Thursday, April 3, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 8 Results

Idol is sticking to the 1/2 hour result show format again this week. It's fast, but I think it worked last week.

Randy says Caleb, Dexter, Jessica, Jena should be safe tonight.

Video recap of the after show dinner has the kids all happy about how well they performed on the show. Everyone is giving Sam advise about connecting with the girls.

Results: Safe - Dexter, Jena.

The kids have a Ford commercial where they are all drying around and talking about driving.

We have a nice performance by Daughtry featuring Idol alum, Chris Daughtry.  "Waiting For Superman" is a good song. I might just buy it on iTunes.

Results: Safe - Caleb, Jessica, and Alex.

Bottom 3: Malaya, Sam, and CJ.

Singing for the save: Sam.  "Babylon"

Jennifer: The judges are unanimous. They use the save on Sam.

Sam is showered with confetti as the guys run on stage and hoist him up. (Really Idol. He is saved for one more week. He did not win the whole shebang. Save the confetti for the finale. Or David Archuleta's return to the Idol stage.)

So we do it all again next week. I knew they would save someone this week or next, because idol had an extra week worked into the schedule. They had to do something.

Next week's theme: Songs From the '80s. That should be interesting. Caleb, Jessica, and Dexter should be fine. Lot's of songs for them to chose from. The others might be a little challenged.

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