Friday, January 23, 2015

AI 14 Auditions #6: Harry Goes Home

This episode of American Idol is set in New Orleans, Harry Connick Jr's home town, and the birthplace of Jazz.

Once again, I'm only talking about the Golden Ticket winners.

Angelica "Jelly" Joseph - 26 - New Orleans
""Rollin' In The Deep"  Powerful, soulful performance. Spunky. 3 easy yeses.

Tiffany Stringer - 16 - SouthLake, Texas
Girl is in cheer and dance team in high school.  "Want You Back" by Cher Lloyd.
I didn't like it at all, but she is definitely cheerful. Harry says no, but Keith and Jennifer say yes.

Grayson Turner - 15 - Spartansburg, South Carolina
Sings in a band with his girlfriend. Plays guitar. Sings original song "Chasing Shadows." Interesting voice and nice song. Yes X 3.

Quentin Alexander - 20 - New Orleans
Definitely has a different fashion sense. Grew up in the infamous 9th ward of New Orleans. Jennifer called it half tribal, half Pilgrim. I think "Royals" is a strange song choice, although he does a good job and I love his voice. I expected a much more unusual song with more attitude. He gets 3 yeses.

Mikey Duran - 19 - New Orleans
Went to the same high school as Harry. Plays guitar. Original song "My Demise" is pretty good. Interesting voice too. Keith loves the song. 3 fast yeses.

Nalani Quintello - 19 - Orange Park, FL  - back from last season
Tori Martin - 20 - Azle, Texas - Plays guitar. Wants to be the next female country star.
Hope Windle - 24 - Hot Springs, Arkansas  - No from Harry
Alexis Chapa   - Twitter Hollywood or Home vote

Ricky Dale Hendricks - 17 - West Monroe, LA
Big Keith fan. Plays guitar. "The Thunder Rolls" Nice voice. Lots of natural raw talent. Judges really like him.

Dakota Suarez - 18 - Falfurrias, Texas
Drag Queen. Voice isn't half bad. Harry says no, voice isn't quite there. Jennifer and Keith say yes.

Adam Lasher - 27 - Danville, CA
Uncle is Carlos Santana. Adam has a broken right thumb but still plays guitar. He has a great voice and plays well, even with the broken thumb.

Erica Washington - 24 - Mobile, AL
Had a daughter at 18 and seems like a very nice classy woman. "Halo" is her song. Great dynamics, beautiful voice.  Yes X 3.

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