Thursday, January 29, 2015

American Idol 14 Auditions #7 From San Francisco

This week we have auditions from San Francisco. Again, here are the golden ticket winners from Audition show #7.

Katherine Skinner - 15 - San Francisco
Very odd young lady. Her psychic cat told her to audition. "Shake It Out" by Florence and The Machine. Not a bad voice, but an unusual character. JLo tells her she is talented, but she is "CRAY," as in crazy. Judges put her through to Hollywood.

Ryan Pinkston - 27 - San Francisco
Very smiley guy. Very exact in his performance.

Erika David - 25 - Fremont, CA
"No One" by Alicia Keys.  Keith says No, the other two yes.

Chandler Leighton - 20 - Los Angeles
"New York State of Mind"  Very good

Andrew Bloom - 17 - Yorba Linda, CA
Plays guitar. "Too Close" Good job. Good looking young man. Good spirit.

Kellyeann Rodgers - 24 - Memphis, TN
She is listed as a voice teacher and she sounds like it. And they usually don't go far on Idol. But she sounds great and is headed to Hollywood.

Reno Anoa'i - 16 - San Francisco
Plays the ukulele. Samoan ancestry and comes from a huge family. He has a very sweet voice; Hawaiian sound. I think he is talented, but too young to survive Idol's pressure.

Rayvon Owen - 23 - Richmond, VA
"Wide Awake" by Katy Perry. He has a nice tone to his voice. Major passion in the performance. Good job.

Maddy Hudson - 16 - Pleasanton, CA
Backstory says she was bullied, especially in middle school. She has a more grown up look to her and her talent level is Awesome. Kids were probably jealous of her. Insanely soulful performance. "Resentment" The judges totally loved her.

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