Thursday, January 15, 2015

AI 14 Auditions Round 3

This episode completed the Kansas City, MO stop, including the best auditions from the 11 bus tour stops across the country.

Ronterius "Big Ron" "Big Sexy" Wilson - 24 - FL
"Let's Get It On" was sung almost exclusively to Jennifer. The guys left the room, pretending to go out for a burger. He got 3 yeas so we will see how Hollywood goes.

Ashley Lusk - 15 - MO  
Short clip of audition. Performs with guitar.  I didn't catch the song.

Josh Sanders - 26 - NC
Another short clip. Performs with guitar.

Casey Thrasher - 23 - AL
Casey was robbed last season, being eliminated at Hollywood rounds. I'm glad he has returned this season. It is not mentioned that he is a returning contestant. Once again he plays his guitar and sounds great.

Joey Cooke - 23 - VA
This girl is different and is playing the accordion. "King of Spain" is an unusual choice from a quirky young lady. She has a cool voice and the judges warn not to be too far out there.

Alexis Gomez - 22 - OH
This girl describes herself as hippie/country/hillbilly. She is good on her guitar and has a decent country voice on "Little White Church." Keith says no, but Jennifer and Harry say yes.

Anton Bushner - 19 - KS
He is a huge Keith fan and sings Keith's "Tonight I Wanna Cry." Sounds very country, because he is. He's a farmhand. The judges love him.

Stephanie Gummelt - 18 - MO
She plays the guitar and performs an original song. Very strange squeaky voice when talking. Not so bad singing. Harry says no, Keith and Jennifer say yes.

Ellen Peterson - 22 - Branson, MO
Ellen plays banjo, so of course her audition song is "I Want To Be A Cowboy Sweetheart." She is pretty, has a good voice and good banjo skills. The judges love her a lot.

Kohlton Pascal - 21 - NY
Kohlton plays guitar and travels around the country playing music to make enough to ride the bus to the next location. Basically, he is homeless. He sings an original song. He has a deep, dark voice. I'm not sure he will fit in with Idol and each of the judges warn him of this, but they are willing to give him a try. I actually hope it works out for him.

The only non-golden ticket winner I will mention here is a young lady named Ashley Stehle. She is 15 and both of her parents have been deaf her whole life. Her father recently was fitted with new technology so that he can finally hear her sing. Sadly, she has problems staying on key when singing a cappella so the judges say no. They agree she has a nice voice, but she needs more training before she auditions for something like this show.

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