Saturday, January 10, 2015

Round 2 of AI 14 Auditions

The second round of AI auditions started off in Nashville and end in Kansas City. Again, here are the golden ticket winners.

Andrew Annello - 22 - Alabama
He's an actor with ADHD. Yes, he is.
"Signed, Sealed, Delivered"  Not a bad voice, but way too much silliness and Harry calls him out on it. Harry asks for something serious and Andrew gives them a much better version of "My Girl."
Yes x 3

Loren Lott - 21 - San Diego, CA
Loren is an actress. I see a theme for the night.
"Treasure" by Bruno Mars is delivered much like Andrew delivered "Signed, Sealed, Delivered," with too much theatrics. Harry wants something else more her. Keith asks what she would sing if she were home washing the dishes and the girl proceeds to at out washing the dishes and singing. I don't like her voice, but Keith and JLo say yes.

Trevor Douglas - 16 - Fort Worth, TX
Finally a guy with a guitar, not an actor. This kid is a science geek. Seriously, a geek. JLo even refers to him as a geek. He's pretty good singing "Sing" by Ed Sheeran. No problem with the falsetto part at all. Yes x 3

Piper Jones - 24 - Nashville, TN
We don't get to see very much of this girls audition, but we have just enough to tell this girl can SANG.

Kelley Kime - 23 - Fairfax, VA
Kelley comes with her 3 yr old cutie-pie daughter Hope, who is allowed to sing, yep - you guessed it, "Let It Go." The judges give the kiddo a golden ticket and pray her mom is good too. Fortunately, she is pretty good on "Sunday Morning." I doubt mom would have actually advanced if her daughter wasn't there. Look for much more back-story material from this single mom.

Garrett Miles - 26 - Alabama
Garrett has been blind since birth. Dad is along as his roadie.
"Proud Mary" countrified version. Garrett has a nice original voice and plays guitar really well too.
He tells JLO he loved her in Selena, and asks to play "Como La Flor" for her. He's even better on that song. I love this guy already, but I do wonder if he will be able to handle the strangeness of Idol. I hope so.

Clark Beckham - 22 - Tennessee
Clark is a street performer in Nashville. Yep, that's with a guitar.
He has an atypical song choice, "This Is A Man's World."  He has a decent voice, but I agree with Keith; he needed more intensity in the performance.

Gina Venier - 24 - IL
This gal is a one-man-band. She comes equipped with a guitar, a cajon, and a shaker. She uses the cajon (the wooden sound box in the percussion family) and shaker on "Put The Gun Down." Its a funky performance. That's a good thing in her case. She shows great rhythm and has a distinctive voice. Think original, like my favorite Jessica Meuse from last season.

Alex Shier - 19 - MI
White guy with guitar. JLo remembers him from last season's auditions and says he has really improved and grown as a musician. He has a raspy voice. Keith and Jennifer send him through. Harry still isn't impressed.

Cody Fry - 24 - IL
Another WGWG. This guy has tons of experience. He has already been touring. Dad is a composer and Cody sang the kids parts in jingles when he was a kid. We get a very folksy version of "Somewhere Over The Rainbow." The judges love him.

Hector Montenegro - 24 - FL
A singing male cosmetologist who also plays guitar. He actually isn't half bad on "Too Close" by Alex Clare. yes x 3

Sarina-Joi Crowe - 19 - TN
This is her fourth time to audition. She gives us some "Love Runs Out" and the judges are happy. She is better than last year.

Alison Peratikos - 19 - NY
We just get a quick glimpse. I didn't catch the song.

Jake Black - 26 - Murfreesboro, TN
Another short clip. He's playing guitar with an Ed Sheeran song. Kind of a beatbox kind of thing.

Steffi Leddbetter - 20 - AL
The third in a set of quick clips. I'm not sure what she sang.

And last, but not least, for the Nashville auditions, returning from season 13, the guy that I thought was robbed:
Savion Wright - 22 - Jasper, TX
He plays a song from his idol, Eric Clapton, "Change The World" and he is even better than last season. Savion's confidence and talent have grown. The judges only hand out compliments, but Savion asks what he should work on before Hollywood. Nice touch. Harry tells him some technical harmony chords on guitar. I can't wait to see how he does in Hollywood.

Finally, time for some KC stuff.

Zack Kaltenbach - 22 - Lee's Summit, MO
We have a lot of story but not a lot of pizzazz in the performance of "Grenade." He promises he will work hard and since he has a good "presence" Keith and JLo give him a chance. Oh well, someone has to go home during Hollywood week.

Naomi Tatsuoka - 24 - Portland, OR
She is a strange chick, always messing with her glasses. She starts kneeling on the floor for "Someone Like You" and makes the whole thing overly dramatic.  Harry tells her she threw in everything, including the kitchen sink. And somehow the judges put her through to Hollywood.

Jhameel - 24 - Oakland, CA
The back story warns us that Jhameel is Pre-OCD and he paints his face and does things to keep his symmetry. He brought each judge a different origami piece he made. He plays guitar and performs T-Pain's "Buy You A Drink."  He's not terrible and since the judges seem to like quirky this year, he is going to Hollywood. He won't last the first day in the chaos of Hollywood week.

Lovey James - 16 - Portland, OR
She performs "Break Free" and is good. She has a very 16 yr old girl voice. I would say Hollywood week would eat her alive, but the back story says she has been competitively dancing for years, so this shouldn't be a shock to her.

Jess Lamb - 28 - Cincinnati, OH
Jess is a very quirky chick who looks like she could be regularly performing here in Austin, Tx at any number of clubs. She has great piano skills and a good voice. She gives us a great original version of "Ain't No Sunshine" and then after she gets to play piano with Harry. She is truly blown away by this opportunity. I hope she can survive the craziness of Hollywood. This gal has talent.

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