Thursday, January 22, 2015

AI 14 Auditions #5

This show the Idol team visited Minneapolis to hunt for the next American Idol.

Once again, I am only writing about the Golden Ticket winners that are headed to Hollywood.

Shannon Berthiaume - 17 - St. Paul, MN
She looks scared to death. "House Of The Rising Sun" is her tune. Very powerful, but raw performance. Yes X 3.

Montage of yeses:
Morgan Ovens - 24 - Venice, CA   Plays guitar.
Gabrielle Noe'l - 23 - Minneapolis, MN
Courtney Guns - 23 - Bemidji, MN

Vanessa Andrea - 25 - Minot, ND
Air Force wife.  Mother of 3. Plays guitar. "Some Kind of Wonderful" - raspy voice, nice laid back song.

Zach Johnson - 20 - Fargo, ND
"Don't Close Your Eyes" by Keith Whitley. A little too much imitation for Harry. Don't sing with a country accent if you don't speak with accent. Keith likes him a lot. Jennifer asks for song without the accent. Harry immediately hands him a ticket. Zach tells Keith he is trying to go to his concert in South Dakota, and Idol is there to record Keith keeping his word. "I've Got Friends In Low Places."

Aaron Bissell - 17 - Cedar Rapids, IA
Plays guitar. Coffee house performer. Mellow voice.

Cindy Jo Scholer - 26 - North Branch, MN
Outdoor enthusiast who shot a bear with a bow recently. Patsy Kline "Crazy" Too much going on with her attire and musical presentation. Keith and Harry both say yes, but lose the extra stuff.

Jacob Tolliver - 20 - Portsmouth, OH
Currently playing Jerry Lee Lewis in a show in Vegas. Plays over-the-top piano to "Great Balls Of Fire."  Harry says mimicry won't win Idol. Keith asks for him to sing himself and we get Sam Smith's "Stay."  A little too high a key for my taste, but the judges like it better. Yes X 3.

Hannah Mrozak - 16 - Richfield, WI
"Something Got A Hold Of Me" by Etta James. This girls has a powerful voice beyond her years.

Mark Andrew - 29 - Minneapolis, MN
Works for family landscape business. Has a baby at home now so its time to try out. Plays guitar.
"Soul Shin" Perfect voice for that song. Keith asks for another song. "Be Like You" from Jungle Book. His voice sounds great for this song too. Shows more range and funkiness.  Yes X 3 for Mark.

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