Thursday, April 24, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 6 Results

We start the show with Ryan still hanging out with Grumpy Cat. Give it a rest Seacrest.

My, my, my!!! Keith is wearing a suit tonight.

Carrie Underwood tweeted Caleb and Jena to congratulate them on their performances of her songs last night.

Dinner after the show was Caleb's birthday dinner cooked by his mom.

This week's Ford video has family members calling in the tell secrets about their contestants.

Results: Caleb, Sam, CJ

Randy says:
Caleb was amazing. He won the night.
Sam had a good, solid night. Should be safe.
CJ's first song was good. The second, not so much. He could be in trouble.

Sam and Caleb are safe.
CJ in the Bottom 2.

Results: Jena, Alex, Jessica

Randy says:
Jena was incredibly strong. She is safe.
Alex continues to show artistry.
Jessica had a solid night.
Alex and Jessica could both be in trouble tonight.

 Jena and Alex are safe.
Jessica is in the Bottom 2.

Jessica and CJ are the Bottom 2.
And CJ is heading home this week.

Sorry CJ. You seem like a really nice guy, but I agree with this result.

Next week, Jason Mraz will be mentoring the contestants.  Now that's interesting.

I'm hearing rumors that next week's theme will be "America's Request."  A couple of weeks ago, Ryan asked fans to tweet in requests for song choices they want the kids to sing. Lists will be made for each contestant and they will pick two songs off of the list  to sing.  I'll let you know if this rumor is true.

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