Friday, April 11, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 8 Results, Again

Well, someone will definitely go home this week.

The post performance clip this week has the kids saying Harry was hyper, Sam and Ricky nelson are both odd and confused, and Alex expressing his hurt feelings over JLo's honest criticism of his song arrangement.

The ford commercial has the contestants driving around LA playing "Would You Rather" and then all landing at a theater and playing "When The Saints Go Marching In."  They managed to get Malaya playing the tuba this week. Probably a good thing since she bombed last night.

Dexter, Caleb, Jessica, and CJ

Randy thinks:
Dexter is safe, Jessica is safe, Caleb made Harry happy, and CJ was smart to take the octave up at the end of his song.

Ryan says: Caleb, Jessica, and Dexter are all safe.  CJ is in the Bottom 2.

Sam, Malaya, Alex, and Jena

Randy thinks:
Sam proved himself this week but is 50/50, Malaya missed some big notes and may be in trouble with the votes, Alex's arrangement may have been a little too far from the original, and Jena's performance was good enough to keep her out of the bottom.

Ryan says: Alex, Jena, and Sam are safe. Malaya is in Bottom 2.

CJ and Malaya are the Bottom 2 this week and Malaya is going home.

Looks like I was correct this week. CJ and Malaya were bottom 2. I said three with Alex in the mix, and I think Randy was hinting Alex was close to trouble too.

Next week's theme: Competitors Pick. Each contestant will chose a song for the other 6 and then each contestant will need to chose him/her song from the list of 6 songs.  This might be interesting.

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