Thursday, April 3, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 8 Performances

Tonight's theme: Back to the Start
Songs from each contestant's audition, plus duets.

Jessica - "Blue Eyed Lie" - Original song
I like her song. She sounds good. They have her standing on a cylindrical platform in the center of the stage.
Keith - That was great start to the show. It was great to hear the song with the whole band. You need to work on the lack of movement in your lower body.
Jennifer - When an artist sings their own material, it is great because it tells us more about that person. I loved the performance.
Harry - You standing on the cylinder was cool presentation. I disagree with keith. if your intensity level of singing is there, then you don't have to move. Watch the dead space right before the very end.

CJ - "Soul Shine" - The Allman Brothers Band
CJ has his guitar and starts to sing, but Idol is interrupted in my area with a news bulletin so we miss CJ and the judges comments on his performance.

Duet - Jena and Alex - "Just Give Me A Reason" - Pink featuring Nate Reuss
Alex is just so awkward. They sound pretty good together. Alex loosens up a little by the end.
No judges comments for duets.

Sam - "Lego House" - Ed Sheeran
Sam is center stage with his guitar, but surrounded by lamps.  Very odd. This boy has a good voice but need to learn how to smile. He looks so uncomfortable when he smiles.
Harry - I've decided we shouldn't be saying 'confidence' to you but instead, 'connection.' When you hear all of the girls screaming for you, all you need to do is acknowledge them. It's ok to be shy and sweet, but make a connection with them. Vocally, nice job.
Keith - You're getting better each week. You're getting looser. It doesn't need to be perfect, it needs to be soulful. There's no soul in perfection.
Jennifer - Tonight, America got a glimpse of the magic of Sam Woolf.

Duet - Jessica and Caleb - "Stop Draggin' My Heart Around" - Stevie Nicks and Tom Petty
Decent job. They have fun with each other.

Malaya - "Ain't No Way" - Aretha Franklin
Very soulful, but very old fashioned also.
Keith - Malaya on Fy-yah. You were in such control. Fantastic.
Jennifer - You're blossoming into a star right before our eyes.
Harry - You're doing everything right. That was a very strong performance.

OH NO! The real-time voting is back again.
Voters over 21: jessica, CJ, Sam, Malaya
Voters under 21: Sam, Malaya, CJ, Jessica

Dexter - "One Mississippi" - Brett Eldredge
He is seated on a stool center stage.  Nice job. Soulful country. Dexter turned and thanked the backup singer who sang with him.
Jennifer - Well, you showed us. We asked for more and you delivered.
Harry - It was great to hear you sing. It was the perfect song and you snag it perfectly. I was touched by it. (Harry acknowledged that Dexter thanked Allison for the great job she did accompanying him.
Keith -  Don't get hung up on the sound of your voice.Think about the lyrics and communicate that. You have everything else.

Duet - Malaya and Sam - "Lucky" - Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz
They were better apart than singing together. Their voices didn't mesh for me. Some of the parts seemed too big for Malaya.

Jena - "Rollin' In The Deep" - Adele
Something just seems weird about this performance. I didn't hate it, but something seemed off. Maybe the tempo was too slow.
Harry - I thought you did a great job. It's gonna be tough on the others.
Keith - What I loved so much, you took the song and made it your own. I thought that was bold and I loved every second of it.
Jennifer - My advise to you to come out here each week and blow everyone away. I think you can do that.

Duet - CJ and Dexter - "Alright" - Darius Rucker
Both guys playing guitar. It was ok but I wasn't thrilled over their voices together.

Caleb - "Chain of Fools" - Aretha Franklin
The rock version. Pretty good.
Keith - Killer. You deliver every week. You're a blues warrior, a soul conqueror, and a rock and roll viking.
Jennifer - When I watch you , I feel that you have been waiting all of your life to do this. Well done.
Harry - I would love it if you would do something not-so-loud. All the great rock singers have done something softly. let's try something else next time. Nice job tonight.

Alex - "Fairytales" - Original song
I liked the song at auditions and it's even better with the band.
Jennifer - You've stayed true to yourself.
Harry  I liked that you did an original. I like the arrangement.
Keith - It's a good sign when others are singing along with your original song.

Real-time voting again:
Over 21: Dexter, Jena, Caleb, Alex
Under 21 Jena, Dexter, Alex, Caleb

My Top 3: Jessica, Alex, Dexter
My Bottom 3: Jena, Malaya, CJ (after viewing online)

If anyone except CJ is going home, the judges will use the save.

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