and you will be hard to beat.

MK - "To Make You Feel My Love" - Hope Floats
Wow. No hat tonight.
I just don't get her. She looks so distant when she sings. Now she walks up right in front of the judges to sing. It looks like she is singing to Jennifer. Not a great performance.
Jennifer - I really loved that. I felt you trying to connect.
Harry - When you sing and focus, you own it. Make sure you nail the runs. I thought it was nice.
Keith - You look like a star. I saw little glimpses of who you can be when you connect.

Alex - with guitar - "Falling Slowly" - Once 
Very nice subtle performance. Just right for the song.
Harry - I'm so glad, on a platform as hugely visible as American Idol, there's still room for a young guy with a guitar, to just sing a pretty song with nice lyrics and a nice melody without a bunch of fireworks. I'm really proud of you.
Keith - Your performance always holds my attention. I love your artistry.
Jennifer - The perfect song for you and you sang it perfectly. Beautiful.

Jena - seated at the piano - "Decode" - Twilight - Paramore
I like the softer parts, but she sounds like she's screaming at me in the power parts.
Keith - I love when you play the piano. There's a ferocity about the way you perform. It's like hurdling along a cliff in a car and not knowing if you will stay on. It's exhilarating.
Jennifer - I don't know what you were doing in the bottom three last week.
Harry - It was different. It was you. Very good.

Malaya - "I Am Changing" - Dreamgirls - Jennifer Hudson
Power house or yelling at me, a fine line. Yelling tonight.
Jennifer - The perfect song for you. A perfect performance. That was killer. You have an amazing voice.
Harry - You just showed everyone there is a big belter this season.
Keith - You've got a really good understanding of the songs that play to your strengths.

Real-time voting for second half.
Males - Caleb, Jena, Alex, Majesty, MK, Malaya
Females - Caleb, MK, Jena, Alex, Majesty, Malaya

My top picks: Alex, CJ, Jessica, Dexter, Sam
Bottom three: MK, Malaya, Ben

Harry performs tomorrow on the results show.

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