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American Idol 13: Top 12 Performances

Theme for this week: Home. The one song that best represents "Home" for each contestant.

Jena - "Suddenly I See" KT Tunstall - This song reminds her of when she was younger.
Mom and two aunts in the audience tonight.
We're losing her on the softer and lower parts. Instruments drowning her out. Not so great.
Keith - I like your stage presence but I wasn't too mad about that particular song for you .
Jennifer - No matter what you sing, your unique voice makes it your own. That wasn't a WOW song.
Harry - That performance needed more energy to match your age.

Alex - "I Don't Wanna Be" Gavin DeGraw - Gavin is from Boston.
Brother and sister in audience.
Playing electric guitar. He sounds pretty good. He still looks so awkward on the stage, but he is getting better.
Jennifer - I love the suit. That was not your best vocal. I didn't like the arrangement. It overtook the vocals.
Harry - You're really good at standing there singing an intimate song. I didn't like this as much with the arrangement, but I admire you for trying something different.
Keith - During the performance I was thinking "Instability." The song was around you, not part of you.

Jessica - "White Flag" Dido - She sings this at every performance.
Two friends in the audience tonight.
Playing guitar. I kind of like it. It's not dark like the last performance.
Harry - It seemed blase. You were sharp the whole time.
Keith - I don't agree with the pitch thing. If you are passionate in singing, pitch isn't as important.
Jennifer - You still don't look comfortable up there. The performance was sharp.

Dexter - "Lucky Man" Montgomery Gentry - Song reminds him of home.
Friends in the audience tonight.
Playing guitar. Not enough support on some of the low notes. I like the simple arrangement with just the steel guitar another acoustic and on backup singer.
Keith - That was the perfect song. I like that you took liberties with the song and also that you showed your vulnerable side.
Jennifer - You made that your own tonight.
Harry - That was a great performance. Best of the night.

Emily - Ryan has a viewer question for her. "Do you have a boy friend?"   Yes she does. He is in the Marines.  Oh, what a coincidence. Ryan has a video message for her from her boy friend.
"Let's Get Loud" Jennifer Lopez- She is from Florida and is Cuban so the song fits her Latin roots.
Her parents are in the audience.
Wow, for a Latin song, this is very lackluster. No power in her vocals at all. The music is winning.
Jennifer - It's had to watch someone do your song. Really good job.
Harry - Let's be honest. That song is like a big locomotive going down the track and you need to take charge or hold on for the ride. The production was too big for you.
Keith - I loved it. You just need to be more comfortable.

Caleb - "Working Man" Rush - This is his favorite band.
His dad, his best friend, and a family friend are in the audience.
It's ok, but its lacking something. He got better at the end.
Harry - You are the most consistent on the show but there is a difference between consistent and predictable. Don't be predictable.
Keith - You're seriously one of the best singers I've heard in a long time. You need to figure out how to make the rock thing work with the band set up around you instead of you being part of the band.
Jennifer - I love you. Great job tonight.

Ryan gives us the real-time super-voting results for the first 6:
2- Jessica
3- Caleb
4- Jena
5- Alex
6- Emily

MK - "Drops of Jupiter" Train - Train is also from San Francisco.
Aunt and Uncle in audience tonight.
Playing acoustic guitar. YUCK. Don't like the clothes she's wearing. Her pitch is off
Keith - I love the song, but you need to connect how you look with how you sing.
Jennifer - That was a nice song, but not a breakout performance.
Harry - I still get the feeling you really don't want to be here. Work on what makes you uncomfortable.

CJ - "Waiting On The World To Change" John Mayer - Wants the whole world to get along, no matter skin color.
Girl friend and Mom in audience.
Playing guitar.  Good job. He seemed to mean what he sang. It had feeling.
Jennifer - You look great tonight. I loved that performance.
Harry - You are an example of a person singing consistently sharp, but I felt something. It was alright.
Keith - Now you just need to learn how to make the song your own.

Sam - "Just One" Blind Pilot - Song reminds him of growing up as a kid in Michigan before he move to Florida to live with his grandparents.
His Cousin and Uncle are in the audience.
Playing guitar. Wearing a dumb hat while sitting in the edge of the stage singing to the girls.
Harry - I really like the lyrics to this song. It was a pleasant performance but you need emotional dynamics in your performances.
Keith - "The tone of your voice is like buttah."
Jennifer - You have to push outside of your comfort zone.

Malaya - "Take Me To The King" Tamela Mann - Gospel song - First song she learned to play.
Dad and cousin in audience.
Playing piano - The stylists straightened her hair. Nice beginning to the performance seated at the piano. Went sharp when she got up and went more powerhouse with the performance.
Keith - Beautiful. What a beautiful choice. Great job.
Jennifer - I was right there with you the whole time.
Harry - This felt very focused. You had a lot of guts to go with the gospel instead of pop.

Ben - "Turning Home" David Nail - He's homesick and the song reminds him of home.
"I'm a simple guy and I grew up in a simple town."
Family didn't get the memo so he doesn't have anyone in the audience tonight.
Wow, I hate to say it but I don't like his voice on this song. It just isn't right. And I think the timing is off with the band.
Jennifer - You were off sync with the piano at the beginning.
Harry - I did not connect and it felt shouted to me. Ok, but not great.
Keith - You have an incredible voice but I lost the story in all of the technicalities of the song.

Majesty - "Fix You" Coldplay - Grew up listening to this as teen.
Best friend in audience.
Playing guitar. I like the simple beginning. Lost me when she went sharp at power house part. Should have stayed simple.
Harry - You look like you belong on the stage. I liked the beginning, but I wish you would have stayed in that quiet zone.
Jennifer -  You should have stayed in the quiet beginning zone.
Keith - I agree with them.

Ryan gives us the Real-time super-vote so far for the second 6 performances.
1- CJ
2- Sam
3- Ben
4- MK
5- Malaya
6- Majesty

Viewing these results is dumb. Most people don't vote until after the performances are all over. These don't mean anything when compared. Of course CJ has more votes than Majesty. He sang almost an hour before her. This is a waste of time.

My favorites and pick to go home.
Favs: Sam, Jessica, Malaya, Dexter, CJ
Home: Emily or MK

Results show performances by Phillip Phillips and Up and coming band -Kodaline.

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