Friday, May 16, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 3 Results

So it has all boiled down to his night. One more goes "home" and we are left with the two people battling for this season's championship tile. It's really sad, but for the first time since I started watching AI back midway through season 6, I really don't care who wins this cheesy show.  And that is sad. I mean, I even had a favorite back in the debacle known as season 9. If I could have a favorite back then, I should have a favorite this season, right? I had favorites early in the game, but I have had to wave goodbye to them and have been left with mush and screaming. And that makes me sad. Well, it's too late now to just give up, so I'll finish off this season and then see what happens next year.

Ryan starts off the show by showing off his new puppy, a black Lab named Georgia.

Randy's comments and the Idols after show chow-down are combined into one clip and all I got out of it is Randy loved Jena, Caleb lost it and killed the mic stand, Alex had never played drums and sang at the same time before rehearsal, and Jena mutilated have hamburger.

The Ford commercial this week was also the announcement of the first single for the kids. Each of the Top 3 have already recorded the song that will be their first single. The songs for the top 2 go on sale on iTunes right after this show.
Alex - "I Love This Feeling"
Jena - "We Are One"
Caleb - "As Long As You Love Me"

Video from Jena's Hometown visit to Farmington Hills, Michigan
Announcement of Jena's Finale duet - Paramore

Alums visiting Idol tonight: Danny Gokey (3rd Season 8) and Elloit Yamin (3rd Season 5)

Scotty McCreery (Winner Season 10) performed his latest single, "Feelin' It"

Video of Alex's Hometown visit to Mont Vernon, New Hampshire
Announcement of Alex's Finale duet - Jason Mraz (No surprise there)

Video of Caleb's Hometown visit to Asheville, North Carolina
Announcement of Caleb's Finale duet - KISS

Results time:
Jena is safe.
Caleb is safe.
Alex is #3.
Alex sings his song "Fairytales" as his swan song. I don't think he opened his eyes once during the performance. Guess it's easier not to fall apart that way.

So we have Jena Irene Asciutto and Caleb Johnson as the final two for season 13 of American Idol.

This year the kids perform on Tuesday, May 20 in a one hour show and we learn the results on Wednesday, May 21 in a two hour extravaganza. Well, we hope its an extravaganza. So far the guest lineup is pretty good. In addition to all of the partnering already mentioned during this week's performance and results show, Idol has announced Lady Antebellum and Aloe Blacc will also appear. Not sure who they will perform with. I'm thinking Aloe would be perfect with the guys, since Demi is with the girls. Not sure about Lady A.

Again here's what we know for sure.
Caleb - KISS
Jena - Paramore
#3 Alex - Jason Mraz
#4 Jessica - Jennifer Nettles
#5 Sam - Phillip Phillips
#6 CJ and #7 Dexter - Darius Rucker
#8 Malaya - John Legend
#9 Majesty -
#10 MK -
#11 Ben -
#12 Emily -
#13 Kristen -
The girls - Demi Lovato
The guys -
The top 10-

I'll be on the lookout for more updates as we get closer to Wednesday, so check back here for new additions to this list.

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