Friday, February 6, 2015

American Idol 14: Hollywood Week #1 and 2

I'm running a little behind this week so here is a rundown of the first two episodes of Idol for Hollywood Week.

The judges ask some contestants to perform first this season, but they are not telling the contestants why they are singing on day one. Ryan tells us these are some of the most memorable auditions. Of course, last season, this first performance was to cut a lot of people, so everyone is freaking out.

Included in the first performances are: Jax - 18 -East Brunswick, NJ; Mark Andrew - 29 - Eden Prairie, MN; Emily Brooke - 15 - West Palm Beach, FL; Sal Valentinetti - 19 - Bethpage, NY; Adam Ezegelian - 21 - Wantagh, NY; Tyanna Jones - 16 - Jacksonville, FL; Hollywood Anderson - 22 - New York, NY; Shannon Berthiaume - 17 - St. Paul, MN; Adam Lasher - 27 - Danville, CA; Garrett Miles - 25 - Phenix City, AL; Trevor Douglas - 16 - Fort Worth, TX; Joey Cook - 23 - Woodbridge, VA; Amber Kelechi - 16 - Memphis, TN. I see Savion Wright returning from last season is also part of this group. There are 38 in all.

Harry calls all who sang up on the stage and tells them they were among the most memorable from auditions and are all through to the next round. Everyone else sings for their lives the next day. 174 must sing, half will go home. Of course, we have to see a few meltdowns in this part, or it's not Hollywood Week.

In normal Idol style, we aren't told all of the names of the contestants going through or going home. Here are the ones we do know continue on to group rounds: Reno Anoa'i - 16 - San Francisco, CA; Jaq MacKenzie - 15 - Santa Monica, CA; Erica Washington - 24 - Mobile, AL; Casey Thrasher (not named but I recognize him from last season); Michael Simeon - 21- Lumberton, MS ; Ron Wilson - 24 - Gretna, FL; Gabby Zonneveld - 16 - St. Paul, MN; Kelley  Kime - 23 - Fairfax, VA;
Katherine Winston - 18 - Lenox, MA; Maddie Walker - 16 - Ankeny, IA; Alexis Gomez - 22 - Dayton, OH; Cody Fry - 24 - Northfield, IL; Loren Lott - 22 - San Diego, CA; Rayvon Owen - 23 - Richmond, VA; Shi Scott - 19 - Belcamp, MD; Clark Beckham - 22 - Whitehouse, TN; Daniel Seavey - 15 - Portland, OR; Qaasim Middleton - 18 - Brooklyn, NY. Also continuing: Nick Fradiani - NY Audition; Quentin Alexander - New Orleans Audition; Zack Kaltenbach - KC Audition.

Time for all-night rehearsals for group rounds, otherwise known as the meltdown round. First one with a problem is Alexis Granville. She can't find a group until Sal Valentinetti takes her in. I'm sure we will see more problems from her, but I 'm just going to report the positive.

David Oliver Willis - 23 - Mount Dora, FL (Returning from last season)
Jesse Cline - 20 - Ashland, KY
Clark Beckham
J. None - 24 - Orlando, FL (with Mr Krispy, his teddy bear)

Shi Scott
Ron Wilson
Adam Ezegelian

Maddy Hudson - 16 - Pleasanton, CA
Reno Anoa'i 
Tyanna Jones

Jaq MacKenzie
Nick Fradiani - 29 - Guilford, CT
Hunter Larson -20 - Malibu, CA
Michael Simeon

Time for Alexis Granville to faint again.

My favorites so far for personality and voice: Adam Lasher (Carlos Santana's nephew), Garrett Miles (blind since birth), Trevor Douglas (science geek), Nick Fradiani, Jaq MacKenzie.

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