Friday, May 2, 2014

American Idol 13: Top 5 Results

Ryan tells us that we have a "Shocking Twist" that none of the Idols see coming.

It's a "Game Changer" where the Idols must make a difficult decision.

Recap of after the show: The contestants think America picked good songs for them to perform. Sam was embarrassed by tripping on the steps. Alex didn't get a selfie with Zooey, but he did with Ariana. The others are amazed by Caleb's high falsetto notes. The contestants think it will be a close vote and they get to work voting (for themselves).

Ford video - (Not what they used to be back in the day.) The kids are driving around to get party supplies and then attend their own Fav Five Party.

Keith Urban performs his latest single from his Fuse album, "Good Thing." (And it was a good thing.)

Recap of the performances: (Only one of the two solo performances of each contestant is reviewed.)
Randy says:
Jena - She had an amazing night. She killed it. (My Body)
Alex - He's so proud of Alex. Alex gave everything to that song. (Say Something)
Jessica - She has an amazing strong voice, but performance wise she didn't have the best of nights. (Summertime Sadness)
Sam - He had a very interesting night. He started off shaky, but, by the end, he really got it going. (How To Save A Life)
Caleb - He really turned the place upside down. He tore the roof off the whole thing. (Still Of The Night)

I'm not really sure if Randy was listening to the same things I was. Time for Randy Jackson to retire from Idol altogether. Please.

Ryan has a "Dramatic Proposal" for the contestants. Normally the power is in the hands of the judges or America, but tonight it's in their hands.
Each must vote in a secret ballot. Remain together as a group this week, but send home two next week, or send someone home tonight.

Vote is 3 to 2 (I'm still confused as to which vote was stay and which was go, but it didn't matter since it wasn't unanimous) so...
Going home this week is ... Sam Woolf. ( Told Ya.)

Yep, the Woolf Pack did NOT do their jobs this week.

TPTB tried to keep Sam another week, but two of the contestants decided it was better to go with America's vote. This was a ridiculous attempt by the Idol producers to save Sam. I doubt they would have used this ploy if Jessica would have been the one with the lowest votes.

TPTB have not been able to convince the youth of America to watch AI and vote after all.

Tune in next week to see what new tactics TPTB throw at us in an attempt to raise the ratings.

Next week's theme:
Love: Break-ups and Make-ups

And I think we are still on track for the 500th episode of Idol to take place during the Top 3, possibly the results show. It would be a boost to the ratings to have a major shindig with returning Idols, but we will see if anything comes of it. They might just wait and celebrate with the finale of this season. Who knows what TPTB have in store?

UPDATE: Alex and Jena were the two contestants who voted to go with America's vote and send someone home this week.  On Twitter, Alex was quite upset that this secret ballot thing was thrown at them.

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