Friday, January 30, 2015

American Idol 14: Episode #8 - San Francisco Auditions Part 2

The final installment of the audition rounds is once again from San Francisco.

Adanna Dura - 17 - California
"You And I" by Lady Gaga.  Nice voice. Very happy girl.

Hunter Larson - 20 - Malibu, CA
"That's Life" by Frank Sinatra. Gritty tone to her voice.

Tara Honda - 22 - California
"I Feel The Earth Move" by Carole King. Nice voice, fits the song well.

Daniel Seavey - 15 - Portland, OR
This kid hates it when people tell him he looks like Justin Bieber, which he kind of does. He is nothing like Bieber. He plays piano, guitar, cello, sax, drums, violin, bass, and more.
He plays piano for "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen. Excellent piano skills. He is very nervous but still has moments that are fantastic. He is totally adorable. Second song on guitar. Great guitar skills too.
Harry says Daniel is not ready yet, but Keith and Jennifer give him a chance in Hollywood.

Rocky Peter - 27 - Dunbar, CA
Rocky was American born, but his father abandoned him and family and sent them back to Nigeria where they were homeless, eating from the trash. He is there to change his life.
Rocky sings an original song, "Wrong Choices" and plays guitar. He has a beautiful, very soulful voice. Keith loves him , but isn't sure Idol is right for him. He gets 3 yeses to give it a try.

Jaq MacKensie -  15 - Santa Monica, CA
Attends a Fine Arts High School. Carrying guitar, but doesn't play it on camera. Original song. Her voice sounds really young, but she looks older than 15. She seems very talented.

Tyanna Jones - 16 - Jacksonville, FL
Middle kid of 11. Family was homeless for a while and lived in a church.
"Wings" by Little Mix. She seems very shy, but loses that shyness when she sings. Good voice.
Harry says she is very talented with a lot of potential, but work to do.

And that is it for the audition rounds.

Next week we are in Hollywood with over 200 contestants melting down, I mean, vying for the Idol crown.

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