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American Idol 13: Top 7 Performances

Idol is down to 7 contestants, so I hope these kids know it's time to get serious.

Ryan tells us they have some surprises for us tonight. I wonder if the surprise is that the contestants figured out how to sing. Nah. That's not it.

Fashion statement: Jena is in way too shorts shorts and Alex and Sam look like geeks with their polo shits buttoned up so tight.

Tonight's theme: Competitors Choice - kids pick songs for each other.
Randy asks the kids what they think the others should sing. There are some interesting ideas thrown out. Can't wait to se what the choices are.

Caleb - "Family Tree" - Kings of Leon - chosen by Alex
Alex and Caleb met Kings of Leon at the hotel and were invited the their show.
Definitely the right song choice for Caleb. Rick Minor jamming out on stage too. Very good performance.
Keith - That was a good choice. Great job.
Jennifer - You did it again. Pretty amazing.
Harry - Great song choice. Great way to start the show.
First Kings of Leon performed on the show.

Jessica - "Gunpowder and Lead" - Miranda Lambert - Chosen by Sam
Good vocals, but she needs even more attitude to pull off this song.
Jennifer - I love your voice. This is the first time I've heard you a little bit off.
Harry - There's a lack of rhythmic delivery when you perform. Go back to the hotel and dance to some funk music and watch yourself in the mirror. Feel the music when you move.
Keith - Your voice is the thing I love about you. Tonight you lacked energy on the song. The energy dissipated and my attention faded.

awwwww!!!! Ryan's buddy Demi Lovato is in the house and Ryan brings her out and has her sit in the waiting area with Randy.

Oh boo!!! Duets again. These kids are terrible at duets.
Sam and Alex - "Let Her Go" - Passanger
Both playing guitars. Well, at least their voices don't clash. Blah performance. Too laid back.
Harry - It was saccharine. Sweet, but.
Keith -  I don't like to critique the duets because you're not a duo.
Demi - It had good energy. I would have wanted to hear you guys do more. It was definitely sweet. I would have wanted something more exciting, but you sound great together.

Now Terry Bradshaw (former NFL Quaterback and current Fox Sports analyst) is on the stage with Ryan and the judges.  Terry also sings and plays gutar. He even released a country album ages ago.

CJ - "Gravity" - John Mayer - chosen by Caleb
With guitar. Good choice for CJ. He sounds good. I might even say he is singing in tune. Not clashing with the backup singers. Nice job. Best I've heard from CJ.
CJ's mom is in the audience with his little son. Poor little guy is clueless, but they do have headphones on him to block the noise level.
Keith - That was a good choice and a good performance from you too. Every time I hear your voice in a song like that its a bullseye.
Jennifer - Every week your getting more comfortable up there. Think about being exciting when you perform. One of your best performances to me.
Harry - You have the ability to connect with the audience. Personally, I think that was your best performance to date.

More guests in the house:
Matin Garrix - 17 yr old singer - (He sounds British) - How to deal with fame at an early age. "Keep the right, good people around you and stay humble.
Ronda Rousey - UFC Womens Bantom Weight World Champ
Mother told her, "dispute all the reasons you ever doubt yourself, and al the reasons your competition should intimidate you, nobody has the right to beat you."

Dexter - "Muckalee Creek Water" - Luke Byran - chosen by CJ
With guitar. Good ol' country song for the good ol' country boy. Definitely sounds country, but can't understand the words for anything. Dexter needs to work on his diction if he wants to get national recognition.
Keith - I like that song. Be careful not to oversing the melody when the song has an intensity to it.
Jennifer - I liked this for you. This had a darker quality to it. Al of you need to step up your game ow. Push yourselves vocally, and performing. That was a good job.
Harry - I liked the different breakdown and singing out of synch at the end. I want to hear you sing differently from the original, make it your own.

Duet - Caleb and Jena - "Gimme Shelter" - Rolling Stones
First Ryan asks a viewer question - Who would you like to duet with?
Jena says Haley Williams from Paramore
Caleb says Ryan and they sing part of "Heaven" by Bryan Adams
Good song for the screamers in the group. It was ok, I guess. Not my kind of song.
Jennifer - That was a moment. Great.
Harry - That was cool.
Demi - You Killed it. That was so awesome.  Demi wants to sing with Jena.

Alex - "The A Team" - Ed Sheeran - chosen by Dexter
With guitar, of course. I like his voice and this is a good song choice, but I have a problem. I can't watch Alex perform. His movements and facial expressions are very awkward and distracting to me.
Jennifer - It was the perfect song for you.
Harry - It was a perfect song for you. There is great beauty in smaller performances. My favorite performance so far.
Keith - you have signature things that you do and when you put them in songs, they're so natural, because you respond so natural. Loved it.

Sam - "Sail Away" - David Gray - chosen by Jessica
With guitar. Sounds good, but when he isn't looking into the camera he is looking at the guitar like he isn't sure if he is hitting the right chord. Still not looking at the girls in the audience.
Harry - You are a work in progress, progress being the operative word. You're progressing.  My problem with this performance is familiarity. People know this song, but it's not like Hey There Delilah.
You need song everyone can sing along with.
Keith - I agree with Harry on the progress. The problem is you're 17 and we can't get life experience out of you in weeks. You're doing a good job considering.
Jennifer - When I looked at the monitor I saw you trying to connect. Good job.

Trio time. The three from the 205 - Alabama.
Jessica, CJ, and Dexter 
Randy calls them Idol Antebellum
"Compass" - Lady Antebellum
Never put these three together again Idol. They don't blend well. Solo parts ok. Song was too big for them.
Harry - Even tougher to judge this trio. Out of tune. I'm going to forget it. because there were other positive things you did tonight.
Keith -  I think the singing together wasn't great but I liked what you did singularly and I liked the guys voices together. there was a bit of everything. Like a shish kabob.
Jessica - "Well, we all had a great time and are all blessed to be here."
Demi - Jessica has a beautiful and individually you sound great when you performed individually, but as a group it didn't come together as it should have, because you aren't a band. (This sounds like Demi is auditioning for a judges spot.)

And as we come back from commercial, Terry Bradshaw is playing guitar with the band. Glad we missed most of that.

Jena - "Creep" - Radiohead - chosen by Caleb
At the Piano. Yep. That's "Creep." She stays at the piano for the entire song. Baby grand with  a chandelier hanging above it for "Creep."
Keith - I loved it.
Jennifer - It was so beautiful.You will be here for the long haul.
Harry - You are an incredible talent. Best performance of the night. You did some major damage tonight.

Top 4 for me: Caleb, Jena, CJ, Alex
Bottom 3: Dexter, Sam, and (Unfortunately) Jessica
Dexter might be going home, but this one is hard to call. He has a lot of support in the country votes. Might be another surprise: Sam out.
I really have no clue any more. The voting demographic has drastically shifted this year.

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