Thursday, March 13, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 11 Results

Tonight we find out who will be on the Idol Summer tour, unless the judges use the save, which might be happening since Ryan teased us with the "outcome my surprise a lot of people.

Ryan tells us there were over 72 million votes cast bringing the overall total since season 1 to over 6 billion.

First group called to the stage for results: CJ, Caleb, and Dexter.
All safe.

Ryan tells us that Harry's performance tonight will be dedicated to Munfarid from the Austin audition. This is the guy who Harry cradled in his arms like a baby.
Harry sings a medley of is new single, "One Fine Thing" and "Come By Me."   What an awesome Jazz performance.
And Ryan has a surprise for Harry. Munfarid is in the house and gets to sing in Harry's arms again. At least this guy can sing. He's on spring break from University of Texas.

Second group called for results: MK,Ben, Majesty, Malaya
Malaya and MK: safe
Ben, Majesty: Bottom 3

Jennifer introduces a new artist:
Mali Music - a hip hop/ rap artist with a sound of his own.
"Beautiful" is actually a really enjoyable performance with a string section and the artist himself playing piano.

We see a real quick sneak preview of Jennifer's new video which we will see next week on idol.

Last results: Sam, Jessica, Jena, Alex
Bottom 3: Sam

Bottom 3: Sam, Ben, Majesty

Singing for the save: Ben
He has a decent performance of "Stars" but Keith says NO SAVE.
Let's call it "death by Elton." Many have fallen to this terrible malady. Biting off more than they can chew.

Next week's theme:  Billboard Top 10 charts

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